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Small Little Updates 1

Hello reno-talkers!

I am back to t-blogging after close to 2 months of moving in to my crib!

So far, nothing much has changed, just want to share what small little things i have done to my crib so far for the past 2 months!

Decoration & organization with Daiso products :

After much procrastination, we finally put up the rest of the frames i got from TB on our other brickwall to accompany the poor lonely deer head. :notti:


The black X gold combination really makes a contrast against the white brick wall. So loving it!


I received a handful of questions regarding "what do i use to hang those frames and deco on the brick wall?"

I am using daiso hooks! For heavier items such as bigger frames and deer head, i am using the fusil wax hooks.

Something like : images-14.jpeg

Daiso have so many of different kinds of hooks under the fusil wax series and they hold up against the brick wall really well as they are wax and you need to heat it up before sticking them on the wall. Taking them down is also quite hassle free, just heat up the wax to remove it from the wall.

For $2, i would say i love them & i have stocked up so many different kinds of daiso hooks at home just in case. :lol:*typical kiasu singaporean spotted* :unsure: :unsure:

And for the smaller frames above, i am using Daiso hooks that looks like the 3M command adhesive strips hook! You can also use the fusil wax hooks but i don't think there is such a need since they only weigh around 200-300 grams. However for this, you will need to find a brick which has a smooth and flat surface so that the adhesive hook can stick on the brick tightly in order to support the frame. We had a hard time finding brick of that requirement. haha! :lol::lol:

Chair Socks :

I have also purchased 2 sets of chair socks for my eames dining chairs so that they will not drag and scratch my tiles!


I bought 2 sets to try out and now i want to get more for all my chairs in my house! And hopefully they have table socks for my dining table as well. :wub:

Next up, our DIY shoe rack for our slippers!


$10 is all we need to create this look! 3 * fake grass patches & 2 * kitchen storage racks.

I love how the fake grass patches brighten up our "yard" ;)

:yeah: Part 2 coming soon! :yeah:


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Hi xhomesweethomex,

Your update comes timely... I'm looking for hooks to hang my stuff. At this moment, I'm contemplating using 3M command on the wall to hang stuff.

Hello zzzmonster!

I always find 3M hooks pricing is on the high end hence i will choose daiso hooks anytime given the affordability. & so far they works well for me so i guess you may want to head to daiso to check out their selection of hooks.



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Small Little Updates 2

Part 2 is here! Continuing from my last post, i am raving about the gems i got from Daiso and how i used them in my crib.

Moving to kitchen and MBR :

I purchased a handful of suction hooks and used it on my kitchen back splash since they are quite empty.


Those little metal baskets are from Tokutokuya, another Japanese shop similar to daiso, most items at $2 unless stated otherwise! A good place to find gems too! The little baskets contains my baking stuffs and measuring spoons/cups.

The white storage rack is a smaller version of my DIY shoe rack from yesterday's post. They are useful for organizing stuffs! Bought a couple of them in different sizes and colours for my needs.

The other side of the kitchen :


You can spot the purple version of the storage rack to hold my dolce gusto and kitchen towel roll ! Daiso only carries white,cream,green,yellow & hot pink colours for the storage racks. I got my pink and purple racks from tokutokuya @ $2 each. :wub: :wub:

Spot my white heart shaped cutting board holder from daiso too! :lol: :lol:

Moving to the MBR :

this should be the first time i am show-casing my very messy vanity corner in my MBR.

Before organizing :


After :


another good by from daiso would be their maison boxes in white / pink. They are always OOS nowadays due to their popularity! It's hard to spot them nowadays hence i always buy a couple of them whenever i spot them! :rolleyes::lol:

& also, the tokutokuya's pink racks with my pink & white maison boxes! ;)

They definitely brighten up my vanity corner in my white/wood theme MBR! :yeah: Daiso & tokutokuya is a good place to find gems which can help organizing our stuffs due to its price since we spent a bomb on our renovation and its now recovering slowly~~~ :wacko: :)

till next time, xoxo. :D


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