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Wallpapers, Decorative Lightings! Check This Out! (The Upper Room)

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In theupperroom.sg, we are committed in providing you good quality products with affordable prices. We believe everyone deserves a beautiful home. And we are here to help you achieve that.

Our products include wallpaper, decorative lightings, and philips LED bulbs.

Our prices are more competitive than most in Singapore, and the reasons are listed below.

1) We source our products from the most competitive yet reliable supplies

We try to get the best price for every product that we buy so we can help you to save as well.

2) We purchase in bulk.

We carry ready-stock goods unlike most wallpaper shops in Singapore.

3) We do not have a shop.

By doing so, we are able to pass on the savings to our customers.

It is our dream to make our customers' home beautiful by encouraging more people to use wallpaper. We do not excessively mark up our price. As the saying goes

"Your home is where your heart is"

We are having a warehouse sale for all our ready-stock wallpapers. All Korean wallpapers going for $139/roll. Cash payment only.

This promotion is applicable from the 1st to 6th of July 2014.

Opening hours 1400 - 2100hrs

Our warehouse is at 3 Soon Lee Street Pioneer Junction #06-31 S627606 (10 mins walk from Pioneer MRT)

Grab now, while stock last!





Give us a chance to create your homes together!

You can check out more of our products at http://www.theupperroom.sg/ or email enquiry@theupperroom.sg for any queries. You can also call us at 90721512 and 90079210.

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Hi I just want to check if my living room got the wallpaper but already outdated n we are looking to replace it. Can we just lay your wallpaper over the existing one or there will be a charge to remove it?

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Hi I just want to check if my living room got the wallpaper but already outdated n we are looking to replace it. Can we just lay your wallpaper over the existing one or there will be a charge to remove it?

Hi gurudiva!

I would advise for you to remove it first so that the new wallpaper can be pasted more smoothly. There are different types of wallpaper and all require different way of removing. The new type made of vinyl like ours can be peeled and it will come off in one piece. While paper-based material you may need the expert to come and strip it for you.

You may contact us at 90721512/90079210 for further enquiries.

Thank You


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Hey guys!! Just a few tips we would like to share on the care and maintenance of your wallpaper!

Care and Maintenance for Wallpaper

Care for your wallpaper.

It is easy to maintain the longevity of wallpaper if you keep these points in mind:

· Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines (see Wallpaper Symbols) when cleaning wallpaper.

· Remove stains as soon as possible to eliminate any reaction between the stain and the wallpaper, and to prevent permanent discoloration.

· Ordinary dirt spots can be removed with a mild soap and warm water. You need to rinse thoroughly with clean water. Blot dry with a soft lint-free towel.

· Use a stronger detergent for difficult stains that are surface deep. Do try an inconspicuous spot first, before attempting for an entire wall. Always rinse after applying a detergent. Avoid abrasive rubbing.

· Do not use steel wool, powdered cleaners, or active solvent-type preparations, such as nail polish remover, tar and bug removers, etc. as they may damage the wallpaper.

· Textile wallpaper are decorative and require care in cleaning. Occasional vacuuming will remove most of the dirt and lint, and maintain the product's fresh look and appearance.

· Use a good quality adhesive such as Super Methylin, that has very little or no VOC which is more environmentally friendly. Formulated with fungicide it helps to improve the wallpaper longevity.

Wallpaper Symbols

Hi guys! These are international symbols for wallpaper. They appear in many wallpaper books and product label and these may just help you a lot on the care and maintenance of your wallpaper!


Happy Wallpapering!!!J

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We also have some guide to show you how to paste your own wallpaper! it may sound intimidating, but it is really not as hard as you think! Just follow these simple instructions to paste it yourself!

How to install Wallpaper by yourself.
Wallpaper can be easily pasted by yourself if you have the right tools and patient for it. What you have to do is follow these instructions and Voila! You will get yourself a beautiful wall!
Things you will need:
 Wallpaper paste
 Wallpaper sponge
 Broad Knife
 Utility knife
 Wide straightedge
 Pail
 Water
 Ladder
 Measuring tape
 Pencil
 Paint Roller
 Table
 Protective covering for your table or floor
1. Prep your wall!
Having a smooth surface for your wall is the key to a lasting wallpaper. If your wall has some holes drilled previously, you may just buy a filler from the nearest hardware store and fill your holes or any imperfection with it.
If your walls were previously covered with Rock stones or bricks, you will need to plaster your walls or just hire plasterer to do it for you!
Once your wall is smooth, don’t forget to apply sealant. When you live in a highly humid country like Singapore, sealant will help to draw out any excess moisture from your walls that usually cause your wallpaper to peel off. In Singapore, most of the paint company will usually apply sealant to your wall before painting them so most of the time, you don’t need to re-apply the sealant unless you hack your walls or plaster them.
2. Measure your wall!
Start measuring your wall from the least obvious corner of your wall, e.g: near the door. In this way, if you did not match the pattern correctly, it will not be too obvious on your wall. Mark the point at the wall that is 2.5 cm lesser than the Width of the wallpaper. Draw a line down the length of the wall from the mark.
3. Prep your wallpaper paste!
In a pail filled with water, slowly add your wallpaper paste so they don’t clump together. Keep stirring and adding the paste until it thickens but still watery. Use the paint roller to roll onto the back of the wallpaper evenly. Make sure that you apply thicker glue at the joints so that it won’t peel off easily.
4. Prep your wallpaper! Cut the wallpaper 12 cm longer than the height of your wall in order to achieve the right fitting for your wallpaper joints. Apply glue on the back of your wallpaper with wall brush or roller.” Book” the wallpaper by folding both ends toward the middle, paste side in; take care not to crease the edges. Booking activates the paste, helps to distribute it more evenly, and allows you to carry the wallpaper easily. To save time, book several pieces of wallpaper and place them in a plastic bag to keep in the room you're wallpapering In order to avoid mess, don’t forget to put on covering on your table or floor before putting on glue on your wallpaper. Prepare wet sponge or cloth to wipe the glue in case of spill.
5. Paste Your Wallpaper! Unbook the first piece of the wallpaper. Press the topside of your wallpaper to the corner of the ceiling. Make sure your pattern is lined up properly with the ceiling that the edge of the paper is flush with the plumb line. Don’t shift the wallpaper around more than necessary as it might get damaged or misaligned. If there is any wrinkles or fold at the top corner of your wallpaper, cut a slit in the wallpaper outwardly from the edge of the ceiling. Use a cutter, penknife or a pair of scissors. Smooth out the wallpaper using a broad knife or wallpaper brush. Start at the top of the wallpaper down. Use vertical stroke as horizontal stroke may cause stretches on your wallpaper. Work from the centre to the edges as to get rid of bubbles or wrinkles. Wipe up any excess glue with wallpaper sponge.
6. Paste the remaining pieces! Paste the second piece, starting at the top. Line up the seams as closely as possible and match the patterns. Repeat step 5 until everything is put up.
7. Trim the excess edges! Trim off the wallpaper at the top and bottom. Use a wide straightedge or to press the paper as tightly into the corner. Using a sharp utility knife, make an angled cut to help you fit the paper against the straightedge.
8. Press the seams together! When the wallpaper has been up for about 15 minutes, use a seams roller to press the seams together. Be sure not to press too hard. If you see any bubbles at this stage, do not press it with your finger, they will dry off in 1-2 days and the bubbles will disappear.

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