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  3. Brand new and still wrapped in plastic. Retails at $900, Xmas price at $800, my selling price at $700. Details: https://www.arenaliving.sg/collections/outdoor-dining-for-4/products/palm-4-chair-dining-set-white-cushion
  4. jem

    Our Modern Abode

    Hall cabinets almost done!
  5. Hi Got a quotation from them through facebook and the quotation was the cheapest of all that i gotten hold of. Cant find reviews of them on anywhere other than their own facebook. Anyone has any review of them? Think that their facebook has a good experience with this person called Subas. Personally tried to message him a few times and was also quite responsive at night. Anyone to advise?
  6. Nicholas C

    Meridian Curtains - To Avoid

    Beware - Do not hire Meridian Curtains! Overcharging and terrible customer service!I hired Meridian, which was appointed by the developer as my condo’s official curtain contractor, to install indoor block-out roller blinds and outdoor balcony blinds for my unit, and had a very bad experience.Overcharging on Materials:Desmond from Meridian gave me a quotation. He kept saying it was a “good price” and “very good price”. He also said that as Meridian was the developer’s official contractor, only it could offer the “best price”. In addition, Desmond said that the developer appointed Meridian to be the official contractor due to its integrity and good service provided by the company. Based on this, I hired Meridian. But this proved to be a mistake.I transacted in good faith and paid the deposit and balance payment promptly. However, I was shocked when I later found out that Meridian overcharged me. Desmond charged $6.00 psf for the indoor block-out roller blinds and $10.00 psf for the outdoor balcony blinds, which became $6.42 psf and $10.70 psf after adding GST.In contrast, I discovered that other large and reputable curtain companies charged far less for similar quality products. For example, The Curtain Expert charges $5.00 psf for indoor block-out roller blinds and $10.00 psf for outdoor balcony blinds, with the GST amount already built in.This means Meridian overcharged by 28.4% ($6.42 vs $5.00) for the indoor block-out roller blinds and 7.0% ($10.70 vs $10.00) for the outdoor balcony blinds!Desmond refused to provide a refund of the overcharged amount. Terrible Customer Service:I asked Desmond for the cost breakdown between the indoor blinds and the outdoor blinds. He told me that the cost of the indoor blinds was $500 and the cost of the outdoor blinds was $800 (before GST). Based on the info he provided, the implied area for the indoor blinds was 83.33 sf ($500/$6 psf), and the implied area for the outdoor blinds was 80.00 sf ($800/$10 psf).I was wondering why the area of the indoor blinds was larger than the outdoor blinds, as the outdoor blinds looked larger. As such, I went to measure the indoor blinds, and found that the area was significantly less than 83.33 sf. It seemed that I had been overcharged on the area of the indoor blinds.I sent my measurements to Desmond and asked him to send a worker to verify the measurements. He immediately became hostile. He demanded that as a condition of verifying the measurement, I had to agree that if the reverse was the case – that if there was any undercharging – I had to pay him the difference.What kind of customer service is this? I made a reasonable request for the verification of the measurement, yet Desmond became hostile and imposed an absurd condition. Since when does the customer pay extra if the business undercharges? I have never heard of such a thing before.Desmond then suddenly said that cost of the indoor blinds was $432, instead of $500. Based on this new number, I calculated that the area was correct.It was Desmond’s own error of providing the wrong figure that led to the impression that I was overcharged by area. Yet he became hostile and demanded an absurd condition just to do a simple verification of the measurement.Absolutely terrible customer service! Please do not make the same mistake I did. Source for quotations from other curtain companies.
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  8. petetherock

    Low water pressure problem

    You may need a storage heater or a pressure booster.
  9. HI my kitchen is about 3.2 * 2.5m not including the service yard
  10. I like the idea of the space below the cabinets. Functional to put shoes below.
  11. russellnoah52

    New to the Workforce

    Yes, I have also gone through the same experience.😊
  12. Hi I just bought a hdb resale maisonette and feel that the 2nd storey water pressure is quite weak. Im using instant heater with normal showerhead. Do you guys got any ways to improve water pressure? Not looking to have a strong and powerful flow, but come on... at least decent to have a normal shower?? Watch on youtube some people open the showerhead and make the hole inside to be big abit... anyone tried it out before?
  13. vikasgupta


    LED stripe lights always need driver/adapter. Because LED stripe lights need low voltage electricity. So, it changes the high voltage to low voltage which makes LED stripe lights easier to glow.
  14. Hi,i know a contractor we do commercial projects,if you want then can pm me
  15. With the development of wood-plastic industry, people gradually realize that using waste plastic as the raw material in wood and plastic industry is an effective way to solve the recycling of waste plastics. Wood-plastic composites have a variety of mechanical properties better than wood and plastics, wood plastic products have better dimensional stability, low water absorption, will not produce warping, cracking and other phenomena like wood. Because the substrate added in wood plastic products is thermoplastic, so in the corrosion resistance and acid and alkaline and other aspects have incomparable advantages, its service life is also relatively long. Recycled waste wood-plastic composite products can also be used as new fillers in the addition of new wood plastic products, its performance will not change much. Wood powder used in wood plastic products is often the wood preparation process produced by the scraps of wood chips, sawdust and some plant fibre substances such as peanut shells, coconut shells, sugar cane, linen, jute, cannabis, etc., in the raw materials problem wood plastic composites need the price of fibre is much lower than the price of wood raw materials. For plastics, due to the addition of wood powder, its mechanical properties have been greatly improved, such as wear-resistant relative to plastic on the average increase of about 35%, at the same time wood plastic composite products also have plastic easy to process and other characteristics, but wood-plastic materials also have their own limitations and problems. 1) The problem of interface compatibility Interface compatibility has always been the primary hotspot in the research of wood-plastic composites. The wood powder is composed of cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose, extract and other parts, these components contain a large number of hydroxyl groups, resulting in strong surface polarity of wood powder, greater water absorption. For plastics, the current wood-plastic products market commonly used thermoplastic pe, pp, polystyrene (PS), PVC, these four commonly used plastics in addition to PVC are non-polar, even if the polarity of PVC is weaker than wood powder. This results in a very poor interface compatibility between wood powder and these thermoplastics. To change the interfacial compatibility of wood powder and plastics, the raw materials should first be pretreated-drying wood powder and plastic to reduce the proportion of water residues in composites. Secondly, it is to modify the treatment, the general modification method has two kinds of physical modification and chemical modification. The physical modification includes physical processing, alkaline treatment, discharge treatment, etc., the principle of physical modification is to reduce the hydroxyl ratio of wood powder surface, reduce the polarity of wood powder surface, chemical modification methods include coupling agent treatment, compatibility agent treatment, grafting modification and so on. At present, the most widely used coupling agent on the market is maleic anhydride grafted polymer copolymer, maleic anhydride grafted polymer copolymer can not only react with the plastic activity, but also with the hydroxyl chemical reaction on the surface of wood powder to form a covalent bond, reduce the polarity of the surface of wood powder. Coupling agent has played a good role in improving the interfacial compatibility of wood-plastic composites, and the wood powder and plastic can be combined organically to improve the mechanical properties of wood-plastic composite products. Nevertheless, the mechanical properties of wood-plastic composite products in some aspects from the structure of the material there is still a big gap. 2) Economic benefit problems Wood plastic composite Products in addition to the necessary ingredients wood powder and plastic, but also need some additives, such as processing modifiers, colourants, plasticizers, compatibility agents, coupling agents, foaming agents and so on. This takes into account the issue of cost and performance balance. Reducing the proportion of thermoplastics and increasing the amount of wood powder in composites can reduce costs, but it may also lead to reduced performance. Therefore, the process should be diversified to improve the formulation, to achieve maximum performance and efficiency. 3) Classification and source problems of raw materials The plastic currently recycled on the market is basically a mixture, which will make it difficult to reuse waste plastics. Therefore, in the recycling of plastics to broaden the type of plastic recycling, refinement of plastic varieties. For fibre, some manufacturers now use seasonal characteristics of straw, cotton poles, rice husk, etc., which should consider the storage of raw materials. Although these materials are much cheaper than wood fibres, there are many problems with storage. 4) Density issues The density of wood-plastic composite products is generally twice times the density of wood products, the corresponding production costs of wood plastic products will also be increased. Now the general way to reduce the density of wood-plastic composites is microporous foaming technology. The main moulding methods of microporous foamed wood-plastic composites are continuous extrusion moulding and injection moulding. The application of foaming technology not only solves the problem of large density of wood-plastic composite products but also prevents crack amplification because of the passivation crack tip of the bubble hole structure, thus improving the mechanical properties of the material. 5) Production equipment and processing technology At present, the methods of producing wood plastic products on the market are extrusion moulding method, pressing moulding method and injection moulding method. However, the equipment used or the general production equipment for the continuation of plastics, or the general production equipment for the continuation of wood, has resulted in many restrictions on the processing and performance of wood-plastic materials. In recent years, many wood-plastic manufacturers have carried out equipment improvement, or custom foreign specializing in the production of wood plastic equipment. For the processing process, the addition of wood powder will reduce the fluidity of raw materials, processing process is blocked, so generally add lubricants and processing modifiers to reduce the friction of the mixture, improve the fluidity of the meat mixture, reduce the damage to the equipment. As a new green environmental protection material, wood-plastic composites can be used in almost all fields of wood products application, which provides a broad market space for wood-plastic composites. And most of the raw materials of wood-plastic composites use waste recycled plastics, waste wood powder, which also provides an economical solution for white pollution in China. But wood-plastic composites still have a lot of problems to explore and solve. Wood-plastic composites themselves have good mechanical properties and considerable social and economic benefits will become a very promising material.
  16. Hi Hanna, can contact the kitchen top supplier, is a direct factory price. 67107168 Stone Amperor
  17. Hi, may know what is the tiles size?
  18. Hi, can share more regarding countertop supplier?

    Ceiling help needed

    Hi, I came across your post. You can call Ken from Ken Leong Renovation Contract to inquiry.
  20. Now a day aluminium better than wood cabinet.... But how about Nyatoh wood cabinet?
  21. Dont Know choose quartz or granite better for my new flat kitchen top??
  22. Hi Hanna, great looking house. I'm getting my keys next month. Do you mind giving me the pakcik's contact? mdhairul @ gmail . com
  23. Hi, can you share with me your contractor's contact details? His work looks nice.
  24. Hi,i know one person who is a builder and construction company,if you need the contact then pm me
  25. Hi,i know one person doing Landed & Commercial,they are builder and construction,if you need can pm me
  26. Hi,i have a contractor doing pool,if you want can message me,i will pass you his contact
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