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Finally starting my own t-Blog! Have learnt a lot from fellow renotalkers and enjoyed reading abt all the reno journeys! Hope to get some suggestions/opinions for my reno as well! ;)

Home is a 5I flat in Jurong West. Bought it 6 yrs ago and did minimal furnishing so now we're ready to do a major overhaul! So excited!!

We do not have a specific theme.. Initially wanted a modern resort look but we felt like we have some decor items which may look out of place so we started leaning towards: industrial / rustic / mid-century ...

Simply put: ROJAK! Lol

Thankfully, my other half and I have similar tastes so it's not so bad.. Both of us love ethnic decor stuff hence the title of this blog.. Ethnic Chic.

Will be having some balinese, indian, peranakan touches and we also have some antiques like the gramophone, steel trunk, some vintage posters.. So we just have to see what fits. Most importantly, we want the house to look spacious and bright, has to feel cozy, giving us the feeling like we're relaxing in a villa. :P

Okay now on IDs/contractors. We have approached at least TEN of them. Will comment on some:

1) Chew Interior

Too ex! I don't need my home to look like a showroom! The ID was also quite reluctant to give ideas and had the yaya papaya attitude.. Maybe we looked like we couldnt afford his services?! -.-

2) Add S p a c e (met at expo)

A lady attended to us and kept pushing to sign up a package as there were only "3 slots left". BS!

3) Unimax Creative (met at expo)

We spoke to a lady then halfway a guy joined her and started giving "creative" ideas. But they never got back to us on the quote. Waste time!

4) Rezt & Relax (met at expo)

Spoke to a soft-spoken lady. Never got back to us too. Waste time again!

5) Ciseern (expo)

Asked us our budget. Told him 35k. "Oh not possible". ?!@@@?!! We walked off.

6) Inspire by D'Trenzo (recommended by friend)

Quote was not bad but we felt that they are more specialized in modern designs and would not be able to achieve the look we want for our place so.. Dropped.

7) D'zign Station

Met up few times and even went to check out ID's other completed projects. Quote was not bad too. Almost wanted to sign up till we saw the 3D drawing. Felt that ID either did not understand what we want or he forgot. Dropped.

We got tired of sourcing for IDs but thank God there's Renotalk! Quite interested to go for the famous Alan or K but was afraid they might be too busy and hiccups will arise. Then I came across June's and Stinz' blogs.. Love what the ID did and met up with him. My other half was not comfortable with the fact that this ID works from home and he's quite young.. But when we stepped into his house and started discussing, the other half was impressed! I just gave the "I told u so" look. LOL

Alrightey then! Sorry for the long story. Let me figure out how to post pix then I can post my floor plan on the next post. :P

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Tks for the warm welcome guys! Haha!

No pix of the house yet as reno will only start in Dec. For a start will post floorplan and some reference pix for ideas. :)


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Congrats on starting a blog!

I would be so tempted to knock down the walls of the bedroom next to the home shelter heh.

Same! Knock it down...extend that bedroom, so when you walk in...you have a dressing table...walk further, the home shelter is the walk in closet...then you have a bigger bedroom!


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Hey Makan! It's actually nearer to Pioneer MRT..

Greg, yes we're gonna knock down those walls and make the room smaller lol.. Such a pity a gd half of the room will be gone. No choice as it's right smack in the middle making the house look cramped!

Ness, I wish haha! This is actually my son's playroom cum study cum guest room.. I just hope after hacking we can still fit a single bed, a wardrobe/storage for his toys and a study table. The bomb shelter will be used for storage. My son has a bicycle, 2 motorbikes, a skate scooter and we have other stuff as well like luggages, vacuum cleaner etc so we NEED a storeroom lol!


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I have been eyeing this kitchen sink for mths now but it's quite ex on Amazon.. Love the accessories that come with it! Was hoping I could get it cheaper off Taobao or somewhere else but have not found it. :(

Anyone came across this sink before? Something similar is ok too.


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Gave up looking for a cheaper Kohler Stages sink.. Have decided to go for Blanco Silgranit instead! And have shortlisted this fridge.. Parisilk quoted $920 with delivery and free Happycall pan!



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