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On 22 June 2018 at 9:16 PM, CaseBlue said:

Hi Elise,

Did the uniarm installer say how big the GAP should be? I might have the same problem as yours since your door colour is same as mine... haha

Please also share your ID. Thanks.



Hi Casey,

Mine is about 2 CM. I heard from uniarm that not all will have this problem. Some of the people in the same project does not have issue. I Guess should be based on luck. 

My ID is Eric and Ben from Simplicity Interior. You can check out their Facebook.


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2 hours ago, blueygirls said:

Can I know the code for the tile from Harfary please? For the bathroom. I love the look of the dark tile.

May I know how the cement screeding was? I read a lot of horror stories from others that the HDB cement screeding **** cui. Did you have to pay anything for the cement screed? 

Love reading your posts, keep them coming :) Hope you'll have a relatively easy reno journey 

Hi Blueygirls,

Sorry I do not know the code for the tiles. I saw it at hafary at Eunos. You should be able to find from there.

The cement screeding is not even. I had to TOP up to self level it so that I can do my vinyl at the bedroom. I saw from my project Facebook that you can ask the hdb contractor to do it for you too at an extra cost. Maybe you can check out both the price from your ID and the hdb contractor and compare.


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On 10 August 2018 at 2:39 PM, Joanne Ng said:

Hi there. Are you able to lower your Laundry rack with the gas heater? 

Hi Joanne,

yes I am able to lower to the maximum, no issue at all.



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Hi Elise,

Nice home!

Would you kindly share the cost of renovation?

Please show more photos of the platform bed of your kid's room. Planning to do a platform bed and wish to get more ideas and know the cost as well.



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