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Any contacts for Thin Frame Foldable Glass Doors?

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hi! we have such doors in our office. they look pretty decent but as I know they are quite expensive because their installing is difficult.If you want to save money you can look at this site https://doorsdirect2u.co.uk/product-category/room-dividers/. Last year I ordered from them my glass sliding doors and they still look very good, without scratches or breakages. By the way as I know they have now discounts so I think you'll definetely find something suitable for you


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MAG is Singapore's manufacturer and supplier of both mild steel and Aluminium Glass Doors. Our glass doors are designed to perform beyond expectation. Our sleek designs offer numerous configurations for easy operation or sound-insulation for homes next to the highways. Our glass doors create an opportunity for expansive views or connection to the outdoors.  If you're looking for thin framed glass doors, opt for mild steel frame. Our mild steel frames are 1" thk. 

These are some of the glass door types available:

1) Sliding Doors: These doors slide open and close sideways over horizontal tracks. These can be paired with fixed panels.
2) Casement/Swing Doors: Hinged on their sides and swing open inside or outside. These can be paired with fixed panels. 
3)Bifold/Collapsible/Folding Doors: Multiple panels that fold into each other. 

Are you looking for premium-quality interior glass doors? Contact us at 9851 4223 for a quotation.

Website: https://www.magworks.sg/collections/singapore-glass-doors
Instagram: Steelhomesg


mild steel glass door.jpg


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I like these glass doors! It will be a pleasure to work in such an office. And we recently installed glass sliding doors in our house. This is very beautiful, but requires special care. In a house where there are small children, installing such doors is a very risky step. First, it can be dangerous because they can accidentally break them. And secondly, as we found out, children leave a lot of prints on the door, so we often have to wipe them. But we have a lot of light in the living room. By the way, recently one of the children left scratches on the door and we never found out who exactly did it. Fortunately, we know the contacts of an inexpensive service that removes scratches from glass surfaces (unscratchthesurface.com) and we called them to fix this problem. I hope it won't happen again. But we are still very pleased that we installed these doors.


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With all the newly built flats, BTOs and old houses, people are constantly looking for Window Contractors. It's all about beautifying the house to one's style.

One of the leading Wrought Iron, Aluminium Product Manufacturer, and Window Contractor in Singapore. They are also a licensed HDB contractor (HB-12-4007D) to showcase some of their finest products. The company makes and install like Windows, Wrought Iron & Aluminium Gates, Grilles, Fences, Railings, New Top Roller Bi-fold Door, Tempered Glass Shower Screen Toilet Door, and etc your one stop solutions.

Serving customers ranging from HDB to condos & private home sectors, commercial & industrial sectors and so on. We also accept various project requests.

Contact them at (65) 9003 6263 to make enquiries & appointments,
or simply email to homealuminium@yahoo.com.sg

Here our link https://www.facebook.com/homealuminiummetalworks/





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Hi all,

I am looking to install thin metal frame foldable glass doors (see attached photo for example) for the L-shape wall of a bedroom I have hacked.

I heard thinner frames are most likely mild steel. But so far the foldable door companies I come across all provide thicker aluminium frames.

Anyone has metal door contractors' contacts to share? Thank you very much!



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