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I hope this thread becomes the "database" where users of this site can access to know which are the IDs/contractors to stay away from. This is for IDs/contractors who cheat/ scam/ fraudulent/con, and not for bad services.

The following is my experience.

ID Gerald Tang

Company: Pure Concepts




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This type of so call ID are no real ID, unless he proven his skill but did you see how he draw?

these people have been there spoiling the design market, owner has to open up their eye by checking if they are dealing with a real ID or just someone who working in a renovation company that calling themselves ID company....? 

20 Years ago we charged designing fee, today we were forced to provide free design fee, it all caused by these scam people.

Alot of good ID already given up this Job, it is sad to see home owner simply calling their contractor as their ID because their namecard saying they were the ID, but yet design decision partly decided by owner itself and expected their ID do a good workmanship under their command. The owner is the ID or the ID is the ID :lol: 

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14 hours ago, Buns222 said:

Sorry to hijack your thread, just for sharing!






please contact me at bunsdance@gmail.com

We are aware that she has been serving her victims with legal letters as follow:

1. instalment plans to settle outstanding refund without any payment done through a law firm

2. threats of legal action on any communication on any public forums/social media on their wrong doings

3.  issuing bounce cheques/future dated TT Transfer

4. Continuously lying and empty promises to clear the debt 

5. Imcomplete works after receiving full payment

we have seeked legal advise and need all affected victims to come together to pursue legal action against them and ensure that justice is being served.


I'm sure you are equally affected by this matter emotionally and financially, do let me have your contact details and we can work together to ensure that they get what they deserve and not let others be affected/scam by them again.

I look forward from hearing from you on this.


More and more these scammer in Renovation/ ID trade, simple reason:

1. they learned from one another

2. the ID company recruit tons of new Blood every now and where, most 80% of them couldn't survived, part of them turned to be scammer like this, 20% of them retained, part of the genius continue working hard, and part of the genius also turned to be the smart scammer than this.

3. Police couldn't do anything to them and even organisation can't, the most disqualify them as a member

4. They could be suspended by HDB but yet they can "borrow" license from Back Source.

So, is better to check your ID back ground, and even their company & Bosses back ground before you signed the contract, because they can come back to you that their company policy doesn't allow this and that, and hey, is very common  :good: 


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