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Buying furniture from HUP LEE HOME FURNISHING. (Disappointed and Regretted)

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Dear people living in Singapore, if you are thinking of buying furniture from Malaysia, please think twice. (Especially buying from Hup Lee Home)

This is what I experienced, after waiting one month for the delivery:

First delivery, dining table didn't come with screws for table stands. They left with a dining table without stands!

Second delivery, they found screw hole alignment don't match. They realised wrong table stands are given!



Third delivery, table stands are finally fixed, but table was found cracked and one stand is dented!




Besides this dining table, I also found that the SlumberLand single divan mattress also come with feces smell.

I finally gave up after spending 4 Saturday waiting for their inferior good.

Malaysia Boleh! Hup Lee Home Lagi Boleh!


In fact, Singapore furnitures are not really expensive, if you take quality and time you spent into consideration.

Spending 4 weekends outdoor with your family is more worthy.






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Hi my2centsworth,


As I already have no confidence in them, no one can guarantee there won't be another 4 more episodes for the next 4-5 weekends! 

So I called them for refund but they only allowed me to change to another item at same price or higher.

So I drove all the way to JB and chosen mattress and divan as replacement.

AND ......... Feces smell I got for the divan!

(It is still a bit smelly after I wiped and cleaned it.) Tired...... 

Just wish to share my bad experience with all fellow Singaporeans.


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Hi siewkin79,

aww thats sucks. ah should have text youu earlier not to get the mattress / divan bed..

rather you get display set dinings or sofas instead. might be better..

take it as a lesson. there is alot dishonest and no integrity retailers not only in johor.. local also too..

i really hope this people close down quick.. 


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