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4Rm Resale Hdb Flat - A Bachelor Man Cave (Theme - Minimalist)

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Selection of the unit was kinda fast. It only took me 1 day of viewing to decide on the flat. (I think the property agent must be thinking this client is easy earned commission). Actually the property agent was recommended by one of my colleague. I contact the agent and he arrange for flat viewing. On that particular day, he arrange for 7 unit around the area I told him I would preferred. The first 6 was really not to my liking. The last unit, it was the only one that is situated at high floor and its a corner unit.

Although the unit was not in a tip top condition, it did not really bother me much cause I have already intended to do a entire overhaul of the flat before moving in.

The moment I step into the house, there is just this feeling that this is the one. To cut the story short, I put up an offer to the seller on the same night and he agreed. 5 Months later I am the owner of this house.

During the 5 months (1st appointment and completion date), I have been to 7 Interior Design company and to be frank, I did not know that renovation can be so costly. To hack walls, rebuild walls, change the entire unit flooring (Living, bedrooms, kitchen, toilet), rerun entire water piping, rewiring the entire house electrical wiring.

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Looking for good contractors? Click here for your request

Renovation Journal (Daily) - Public holiday, Saturday and Sunday are not counted. :)


Hacking works

Removal works

Wets works / Tiling works (only kitchen and toilet - living and bedroom on hold after ceiling works)

Windows works / Wall works

Electrical works / Water Piping works / WC Piping works / Fiber Works / Network Works

Ceiling works / Partial Electrical works

Tiling works resume (living and bedroom)

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Floor Plan (Original floor plan of the unit) - The storeroom was previously hacked away by the 1st owner of the flat.


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ID Selection Process

Has been looking for an ID/Contractor since the moment I exercise the option to purchase the flat. A total of 7 ID/Contractor company has been visited and asked for quotation.

Actually the term Interior Design aka ID is nothing more then just simply contractor, its just that they use a better and nicer name. That is all. All are contractor based, however newer formed ID company might not have the technical knowledge that a old timer contractor prosessed.

Will share my experiences of the 7 ID/Contractor that I came across.


1) J = This is the first ID which I went to. I was reading the forum and this company has some positive feedback and thus decided to drop by the shop. First impression of him was not bad, he looks friendly and he shared a lot of information in terms of renovation stuff to me. At that point of time, it was like alien language to me. J was a nice chap and he explained quite a lot of info with me. We sat down and I told him what is the theme and idea which i preferred in order for him to work out the quotation. Since this is the first ID I went, I did not do any space planning at all and I asked J to do a space planning. We arrange to meet up 1 week later for the first quotation.

So came the 1st appointment with J one week later. He proposed to me the space planning and also the first quotation. I have previously told him that my initial budget was 40-45k, but when the quotation came out. It was like........ 60k. Actually I was kinda shock that renovation could be that expensive, maybe its because I am really overhaul the entire house.

Actually, because he is the 1st ID I went and I was not mentally prepared with the quotation he offered to me. The space planning that he planed was not something that I had in mind anyway. Thus J was not shortlisted.


2) Z = This is the 2nd ID which I went to. To be honest, the first impression was just not there. Maybe she is a new ID and thus she dont seems to know the stuff well enough. After my first ID experience, I had since read up a lot and do some basic research. I even did my own space planning after the 1st ID i went to.

Anyway, I still asked her for the quotation cause this company has very good review previously and the boss J even appear on TV Channel 5. We arrange for 2 weeks later to view the first quotation.

Two weeks passed, and I went down to the showroom to meet her. However she was late. hai.... nvm I waited, when she arrived, we sat down and she showed me some laminate material (not the theme I want) and told me that if I want those, it will be more costly. She goes through the quotation with me starting from the 1at page. when I see the first page.. at the bottom already nearly 15k, its a 4 page quotation. So we slowly go through the quotation, I can say its kinda detail for me.

So the moment of truth finally came. The quotation came out to be 75k exlcuding electrical works.
Actually I told the ID's, my budget was 40k to 45k, however they can still come out with this kind of budgeting... faintzzzz ....

Anyway she knew she was losing me, and thus she get her boss J to come sit in with me. Haha, the moment he sit in.. He told me what is my concern and I told him about the pricing. He say if I can sign with him on the spot, he can reduce the pricing to 60k to 65k.

I dont like people pushing me to close the deal. So sadly to say, it's because of him I decided to drop the 2nd ID as well.


3) J = the first visit to the showroom, we had a very good rapport. Machiam like we have been friends for many years. We chat about the design and concept and also a lot of whatsapp, messaging each other about the ideas for renovating and sharing of information and knowledge. She has really share with me a lot of things.

And one thing she is the only ID that offers me 3D drawing without any contract or anything. We arrange for a 1st appt to review the first quotation, and the first quotation based on the space planning done by me was about 60k. Although I did told her my budget was 45k (because I was told that if you set your initial budget to a certain amount, the quotation will sure come back 5-15k more). Not sure why is that so.

I had very much wanted to sign with her, we then arrange for the 2nd and 3rd appt, and also she brought me to one of her completed HDB house project to see the workmanship. The final quotation after the 3rd appt was 65k. And to me it was then kinda over budget as I initially dont want to spend so much on renovation. She told me that she will talk to her boss to discuss on the quotation prices.

For her company, the boss told them not to include the measurement and material use and thus when I request for every detail to be include in the quotation, the price went up, she told me that because I want it to be very very detailed. She cannot help me to absorb some of those cost.

So it came to July, and I told her that I want to settle the final quotation (she will talk to her boss), however she MIA for 3 weeks without any message or anything. I told her before that I would want to apply the renovation permit before I got my house key via the previous owner, and that times to process (hacking and demolishing permit), I want to start renovation the day right after I got my keys to the house.

So since I could not contact her, I had no choice but to drop her. Initially after dropping her, I decided to make simple my renovation by just budgeting it to 30-40k, Just a simple renovation will do. 3 weeks later, she called me and asked me about how is it, I told her I had sign with another ID, My cousin best friend uncle. She told me the reason that her dad was hospitalized and that was why she was un-contactable for 3 weeks. I think she understand my condition that time is something that is not on my side as the keys collection date is pushing nearer and nearer. Sometimes it’s just timing and fate.

I would say that she is a very nice person and friendly. She is those people that I believe will do a good job for her clients. Too bad, we do not have the fate to work together for my house renovation project.

4) Mr L = This is my cousin best friend uncle, first day of appointment in July, I know he is a very experience man. He is the boss of the company and he gave me good suggestion. The thing that I really like about him is that he will give you feasible ideal. Those ID that tell something cannot be done or something sure can do, but end up cannot do after site survey.

Most importantly, His first initial quote came out to be 55k based on the same space planning and design concept. I was surprise that it was 55k. Like I say before, after dropping J from N**, I actually decided to spend just 30-40k on renovation. However after meeting Mr L, the 55k seems rather tempting (just for info 55k is include electrical works). Something that none of the ID i went include. Those never include electrical works already more then 60k.

So I decided to sign with him. And guess what.. After signing with him, I realise that those idea or concept the previous ID's gave or suggest are not really that feasible. And if I want to make it work, sure must top up money for the renovation project and it will be easily above 80k just for renovation alone...

End up, because I change of the space planning and request for additional works, The renovation project came out to 70k (everything is in, electrical, water piping (hot and cold) for entire house, hacking all floors and screeding the entire house flooring, changing of windows, kitchen carpentry, painting, rewiring of entire house, hack walls and rebuilt walls, glass doors for the entire house (glass door are more expensive then vinyl door), quatz countertop for kitchen and vanity and many more........

Note: The other ID's I went, 65k and above quotation (exclude electrical wiring and installation) they gave exclude hacking master room and common rooms flooring.. They just using overlay method which I don't like. The flat is 31 years and whos know when will the existing tiles pop up......

Until today 13 Oct 2015, I am glad that I sign with Mr L. He has been doing a good job coordinating his staff for all the works and the progress is good and on time. Maybe its fate that I sign with him. Kudos to him :)


The remaining 3 ID, I wont mention cause I only went for a walk-in and they email me the quotation. The quotation came out to be 60-80k as well. So no point basically. It far exceed my initial budgeting of 45k also.

But End up I still spend 70k on renovating my house. haha :)Ultimately its a place I called Home.. Sure must make is as cosy as possible.



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Space Planning Design

I download a free app from the play store, using my tablet and start designing on the possible layout for the flat.

This is the finalized version that I gave to my ID and he told his designer to do the 3D drawings on the possible design, feature wall and to follow my theme - minimalist / modern / futuristic


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Pre-renovation conditions 1 (Living Room / Kitchen / Bathroom)

Living room





Common Toilet


Master Bathroom


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Pre-renovation conditions 2 (Master Bedroom / Common rooms)

Master Bedroom



Common Bedroom 1


Common Bedroom 2


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3D Design for the flat - Designed by my ID's In-house Designer

Master Bedroom / Master Bathroom Suite / Dining Area




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