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Depends.. have you ever done it before? Do you have the tools to hack? Do you habitually DIY things and furniture around your house? Do you know how to operate power tools like drills, angle grinders, sanding machine?

If yes, then you can. And you will find it easy enough. If not, then really no choice but to go hire the experts la.

I so good in all these DIY and construction work also had to spend $9k to hire people to do my bathroom... :(

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On Thursday, May 07, 2015 at 7:51 AM, jenhsing said:

Is it possible to retile your own floor? planning to use granite tiles for living room and search WWW they say need installation experts

Hiya, did you manage to tile your place on your own? Also where did you source for the granite tiles? TIA


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Laying tiles is not arts & craft where you need only paper, scissor, glue....you can keep the investment on tooling after the project.

Are you strong enough to carry the tiles?

Got experience to mix the sand & cement/chemical?

Got license?

Buy then throw away the tools? Keep them? Rent them out?



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