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Koh Xin Wei

Direct Supplier for ACMV/HVAC Diffusers/Grilles/Dampers and Accessories for Home and Commercial Building

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Chan Chuan Chang Metal Works was established in 1975, committed to the vision to manufacture good quality Air Diffusion Equipment. We manufactures a large range of equipment such as Diffusers, Grilles, Dampers and many other accessories. We are one of the leading specialist with more than 40+ years to help customize your requirement.


We are the direct supplier for Diffusers, Grilles, Dampers & other Accessories for your ACMV/HVAC works. Getting from us and and find a direct ducting contractor will greatly increase your savings. Simply go into www.ccc.com.sg to view our e-catalogue for more details.

We are specialised in Anti-Condensation Coating to solve your sweating issues. Our products are Fire-Resistant with Sweating testings and Green Label testings and comes with warranty of 3 years for the special coating. Why wait till it becomes a hazard such as people slipping down or getting complaints due to water dripping on people?

Any enquires please feel free to contact us at sales@ccc.com.sg or xins@ccc.com.sg and quote RenoTalk, or simply fax us at 64813517 or 64817736 to enquire for more information.




Exhaust Diffuser 0002.jpg



Perforated 0007.jpg


Swirl Diffuser 06.jpg

BAR GRILLE 0001.jpg


EGG CRATE 0003.jpg

LOUVRE 0002.jpg





Pressure Relief Damper 0004.jpg





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Everything looks pretty interesting and I am wondering if you organize exhibitions because I would be very interested to visit it. My father was importing in our country led products from China and it was going pretty well. But now I want to do the same but with another products, because A/C products are more active on the market than leds. So I will be glad to visit China, otherwise I will send one of my workers that finished https://www.hvacschools411.com/hvac-careers/wind-turbine-technician/, so he will check everything there and make a shoplist.


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Looks nice, thanks for information. I will return back to it. Indeed, nowadays internet sales are very popular and it is convenient to sell your goods. But really, I agree with the DrMcLeanAnn that it is better to participate in some exhibitions and sell your products in a store, so people could come and see everything by themselves, so they make more purchases. When I decided to become an HVAC technician I didn't know hoe many tools and equipment would I need. At first I bought all in order to have everything, and only now I understand what do I really need.


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