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Marijuana Trimmer

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On 5/18/2020 at 6:04 PM, RedSon said:

Hey! I saw this **** old thread and now I'm wondering - did you solve this problem somehow? I have a simmilar one right now.

You should have started your own thread. Because I doubt that the OP will answer you. As for your question: well, you can try to find it in a place I usually buy stuff for growing in. Not so long ago I've bought nice grow box for beginners in this shop. Why beginner box? Well, it's nice and comfy. I grew a lot of weed by this device. I bet they have something for you. Because they have trimmers too. My friend bought one for himself last month. He doesn't have a lot of weed, that's why he took a simple one. 


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Previously, I also looked for this thing, for a very long time I checked different offers in online stores until I realized that growing marijuana is a very long and time-consuming process. This is what prompted me to get rid of this idea. Then I realized that I needed to look for a good online market where I could buy a ready-made product and enjoy the effect of high-quality cannabis. I recently found a platform on which I now quite often buy Cannabis Edibles, and this is amazing because the product is really worth it, and the variety of the assortment is very pleasing


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