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Hi... recently met up with Christopher from Homebox Studio Pte. Ltd.. Any reviews on him? Read some really positive reviews on Wilson but he's fully engaged. Website seems promising too. My project timeline very tight so am very particular on timeline management.


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Decided to engage Christopher and confirmed last friday. 35k 3-room full rehaul with carpentry rewiring replumbing(?) 

My SO and I were very surprised at how fast he worked. We reviewed the contract in the early morning with Chris and Wilson.. and signed by 10am. At 11.. we were at whitehorse choosing tiles.. 2 we were at a lighting shop which sells at warehouse price (apparently they partnered with homebox to sell at a super cheap price.. spent 800 for whole house lighting). 3 we bought our toiletries.. and by 5 we were back at their office choosing paints and our carpentry laminate. We pretty much had everything confirmed by 9pm. I do not know why all the rest of the IDs and contractor tell us that permit needs about a week cause Wilson submitted at 10+ and was approved just before we left the office. it was a tiring day but we are very glad everything is set in stone. If anyone need reviews on them I will keep this thread alive. 


So far so good. No pushy sales tactic, quick response time, very detailed, everything well explained although things tend to get too technical sometimes. Am only wishing the renovation process will be a smooth one. *fingers crossed


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Hi Joey,

My flat recently is under HDB Home Improvement Programme Work  and am thinking to reno my unit after the HIP work. Wonder how's the result and workmanship of the reno work to your flat by ** Studio?  Do you have any photos to share? 




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