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Hello, I only found this forum after my reno so everything is already completed.

Bought a ground floor walk up near town area, 1,300 sf and gutted the whole thing.

Had 2 access front & back doors so divided into 2 households so i can live at the back (garden area) while rent out the front studio to supplement my mortgage.

Since its designed with the yuppies intention, I managed to squeeze in a plunge pool (call it a massive pond).

Here are some pics of the back part where I live...


I've moved overseas since then and rented it out for a tidy sum. however, the tenant doesn't like my priced designer swinging hammock chair from Moroso! So I'm selling it to a good home. only bought this year and ONLY 1 in Singapore. PM me for details :)

Also, I'm trained as an architect, worked as a project manager most my career. I'm taking some time out from full time work and currently helping a couple renovate their walk up in Katong. This is my 4th renovation in 3 years (all as side projects), they have all done extremely well in returns. I specialise in maximising the captial for best rental income or sale. Previous 2 projects have raised the values of the properties by double. It didn't cost as much as it looks. That's the beauty of it :)

I definitely learnt more from each project about construction methods, material etc. so I don't repeat the same mistakes.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

IMG 4244

Integrated living, study, pool & deck

IMG 4243

IMG 4247

IMG 4254

IMG 4238

IMG 4254

IMG 4237

Floor plan.jpg

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very nicely done up!

why didnt the tenant like the hammock chair! I saw it online 2-3 weeks ago and had an instant crush with it. Didnt know that its so pricey though :)


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Thanks for believing in my taste sarah833! Yes, Moroso doesn't believe in pricetag. And quite frankly, I would buy most things that Patricia Urquiola designs!

The good news is no one has started making replicas of this yet. Fingers cross xx

I went to a furniture store in Tai Seng (won't name it) and saw some replicas of the big horse lamp by Mooi, I was rolling on the floor laughing it was so hideous...

As for my tenant, he wanted that platform for his yoga i guess lol

Also, my bf doesn't like that chair too. He's Scandinavian and is very anti loud things. It's their DNA ;)

We've recently furnished our place in Copenhagen and he gave me a very strict colour coding rule - gray, red & black. I wanted to cry. I negotiated for Gray, green/blue & yellow instead. All good :)


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Thanks redder & greglhc,

it's on airbnb but found a long term tenant for now so not available :)

But when I used to go on holiday, I would rent it out with my mum helping to pass the keys etc...that short term rental income easily paid all my hotels at wherever I was going.


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Wow thought Villekulla was located somewhere in outskirts sweeden and protected by an angry little girl with ginger pigtails?

Sarah833 alarmed me to this blogpost and I just had to register to comment on this one here...

Gray, Red & Black?? really??, Really??? Being a Dane myself I am certain that the only other location in all of central Copenhagen who is using that color scheme is a well known gaybar that is located close to strøget. So I didn't believe her when she mentioned it to me :-) Quite a depressing color scheme for someone who have to live in it and is forced to look at it daily, so congratulations that you managed to change your partners mind to something more liveable (sane).

Great pictures of the apartment. Who was the designer who did it up? or did you do the PM and Room designs all on your own?? I was wondering about the raw polished look, is it bare concrete walls, or is it painted? I loved the effect it gave the apartment.

What project have an apartment layout like this?


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And your Danish bf actually approved you to use blue and yellow instead of red? Besides Skåne county I rarely see a red flag proudly displayed outside a house in Sweden :)I had to shoot @MarkerMarker an email to ask him if he furnished his apartment in Copenhagen in red, gray and black because I dont recall such color combination during my many visits to Sweden via Copenhagen :) L ove visiting Tivoli garden during winter, and feast my eyes with the egg chairs, artichoke lamp and other scandinavian classics at the big dept store ILLUM and the shops at Strøget.

Also, my bf doesn't like that chair too. He's Scandinavian and is very anti loud things. It's their DNA ;)

Haha so so true! I worked for a Swedish company for 10 years, couldnt agree more about this. Its not a bad thing though! The Scandinavian countries have been consistently ranked among the top few countries with good work-life balance and high quality of life despite the high tax. There is less pressure to chase for material things over there.

Mark couldnt believe how much the hammock chair cost! He said he will have to kick himself and burn his credit card if he had bought that lol. I hope your priced purchase can stay exquisite for a while before it gets mass copied and sold on tsobao like many other design classics :)

I love the ultra pocket friendly yoga trapeeze cum hammock I bought two years ago during a four weeks budget yoga holiday in Ubud! Guess how I get to know about this fun little thing? It was from an article featured on Straits Times Life! edition about an upmarket sex shop Mr and Mrs Smith at bukit timah that pompted me to ask Mr google if the love swing really cost so much, and out of no where an image of the yoga swing in the exact same placement as the love swing popped up in the search results!I find it a lot more sexy than the love swing :) found out that it is made in Ubud and I had to grab one while I was there :)

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