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Need Help With Irresponsible Contractor, Ken From Edgespace Interior.

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Dear all,

I was hoping to get some advice about this contractor, Ken from Edgespace Interior / IDea Konzepte Interiors.

I engaged with this contractor 7-8 weeks ago, he was my neighbor's contractor and we thought that it will be alright as he did quite a good job for my neighbor.

Everything was alright at the start until the point he 'miss-position' the alignment of my wardrobe even though after we had a thorough discussion.

From then onward, I felt that things turn for the worse. Things that were discussed earlier, he did not seem to recall the details and would need his workers to check things out with us on site.

Moreover, at the start, he also told us that since we are not doing much with our flat our project should be done in 3-4 weeks time. However, things were not done by then. We had to call him up to find out that one of his workers had broken our tempered glass door and he had to reorder a new one. This is alright by me as accidents do happen sometimes but I was unhappy that he did not bother to call and inform me of the incident. This has affected the timing for my furniture and appliances that were arranged to be delivered so we had to change all the dates.

He then told me he would get the house ready in 2 weeks time. So my wife and I waited, the last time we checked the house was left how it was 2 weeks ago and nothing much was done. The kitchen was not done as they have to install the glass door before installing some outstanding cabinets and the glass doors of our study room shelves was left undone and other defects that we had informed him earlier were also not rectified as well. We tried to call him but he cancelled our calls and refuses to reply any SMSes or Whatapps.

It is a very frustrating experience and I hope someone out there can advice me on what else that can be done.


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