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Hi all fellow new home owners!

It has been almost 6 months since we settled into our new home in Punggol Topaz and finally had the time to sit down to document/recommend our contacts.

Hubby and I have decided that we will not engage any ID as will look for our own individual contractors for each part of the home. We engaged only 2 parties for the entire house cos we have only very basic furnishings and fittings.

1) Electrical works for the entire house 

Electrical works are very important to start the reno of the house as it determines the positions of all your switches, lightings, ceiling fan, downlights etc. This will then affect the entire planning and layout of your home! Imagine you place a switch in the middle of your tv console...? not tally right.. and if you decide to position your dining table at a certain location but the dining lights are not in line...?

Some progress pictures are below.

Overall, we have 8 downlights are the main living room, 1 set of dining light, 1 set of industrial light outside the kitchen and 1 along the "corridor" of the rooms. It is bright enough for us. 

We also requested for switches at each end of the main living hall for convenience sake, one near the main door, toilets and 3 in each room. abit kiasu?

Contact: Tony @ 8292 9848

Fast and reliable. We started our discussions with him in late last year and he manage to complete our requirements very quickly. He is also helpful enough to help us install the lightings after the false ceiling is up. Can look for him for quick and reasonable price menu :)






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