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sorry to share my story abt my grille contractor here... got to warn all people!!!

Please don't ever, ever, ever, ever, never, never, never, never engage Soo Liang Trading. He (Mr Koh HB-04-2483F) is very cheap but he delays the work big time.

I sign on his package and paid deposit on 21 May 2014. He suppose to send in application to HDB for a permit... but he drag and drag I called him like almost everyday. The response is: I will do it.

Eventually he did it, but he drew my window at the wrong place in my copy of my floor plan which he submit to HDB for approval weeks later.

I had to call the HDB officer and gave her my number to call him to resubmit a new floor plan since he drew on the wrong position.

He drag on until 21 July 2014 my permit was approved, I called him and he said he will finish my grille on 22 July 2014, and he will come in the morning.

He came at 8 plus am and put three badly scratched windows outside my door.

I called him at 9:30am and he said he is nearby and will come up.

He came at 10am and I told him the window panels are scratched. Can you change it?

He says fine, and he went off till 1:30pm, I called him asking if he is coming back to fix my grille and windows, and I am skipping lunch waiting for him.

He says he is coming which he reached at 2pm and finished my work in the late evening. And no, he didn't lift a finger, the china man fixed all my grille. The indian man fixed my windows.

Please do not engage him! you will vomit blood and regret like me!!

And until now he took back my agreement, and did not send me any invoice which he promised. From 22nd July 2014 till now 19th August 2014, no invoice in my letterbox.

And he doesn't bother listening to your reasons or any opinion. He always do things and fix timing all HIS OWN WAY.


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My personal viewpoint, my photos are reserved for the small claims tribunal.

My id company is lousy. Suppose to do 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms within a month and give an allowance to 1.5 months (Till 25 Aug 2013). The id either unable to manage his workers or cant rebothered about it. So up till today, its till an unfinished project with disputes

One of my heater got problem after installation. The master heater was ok and the common heater had problem. My ID text me saying that my heater spoilt. I ask him, are you sure. He replied that after his plumber installed, he asked his electrician to come test the electricity and no issue. So I asked him what am I suppose to do. I asked him whether he can take it down and I bring it to the shop (I didn't buy the heater from his recommended shop as its twice the price there) and then he put it up for me. My ID said that he only put one once. So I had to call my heater company to ask their peeps to come down. Ariston engineer came and was laughing his head off - ah di , your contractor stupid is it, in and out also never put properly. Put opposite. So there waste half a day of freaking leave for me.

My custom made kitchen cabinets, were of worse quality than off the shelves, with the laminate edges jagged and poorly formed. They refused to change it at first and got their carpenter down to touch up a few times. I barred my flat recently so the last two times the carpenter came down, I was present. The first time, there were no visible difference to kitchen cabinets and drawers. Their carpenter went off happily and just walk past me and say finished already before I can say anything.

The 2nd time, the carpenter brought another younger colleague down and was suppose to "change" the laminate, there was another contractor who came to varnish the doors. The varnish contractor was waiting for me whileas the carpenters came slightly late. The carpenters came in for an hour or so, broke for lunch for about 2 hours plus and returned, whileas the door varnish carpenter was an external contractor employed by them, stayed throughout the lunch time to complete his job before going to take his lunch.

The carpenters to my horror, touch up my dark brown cabinets and drawers, with kindof green stuff. So my cabinets and drawers were greenish in colour at the corners. I called my ID to tell him, and I had to wait for 2 plus hours for him to come and view.

Furthermore, their workers walk from my master bedroom toilet to the living room when their boots are covered with cement. So my broken marble flooring had cement stains from the toilet entrance to the living room. Not only stains, but my broken marble flooring was scratched and had holes in it.

Be wary if you take this company IDs. PM me if you want their company and names. 3 big companies but 2 are subsidiaries with one main. My company is one of their subsidiary. So even when people say chose big company sure no problem, its like freaking ****.

Edited by JOan KHoo

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Has anyone engaged 3Interiors curtain contractor before? There are new flats around Yishun blk 333 and they stick flyers in that area for customers. We find the price attractive and thus engaged their service. Everything looks ok when this Chinese guy by the name of Timothy came to our house, together with a chubby chinese lady with tattoo to take measurement of the window. It was 08 Aug, National Day and we were watching the National Day parade at home. We were quoted $900 for master and living room for blinds and was asked to make a deposit of $500. We didn't have cash on hand thus bank transfer was done. Till to-date, they kept postponing the installation date and when we told them it must be done before house warming on 20 Sep, they said ok but did not show up. Most calls and messages were unanswered. We told them we wanted a refund, they said ok, will refund by 01 Oct but thereafter did not transfer the money. Did not reply to our SMS too. On their receipt issued to us, CO. Registration no. is valid on bizfile. His name is Timothy, contact no. 9620075. Company reg no. 53204878D. registered address is Blk 22 Chai Chee Rd #02-526 S'461022.


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Hi, if we are just doing carpentry work and minor toilet works, must the contractor be hdb licensed? Got a few quote but can't find some of the company name in the hdb licensed contractor list?

Is it safe to engaged them ?


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