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Househunting In Tampines

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Hi all. I've been house-hunting for a month now (even though my current house haven't sold yet, lol). Target is a 4-bedroom HDB, high floor, windy, unblock, no west sun, the works lah. But of course trying to find the ideal house is next to impossible.

I saw one which was nearly 95% there. A 'premium' EA in Tampines, very close to where TPE meets PIE, the blocks' facade are very distinctive (brick reddish-brown), if you are a Tampines dweller, you probably know which block I'm talking about.

Anyway, this unit is on the top floor (check). It has high ceilings (check), it has a balcony with superb unblock views (check). It has simple reno (check, coz this time round I want an unrenovated house so I can do it to my taste). It has a service balcony (check), store room (check) and a good-sized kitchen (check). Location and price is also right (check)

The only thing left on my checklist is the bedrooms. It has 3 good-sized bedrooms, all facing the unblock views. The 4th bedroom is actually the study room which they've turned into a bedroom. The only problem with this room is that the bedroom windows overlook the service balcony.

Now, what architect design a study room such that it overlooks the place where you hang your clothes and keep your aircon compressor? smh. **** stupid, i tell u. Anyway, bo pian, the house lidat, what to do right? So, I'm quite willing to accept the house for what it is, but my hubby is not too keen because of this issue.

So I'm trying to find ways on how I can do the ID such that the situation with the 4th bedroom is not so bad. Most likely my youngest daughter (12 y.o) will be using this room. I thought of extending the room into the service balcony but it's not possible coz the common toilet window is there. One way is to to decorate that part of the service balcony with lots of plants and greenery so that it's pleasant to look at if she looks out of the window. My hubby thought of sealing off the windows and making new ones near the ceiling, mainly for ventilation purposes, but it'll be quite depressing not to have windows in a bedroom right?

Welcome any ideas from RT forummers on how they would fix the situation. Anyone have same problem of windows overlooking service balcony or something equally unpleasant?

Our decision to make offer on this unit hinges on this issue. If we can find a creative way to fix it, I think my hubby is open to buying it.


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i'll be staying in your area once my id work is done lolol. wow that sounds really tough to fix. i think the plant thing is a good idea or some louvres/blinds... if you daughter does not really like the sun then she won't open the louvres/blinds much anyway


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