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Sg Commercial Properties Investment

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Hello All,

I am an investor in commercial property. I have invested in a few properties in Singapore and would like to continue to do so. I have invested alone and with friends to spread the risks. I want to meet with other investors to share investment ideas and if possible, to invest together. If you are interested to have a discussion and share some ideas, please send an email to "people.thankyou@gmail.com". I can then give you my name and contact details.

Thank you.


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okay.. let do a summaries

On 22 April , you wrote -- u had an office

22 April 2014 - 04:11 PM

I have an office of about 1000SQFT and want to convert it into a few smaller partitioned offices.

To any reno firms who have expeirence in this - please let me know.

To any other office owners who have experience in this - please advise.

On 24 April 2014, you wrote ... u want to invest in commercial properties

I have a slightly different but yet similar problem. I have some cash that I want to use to invest in commercial properties, such as retail shops, industrial units or offices.

The asking price is quite high. With the TDSR in the market and restraining the amount that I can borrow, it is difficult for me to get on to the commercial property ladder.

One way that I am trying to do is invest together with some other investors. In Singapore, I am sure we can prepare strong legal documents to protect all the investors together.

Would anyone be interested in this?

5 days later (29 April 2014), you become an investor in commercial property.

Are you property agent looking for client?


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Why go through the trouble? Legal doc, registration, advertisement, look for client, taxation + most importantly - high risk of 'partnership'.

Friends often become enemy and see u in court

Siblings, couples...'see' each others in court very often these days, you know.

Just buy the REIT stocks and become part of owners of multipler commercial properties....safe, professionally maintained...buy and sell anywhere anytime.


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No, I am not an estate agent.

As for REIT investment, those stated are valid points. Personally, I would like to have ownership over individual units and have been, with a combination of prudence and luck, generating better returns than REITs.


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