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I just started my small reno work on the replacing the flooring. It was a tough between parquet, laminate and vinyl tile. At last, after talking to several vendors. Decided on vinyl tile as it is cheap and good for old folks and kids if they like crawling. Will start another topic on this journey after I have finished the work.  

Today, I just wanna share a great experience I have with this vendor while preparing for my reno work. Used them a while back to store personal items as they were cheap, charge me $48/mth for 12 carton boxes of items and that was 2 years back(have never increase my rent and heard from friends who paid more after initial promo)

So, in order to do the reno, we have to remove lots of furniture to be stored away. After making several comparison. we decided to engage them as they saved me lots of trouble with coordinating between mover and those self storage and I am also not sure the size to book. I send them photos and they came back with a quote and guarantee me that price quoted will accommodate all the items stated. I have heard stories from friends who got a cheap quote from self storage and when they engage mover to move, the mover did not stack high during moving and already wrapped everything so they have to pay twice as much as the space quoted by the self storage could not accommodate the items.

I told them to do a good job and will help pass words and am currently fulfilling my promise. I was pretty impressed, we ordered empty boxes and tapes for packing and after that they helped me to dismantle my bed frame and use cardboard to wrap my fridge and washing machine and it was really hasslefree for me, the manager Wendy was on site to help with inventory documentation and sign all the contracts. In fact. the price was lower than quoted as we decided to give away some furniture and they reduced the price accordingly. I do not even need to travel down as they did almost everything like inventory, dismantling, move and stack everything nicely for me into the storage. The other great thing is if I need any boxes to be retrieve during this period, I can let them know and they will helped me retrieve it out or deliver back so I do not need to unstack, that will be very helpful for ladies like myself and old people. Let me attached some photos here. Thumbs up to them

I liaise with Eddy from PayU Storage and here is his info WhatsApp https://wa.me/6597563849 and their website herehttps://------.blogspot.sg They have some great tips on how to pack safely for moving inside too.

Cheap warehouse space for rent singapore6.jpg

Cheap warehouse space for rent singapore5.jpg

Cheap warehouse space for rent singapore4.jpg

Cheap warehouse space for rent singapore3.jpg

Cheap warehouse space for rent singapore2.jpg

Cheap warehouse space for rent singapore1.jpg


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