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I am looking to get my own flooring for my BTO flat instead of thru ID or contractor. We want to have Vinyl flooring for our 3 bedrooms. Still can't decide whether to have vinyl or tiles in the living room. Any pros and cons of having either one in the living room. I like the look of tiles, the glossy part but I am bringing my 2 elderly parent in laws and they are not really fond of tiles as they find it extremely cold for their feet especially in mornings and nights. Is there any Vinyl type of flooring that looks like tiles ie. have that glossy stone like effect?


I have gone to Floor xpert, they quoted $7/sqft w/out GST for their belgium vinyl(quick step i think). Like the textured feel and will like to have it in the bedrooms. Got a quote from Evorich also, about $6.90/sqft and theirs is more smooth. Got another from Innovar...same pricing as Evorich but theirs is thicker. Need advise if the quotes are expensive or is it ok? I saw some companies offering vinyl $4.xx/sqft. Is it the same quality?


Or if anyone can recommend good quality vinyl flooring please do let me know. Main concern is price vs quality, toxicity(i have 1 child in the crawling/walking stage and wife might be pregnant with 2nd one), the look(would like to have the 'tile' look or something close to it). 


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