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On 4/28/2016 at 11:22 PM, Bubee7788 said:

For those considering direct Contractors vs ID, you may want to consider my contractor who has done a great job for me at very good contractor prices.  The designs as shown which I asked a few IDs and they say it cannot be done.  I was a bit hesitant at first, even at the last moment till I saw his other job sites.  Look at the pictures for my house and his other job sites.  Wow! AFIF-FB-4.JPGAFIF-FB-8.JPGAFIF-FB-14.jpgJACKIE-FB-3.jpgXAVIER-FB-1.JPGJACKIE-FB-10.jpgXAVIER-FB-5.jpgXAVIER-FB-7.jpgXAVIER-FB-8.jpgNANA-FB-10.jpgNANA-FB-13.jpgNANA-FB-3.jpgJK-FB-5.jpgNANA-FB-20.jpgXAVIER-FB-4.jpgXAVIER-FB-2.JPG



Hi TS, this is a direct contractor? not ID right? Does the job done by his team or some other sub-con? care to share the contact to me @ steven0012@gmail.com. Thanks a bunch


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Reply Iamsteven

He is a HDB licensed contractor and ID, but at direct contractor pricing, also an artist as all the artwork are done by him.  Of course, he uses sub-contractors to do his carpentry, electrical, masonry works, ceiling, plumbing, glass, etc.  He coordinate and project manage everything himself.  I will send you his contact.


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