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What Can Be Used To Scrub/clean Varnished (Balcony) Decking?

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Hi fellows, I'm using Heveatech decking on my balcony, & it's varnished with a few coats of wood varnish. I do some gardening in my balcony & soiled (literally :P ) water splashes on the decking every now & then. It stains the decking such that using plain water & melamine sponge (that common white "magic" sponge) doesn't really remove the muddy stains. I don't think I can use thinner/turpentine because I presume those solvents are meant to strip paint.

What may I use to clean varnished decking? Anybody care to share some experience?


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This is what happened to the varnished surface of my (Heveatech) decking (the strip that's further away) after using the "magic" sponge & plain water to scrub the stains off:



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