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Then I hack away the kitchen:


And I start to build my "room" using cabinets:


Ok. I think this post is long enough. Next post will be my living room and study!


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As you can see the original bedroom seems small and dark. After hacking it looks like this:


The wall at the side is my extended toilet.


After doing hardwood floor, it looks like this:


My WiW on the other side:



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Hi everyone, our renovations are ongoing now. We have viewed over 20-30 units over a span of 3-4 months. We loved some units but some was way over budget. The agent was very nice and she kept showing us despite us being so flicked minded. Finally we decided on this house! The reason being it is NS facing, high level, unblock view from bedroom and windy. It fits neatly into our budget too! Our floorplan:


Our main aim for this house: not to look like a conventional HDB. We have no money to stay in condo, but at least we can stay in condo like HDB and so we were telling ourselves. HAHAHAHA. (So pathetic)

Like our house hunting process, we went to 10 different IDs (IMM, Balestier Rd, Eunos...) then asked for quotations online. Some IDs are really "chui" and their designs are worse than a 10 year old drawing. Others are very "smoky" and they don't know how to handle the requirements. (Told me cannot be like this, be like that) Of course, there are a few whom I loved the designs but the price quoted is way too high for us. One of the quotations was 120k without changing windows and floor! We have a contractor friend and we asked him to quote as well. However, he kept telling us that this can't be done and that can't be done :(. Is our design really that hard???

And so after seeing SOOO many IDs and was about to choose my contractor friend to do the renovation already. I chanced upon reno blog and read the review of several IDs. We went to some and called some. Finally, we shortlisted one of the IDs. I called him and he sent us the quotation within 2 hours. Seeing that he is quite keen and prices are reasonable, I went to research further about him on the renoblog. No negative comments, check. Doesn't look like ID, nevermind. Mouth quite itchy, I think I can handle. Ok, him then!

This is the design that I want. Hack the wall between the 2 bedrooms, build WiW, hack away the kitchen and extend it so we can have an island. I want to have a room within the kitchen (for maid next time in case)



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