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Nightmare with La Cafa

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Somewhere in Aug 2017 booked a dining set and leather sofa from Salesman - Kingston at a Furniture Fair in Expo. Paid a deposit (lucky did not pay the full amount). Was informed to give them a 4week advance notice for them to do and prepare the sofa. Kingston promised you that he will help you settle everything and ensure the dining set n sofa set delivered to you without any problem.

Fast forward to Nov 2017, went down to their showroom in Marina Square and confirmed our sofa model and color with Uncle Lee. We also agreed on the delivery date. Assurance given all will be OK and their logistics/delivery will contact me 1 day before the delivery date to confirm the delivery. We went down to the showroom a few times to remind them not to delay on our delivery as its very tight and close to our house shifting date.

The Friday, one day before delivery (one day in Jan 2018). No calls whatsoever from the logistics/delivery. I got impatient and contacted Uncle Lee for the status of my delivery. Instead of liaising with his logistics/delivery he gave me their contact no instead. Contacted the delivery and got the delivery timing from them. No other details provided.

On the Saturday, the delivery day. I have some other deliveries on the same day. My 3 beds from other shop arrived without any problem. Quality wise as what they promised. But for La Cafa, my nightmare begins. My ordered dark brown leather sofa nowhere to be seen. Instead they delivered a grey fabric sofa. Upon checking with the delivery guy he informed that this is a temporary set and my sofa is not ready. Nothing to on this temporary set even when I contacted gem on the delivery details one day before. My new dining set has scratches and defects from the table to the chairs n bench. Told the delivery guy I couldn't accept this and want my sofa and dining set to be replace ASAP. Contacted Uncle Lee and informed him of my problem and he said its not his problem as he's only a middleman and will forward my problem to Kingston n logistics/delivery and get them to contact me.

On Monday I contacted both Uncle Lee and their Logistics to vent my frustrations. Logistics promised to check and get the in charge to contact me. As usual nobody contacted me. Went to the showroom that night itself but Uncle Lee is not there. Instead another guy named Victor who claimed he's the in charge was there. Sweet talked and promised he will look into it, gave his number to us and promised will get it settled by tomorrow morning. If not can contact him directly and he will get it settled. Said that we can rest assured and blame spore retail industry is a tough one.

Next day Tuesday, which is today. Obviously nobody called. Message Victor and again no reply from him the whole day. Contacted logistics to ask for the status and Melissa said she need to check and will call me after 4pm. Obviously no call from her until now. There's still no end to my nightmare and even I don't know of the status of my sofa and dining set till now. And I have no way in contacting my salesman Kingston who promised everything when buying from him. When problem arises there's no way to get hold of him. Uncle Lee said he's just a part timer while Victor claimed he covers regionally. One helluva of a bull****.

How can I shift in this week with this fiasco. Simple delivery made chaos by La Cafa. My advise is to stay faraway from this furniture shop at all cost unless you wanna share the same sufferings of us who had went through **** with them. Now I just wanna cancel my sofa order and made do with the defect dining set and move on. DON'T & NVR EVER BUY FROM THEM.


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Regret not reading reviews before stupidly paying in full to Kingston (google La Cafa and you'll see his name come up too). He made the order, and wrote on the invoice something vague like "chair as displayed" wtf kind of detail is that. Weeks before the delivery date, I called up multiple times to confirm that the order will be here only to be told by arrogant China lady on phone that "OF COURSE IT WILL BE HERE, IF WRITTEN ON INVOICE WILL BE HERE".


So on day itself, nothing came. I called them up. Arrogant China lady said no, never talked to me before. I pleased, cajoled, yelled, screamed, nope she said maybe they forgot to place the order.

Not sure what her role is at the phone because she sure as **** doenst check anything about your order. She just sits there spewing nonsense. 

Of course, after threatening to go to the mall and get my money back, somehow 6 chairs arrive.

Were they the chairs "as displayed".

Of course no.

Wrong chairs.

Long story short, cos it's a very long story with them and I wish never ever to deal with them again...

They said Mr Ong will send new chairs. Agreed time and date.

Do new chairs come on time?
Do they ****.

No new chairs. Call ppl up no one answers. It's just one loon after another. No one picks up phone.

Kingston, you are a disappointment.

La Cafa, you are a total mess of a shop.

Pls, ppl. Don't buy from La Cafa. You might as well open your rubbish chute and throw your money down the chute. At least that way, you still have no furniture but you don't have to feel cheated by La Cafa. 


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HI may i ask were you able to cancel your purchase?my item was not delivered on time and they simply brush it off by saying to get a replacement.i rejected and ask for refund.the bank cant do amything about it and ask me to speak to the merchant.


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Dear all,

About 7 weeks ago, I bought a dining table with 4 chairs with La Cafa. Paid 50% as deposit.

The salesperson is Mr Calvin. He is patient, experienced and not pushy. He is a key factor that we decided to go ahead with this purchase.

His mobile is xxxx1013. Not sure if he is comfortable with posting his mobile online so I will just give the last 4 digit for others to verify.

Came home and google online and found alot of negative remarks. Felt stressed up so start praying for the best. Dining table will be delivered 4 weeks later while the four dining chairs will be 3 weeks after the dining table.

4 weeks later, dining table arrived in good condition on the exact date of delivery and time. 

Another 3 weeks had passed, the 4 dining chairs arrived today in good condition. Paid the balance in cash to delivery man.

Real wood and marble surfaces sure have some nature marks.

Mr Calvin followed up twice in between and he replied to all my whatsapp messages. 

After reading all the good and negative feedbacks, my thoughts are that it all depends on the salesperson. If the salesperson do their job properly like ordering your item, correctly and arranging the correct delivery date, your furniture will arrive accordingly. 

I am thankful to Mr Calvin and I will keep his number for future purchases. 


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