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Air Freshner Recommendations?

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Hi dear all,

I just moved into a new place & in need of some advice.

My partner likes the home especially bathroom & bedroom to spell a bit like those spa e.g. lemon grass, lavender fragrance.

We have visited a few options over the weekends. Just wondering what you all using and which is better especially if you all have some prior experience using them.

1. Tried the Mr & Mrs fragrance, the fragrance find them so so not very appealing & wonder is it strong enough for the room though the sales person claim no problem can.

2. Tried Mt Sapola, they have those diffuser sticks, burners for essential oils, electric burners, air diffuser. Quite like the air diffuser but need top up many drops of essential oil & like going to be high maintenance cost.

3. Diffuser sticks are cheaper but smell like pretty weak and sales person said since it's constantly giving out fragrance our nose may become immune to the smell after a few months.

4. Muji diffuser, giving out moist too, partner was wondering we don't always turn on aircon 24x7 so air not that dry don't need more moisture.

Any good recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


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I have a pot with mint plant in my toilet outside. In the master a toilet we have a small basket with popurri that gives a nice scent, so it does not smell so much like toilet.

Mt sepola is nice, but yeah very high maintenace. Also dust makes small clogs after a few days so oil is troublesome.


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For a home to smell like spa, you have to scent your home like a spa does. The really nice places use commercial diffusers. But the regular ones often just use the same ones you use at home. The sales person was right, after a while, you get used to the scent and will no longer smell it. And that can happen pretty quickly.

All your options sound good but one thing to note is there are different grades of essential oil. The cheaper ones are blended with fillers and that means you probably end up with less than a few percent of the real thing. Most store sell blended concoctions. But it doesn't mean they are out to get you. You are just getting what you pay for.

The purer or 100% pure essential oils are super expensive and rightfully so because imagine to get the rose scent, how many tonns of roses must they process in order to make a small batch. They range anywhere from a few hundreds to a few thousands depending on the scent. The purer the oil, the more expensive of course.

So I'd say adjust your expectations. Choose an option that you can afford over the long run and be happy enough that your guests will smell it when they come into the house and probably not you. :)


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