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Every homeowner understands how quickly and easily clutter can accumulate in your home. If the clutter problems are not taken care of, they can easily get out of hand and overwhelm you as well as make your house seem smaller than it really is. Obviously all clutter is not unnecessary, it just needs a home. Here are some helpful ways to keep your home from being taken over by clutter.

Getting rid of clutter

As more and more stuff accumulates in your home, it can be tough to determine which stuff is necessary, and which stuff you can stand to part with. Before getting overwhelmed, work your way from room to room making a pile of must keep items and items that you don’t need. Once you have gone through the entire home, hold a yard sale to make some money off those unused items, donate whatever doesn’t sell, and rejoice in your new found freedom from clutter!

Hiding eye sores

Once the unnecessary clutter is gone, it is time to create even more space in your home by hiding eye sores. Use your yard sale money to install shelves, cabinets and other built-ins that can house your items. Buzzfeed suggests installing deep drawers in your laundry room so hide laundry hampers. Hang a hollow crown molding shelf above your kitchen sink to hid paper towels. Hang inexpensive, yet stylish, canvases over thermostats, outlets and other wall features that draw the eye in a negative way. If you have a window AC unit, hang café style curtains in front of it so they can easily be opened when you need the AC. Lastly, hide your modems, DVD players, and cable boxes by storing them is stylish boxes and cutting out squares in the back for the cords. Use a doormat or purchase stylish vent covers to cover up ugly vents. Hiding eye sores can change the entire look of your home.

Stylish ways to upgrade item

Put a personal touch on your home by decorating your appliances. Electrical tape is a great way to decorate your washer, dryer and refrigerator, and it is easy to remove when you are ready for a change. Temporary wallpaper is another great way to change the look of your appliances. A new trend that is great for multiple purposes is chalkboard paint. Paint your refrigerator with chalkboard paint so you can easily jot down quotes, entertain kids by drawing pictures, or avoid searching the junk drawer for a pen to write your grocery list. Turn obnoxious cords that are impossible to hide into works of art with inexpensive wire blooms clips. If you have old wooden doors in need of a makeover, transform it with a fresh coat of paint. Use masking tape to create designs, whether classic or unique.

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Source: buzzfeed.com/peggy/genius-ways-to-hide-the-eyesores-in-your-home?sub=2871905_2223435#.jmJg1jeKK


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