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Recommendation Of Painting And Etc Services

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I am writing to highlight my displeasure upon engaging Renolancer Painting Services, which was helmed by Brian Chew Beng Wei (+65 9456 2845). The experience was bad and the after-service provided was non-existent. The purpose is to highlight so that you will think twice about engaging them.


Prior painting, he was accommodative to the services provided, inclusive of the provision of adequate peripherals and professional personnel for the job. As accommodative consumer, Trust was leveraged by issuance of a cheque to Brian. Brian claimed that he does not have a company invoice and could only accept cash or cheque. It was agreed that that the services comprised two coating of paint job around the new unit and a finalised touch up will be provided once all the installations were in. Below is a chronological order of events that took place:


1.  There were three foreign workers arriving at my residence. Brian insisted that the entry of the workers be transited via the back gate, leaving room for speculations about the qualifications and credentials of the workers. The workers did not arrive with any ladders. The brushes were frayed with bristles sticking out. The rollers were indicative that they were utilised for a long period.


2.  During the discussion, it was agreed that the key installations will be covered. Although the cover sheet was brought, the workers did not covered them despite several reminders. Eventually, the installations were stained with paint splashes.


3.  Several walls showed unevenness, and the shoddy paint job was exacerbated by the lack of equipment. Without a proper ladder, the workers have to use long pipes (they did not even came with it and use my broom stick as an alternative) to paint the angles and ceiling. Soon, it was evident to expect that the paint job was way below satisfaction. The workers told us that they were paid S$100, and such paint job were to be expected. I was flabbergasted because Brian had pocketed quite a sum for the paint job. We decided to buy lunches for the workers.


4.  The paint job stretched through the night. My new unit was not installed with lights. The workers were not prepared to work without lighting. We also told them to stop but they continue because they were aware of the poor workmanship. Despite the shortfall, they used the light from their mobile phone to make adjustment to areas that remained unsatisfactory. The workers washed the equipment in the toilets, causing several paint splashes onto existing installations. The paint job turned out worse. Even though I tried to call Brian to come over before the night falls, he arrived during the night to pick the workers and perhaps played the night to his advantage as we proceeded towards inspection.


5.  Despite the poor lighting conditions, the poor workmanship of the paint job were illuminated. It was clear that such job will be expected because (1) the workers were unskilled, and (2) the lack of proper equipment (e.g. no ladders, no rollers). Brian play-downed the paint job and suggested that the painters will provide a second painting service to compensate the overall paint job. This was excluded from the finalised touch up that he verbally agreed. When queried why the workers do not have proper equipment, Brian claimed that the distributor did not provide him with enough ladders (which reinforced the credential and the sustenance of the small business). We also observed that Brian had arrived at the unit during the afternoon and posted the pictures on his Facebook page on the day of painting. We have voiced our displeasure and told him to remove. Till date, the post remained intact (which may be misleading to potential customers).


6. Despite the poor paint job, Brian had the cheek to ask for full payment, preferably through Internet transfer. I have decided to give him another chance as he was insistent that the second paint job will be covered by a group of skilled workers. We relented and paid him the full amount of S$1600 for a 3-room unit.


7.  For the second paint job, only one worker arrived. He was equally unskilled. At least he was armed with a ladder and proper equipment. Still, the paint job was unsatisfactory but we have decided to accept them and proceeded with the other phases of renovations. When the main renovation was completed, I tried to call him on umpteenth times on Whatsapp and phone to reach him. My husband told me that Brian had blocked me from Whatsapp and calls which explained why Brian was uncontactable. When contacted via a different phone, Brian was able to respond and my husband spoke to him to remind him about the finalised touch-up. He claimed that he had forgotten and will contact me. Till date, he was non-existent.


Food for thoughts:


a.  Despite giving Brian several opportunities to earn his credential, Brian had not taken them to build the reputation that he had tried to make his business more reputable and sustainable. This was evident prior engaging, execution and after sales.


b.  If you insist on engaging his services, try to insist for a paint job during the weekdays. It is speculated that the workers were free-lancers and could only be available for weekend to take up such jobs.


c.  Do not pay him in full as it was evident that he did not take responsibility to complete what was agreed upon. Because of his background and starting a small family, we have decided not to pursue the matter. We continue to give grace by allowing him to contact us to complete the finishing touches. Till date, he has not responded.


Hope the awareness will help you to ponder a little more about engaging Brian Chew and/or Renolancer Painting Services in general.



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On 3/27/2016 at 12:56 PM, Celest Koh said:

This painting contractor Brian and his FB page is Renolancer. We are totally unhappy with the service and work done.  First of all Brian got the date wrong, we agreed to commence work on Monday and we received a call a day earlier on Sunday telling us he is waiting at our new place.  We told him it's Monday and he insisted its Sunday until we show him the proof in our text correspondence. Not wanting to make things difficult for him and risking our deposit with the management we rushed down to let him start the job. 

He gave some orders to the three Indians/Bengali workers he brought along and left.  However I'm puzzled that they proceeded to paint the house without covering the floor with plastic sheets and without taping the wood trimming around the doors and floor skirtings Edmonton Painters.  The workers also work carelessly dripping paint over the floors and I have tell them to quickly wipe it off before the paint dries up. 

The job was completed around 9pm plus and I have to wait till 11pm for Brian to finally appears to collects the cheque. I commented that because it's dark and  couldn't really do a proper inspection, we can only informed him of the places to touch up the next day.   He agreed and left.

The next day to our horror, we realized the job was done shabbily,  the paint on the walls and skirting  are not even done and paints were all over our doors trimming as well as parquet flooring.  We have to scrap the paint off and use thinner to wipe off the paint ourselves.  We showed him the photos and he agrees to do a clean up and touch up on the 27th March which is today. 

So the appointment was at 9am today, we got there on the dot to wait for him, about 9.30 he texted to say he can only make it around 11am.   WHY DONT YOU INFORM THE NIGHT BEFORE and we don't have to waste our time to come down so early. We told him to come at 1pm as we have other appointments in between.

We reached the place at 1pm, waited for half an hour and no show. Called him and no answer. Text him also no response.  Waited till 2.30pm and we decided enough is enough. We don't want to waste our time with this irresponsible contractor.

Another hour has past and while I'm writing this review, still no response. 

I'm wondering who wrote the good review about him in the forum previously.


I'm about to repaint my unit, and the last time I painted it was such a hassle because of the thin water based paint. It would dry so fast it would form a skin in the tray and then rub off on the wall and needed 3 coats. Apart from basic wall paint, I'm also looking for anti mold paint for the bath room ceilings and maybe walls, and a high gloss paint for doors. I was thinking of going with Dulux Wash & Wear Low Sheen, but the reviews are mixed. There aren't that many reviews of paint out there. What are your experiences?


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