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Xiu Yu

Very good contractor to recommend

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I have completed my house renovation without any hiccups and fuss free!!!! Highly recommend this contractor to those who wan to renovate his house... 

firstly, the contractor was recommended by my nice colleague... before engage this contractor, me and my husband had went to few ID Firm and request quotation from them.. of course, if u have idea of how to renovate house, definately you should goes to contractor as ID always charge higher price compare to Contractor... we also read some of the renovation forum and realized that quite a lot of people had cheated by ID firm.. they had paid sum of deposit but end up nothing was happen in their house.. instead of keep worrying, we make the decision to engage our friend contractor... 

we met him personally and discuss what are items that we want to renovate...we felt that the conversation quite comfortable and he has give us some of the recommendation of the overall design... 

We ask him to give us quotation and we review it 1st before do any decision... within 2-3 working days.. zhe had provided the quotation to us.. SUPRISINGLY, the quotation that we received is slightly lower than ID firm... without any consideration, we confirm the renovation package.... currently we staying in our peopl house, so we told him that we needed the house as soon as possible.. he work out the schedule... and tell us that he can meet our expectation... 

The renovation items includes demolition of all cabinets, rebuild new cabinets, redo all electrical works, repaint whole house, instal shower screen, install high end resilient flooring, change aircon, and do whole house cleaning... 

without any delay, he had compeleted the whole house for us!!  We are very satisfied the job that he done... coz both of use working and no time to take care of this tiny things... he had done a good job and everything complete sui sui for us!! 







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