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DIY Smart Homes

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Anyone has experience with building smart homes? I am planning to start my smart home journey with my new home. Hope to get some tips where to begin and how I can do it myself (DIY).


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What do you need to build a smart home yourself?

- Knowledge of electricians. Understanding the principles of the management of various electrical appliances, the experience of assembling electrical panels, it is necessary to know the safety techniques when working with an electric current. Good cable management skills.
- Knowledge of the principles of building automation systems: types of controllers, inputs and outputs of controllers, types of signals.
- Programming skills for a desktop or mobile operating system to create a management interface.
- Clear understanding of work algorithms.
- Good knowledge of the equipment used.
Often, a smart home can be found in a fairly simple but limited system, for example, control of water leaks, SMS information or control of lights from the console or just a smart lock or light. Such equipment exists in the form of ready-made "box" solutions, designed for self-assembly.

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Well, latest technology doesn't require you to have so much knowledge. You are just ordinary users, come on.

Now we can easily get a "hub" first, e.g. Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, XiaoMi Gateway, etc... The hub is to allow you get a centralized place to manage all your smart home component. Of course, Amazon and Apple provide remarkable voice assistant function to help you.

Next, you need components to pair with the hub, e.g. smart socket, smart bulb, smart switch, smart sensor, etc... there are many products in market now and they are mostly plug-and-play. 

Now, with all these connected, you accomplish a beginning version of smart home.

Of course, to do some deeper DIY on each of your home appliances, you will need more knowledge and work to do. It depends on what you required. However ,above is just a start and it does help you on your daily life.


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On 19.03.2018 at 11:59 AM, Blackboard by NID said:

Have any of you tried the smart home system in ur own house? Will ur electrical bill increase by a lot ?

Not really much. 


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