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Recently I came across a FB page about this company D'ONE Service (I like their Company Name Which say's DONE) while sourcing for some home accessories. Thought can share on this platform (fb.me/doneservicellp) 

They help people to do sourcing and customization. Was very surprised that such a company do exist in Singapore.  Their service are pretty fast. Takes only 2 days to sourced the items which I need and at reasonable price. Talk to this guy call Eric. He told me as a sourcing agent, their company not only doing sourcing but alot more than I can think of. Will see what else that my company or myself need. Will talk to this guy again.

I hope to share more findings on other matters to you folks. Cheers!


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Hi All,

To share abit of what I got customised by D'ONE Service which I mentioned on top. I am very happy of the items delivered to me. Workmanship is good. Material is very good as well. Of course, the price is good :)

Sofa paid $1650, Magnetic Frame work with photo frame in various sizes $800, Shelving (Drawing & Finished work was given by them before they delivered to me) $1600

All are customised to my requirement and precised. Overall me & my family are very happy. Am looking at more customise items from them for my office soonIMG-20160823-WA0001.jpegIMG-20160905-WA0001.jpgs.jpgIMG-20160907-WA0002.jpg.



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