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  1. Due to upgrade, we are selling these dining chairs may below cost.

    Price is for all 6 items. Black PU leather with chrome legs and well padded comfortable seating. Do look at the photos, there are scratches as we have cats in the house. We will include beige color fabric chair covers customised for this chair.

    Photo only show one of the 6 chairs.

    We bought each chair at $90. Now selling all 6 for $90!

    Please arrange own transport. Prefer to sell all 6 as a set. However, if you need less than that, please email.




  2. Hi,

    I have the following ceiling lights sets available for sale. They come in a set.

    I bought them for my house and find them unsuitable with my overall look-and-feel.

    Please feel free to take a look at the photos and PM for details.

    1. Comes in a set of 3. 25 cm diameter for each globe. White inner sphere with clear sphere outside. Uses E27 bulbs, can get from IKEA



    Selling at $250 $180

    2. Comes in a set of 3 as per photo. Nice as seen in some restaurants.




    Selling at $200 $150

    For installation, you can either get an electrician to install or DIY. Self- collect them at my place, still packed in boxes and styrofoam protection.

    You can look around local lighting retailers and the price is way much higher than what I am selling here. This is because I got it from overseas. Quality wise is good as I bought and use other lighting products.

    Feel free to ask questions or PM me your best offer!

    Thanks for viewing

  3. Hi Renotalkers,

    Anyone can share your experience with ID named Kevin Yap from Ideal House?

    I sent an inquiry and he is the one who replied back with the quotation to me.

    Is he a good ID? how is his attitude and design?

    Thanks in advance for sharing.

    Hi there, Kevin did my entire flat last year. He is responsible, responsive and coordinates well with the entire reno process. And my requirements were not very easy either to them. Please view my t-blog for photos. Hope you have a great time during your reno!

  4. this is an interesting thread. i'm also looking for those sun-roof kinda wood structure (beams). planning to just find some shop that can cut and varnish the wood for me...

    I know Ban Heng Leong sells wood ranging from plywood to teak. pretty affordable but i dont think they can varnish it for me. anybody tried before?

  5. hi. hommage offers good and reasonable furniture price. Eric is very friendly and always able to meet ur needs. You choose from his wide variety of catalog. Quality wise, same as those u find in popular shops. U can have designer looking furniture but lower prices. Drawback is that your order can take a couple of weeks.. but its worth waiting! good luck

    u can check out my pics in t-blog for some things we ordered from him.

  6. Hi all,

    I'm selling this elliptical cross trainer due to space constraint and under usage. Elliptical cross trainers are much better than treadmill. Good for cardio workout at the comfort of your home.

    Bought about 2 years back for $900+.

    Now selling at $650, cash and carry. Price is negotiable.

    May not able to fit in a car.

    If you need delivery, I can arrange for delivery at additional costs.

    Condition is still new.

    Pictures below (folded position) and more info you can read here: http://www.aibifitness.com/consumer/products/consumer_elliptical_cross_trainer/ab_e350p



  7. hi. collected yesterday and successfully installed this afternoon... takes 2 person though.. one to hold and arm when fixing. haha

    marble block ultra heavy and easily chipped off.. so take precaution.

    One bad thing happened, when switched with the supplied light bulb blows when I on and adjust the dimmer.. very disappointed now had to use normal bulb. Anyone knows where to get similar bulb?

  8. ok ok...

    waiting for your update about this washer cum dryer...

    thanks ya

    hi, im using this LG washer dryer combi. Bought at Mega Novena Branch. About the same price u got back in Jan. So far so good... no problems so far. The dryer can only take half load. I guess the higher the load intake the more electricity it will use also. Samsung one was slightly more expensive cos they have freebies so cant reduce price. I think Mega offers all year low price for fridge and washer.