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I believe everyone is as excited as us when getting a house we can call our own, more so when it is our first home!! We were excited(still excited) when we first got our key and was pretty lost as to how we want our new home to be. 
I think everyone here will have their first headache present when looking for ID/contractor, who to go to? Who to trust? Will i get scam? Etc.... We were having the same issue, we went around reading forum, reviews and asking friends for their recommendations.... we manage to shortlisted a few and proceed to getting a quotation. We had received 4 quotations and we decided to engage Lume interior even though they are not the cheapest we had, beside being highly recommended by a close friend who had recently got their house done by Lume Interior, another factor that got our heart is that, the ID (Lucas) is always being upfront, he explained to us the quotation in details, make us understand what we are getting and even anticipated some of the common issue we will face while getting our house reno, we feel that we can trust him, which we cannot say so with other cheaper quotes as being pointed out, theres way too many ambiguous points which may result in higher amount.... to cut short, we were glad we did choose Lume, not only we were impressed by the proposed idea and design, they do deliver! Lucas has given us a lot of feedback when choosing the details like colours, laminate, tiles, and lightings, which make the whole reno progressions pretty smooth and not landing in those situation like a horror stories that we read online!!!! (Which we are very grateful for) 
Now, we have a beautiful house we call home, our reno process with Lume has been a rush, but fulfilling one, which again we really need to thank Lume, as they carried out such efficient job and a great one, so that we managed to move in and celebrated our CNY in our new home!!!! 
Ps: we engaged Lume and reno started mid Dec 2017 and we moved in on the 8th February 2018









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Yes , it was the exact feel that we want. But is far more better than we expected. its not rustic , I would say is the design of a comfy home. Whereby a mixture and really feel home . Kind of different feel from others 


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Our Reno cost is about 35k .  We get 3 quote and this ID’s quote is the most reasonable and the finished work is above our expectation . We just let him know what we want the house to be like and da dah... our lovely dream home .


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