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  3. Thanks for reading. Most of my thoughts are already in what I wrote for the 1 year retrospective posts. Things like wishing my oven was standing height instead of squatting height, wishing I did something about the wooden skirting around my living room etc etc. Here are some tips I'll give to newcomers: - Remember to always plan ahead. This is very important. - Do post any questions you have while renovating, especially in Mmo's 2-roomer thread. It was her good advice that saved me a future headache if I had done Box-up in the bathroom. - If this is your first time doing Renovation, it is better to get an ID instead of Contractor. Instead of needing to liase with multiple people, you only need to liase with the ID to coordinate everything. - If you can do a 3D planning using the Planner 5D software, i highly recommend to do so. Having this 3D Plan doesn't mean your ID gets an easier job, it means he/she is very clear on what is the direction you want in your renovation so there aren't any misunderstandings. (Its also very convenient to show this when you look for your prospective ID) - When you first sit down and talk with your prospective ID, watch out closely for warning flags such as ID forgot the time and date, ID seems very busy attend to other things while talking with you, etc etc. Be especially careful if an ID is a "Yes Man", everything also "Yes". I can't really explain it, but you need to have a "connection" with the ID. - For renovation budget, everyone have their own comfortable zone. For me, I personally feel that my quoted $25k is a max limit for a 2roomer. Anything more, I feel it may be too much. Your mileage may vary of course. Also, always add an additional budget of $5k to your quoted renovation. - Renovation is a very draining and mentally stressful process, especially for 1st timer. You really need to learn how to calm down and assess situation calmly and objectively when things go wrong. My way of calming down was writing the blog lol. Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride. You will feel you have grown as a person after you have completed your renovation.
  4. @ryanyth, thank you for very comprehensive blogging of your renovation process. Since you had completed you renovation and have been living there for sometime, looking back what would you have done differently. Please share with us tips of "do's and don'ts" for our future renovation. I think a lot of new comers here would really appreciate.
  5. Hi there, awesome design for your house. Don't mind sharing the details via PM. Greatly Appreciated
  6. Kopar at Newton Condo is a brand new development that abounded by Kampong Java Road, Newton Circus and Bukit Timah Road, district 9 Singapore. The land site was bought successfully by CEL Development. Kopar at Newton location is within an established private residential enclave and it enjoys easy connectivity to the Newton MRT and major roads like the Dunearn Road and CTE. Kopar at Newton schools near Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) and Etonhouse Pre-School (Newton) are located nearby. Kopar at Newton amenities such as Newton Food Centre. Shopping malls such as Velocity@Novena Square, United Square, and ION Orchard are a short MRT ride away. If you keen in Kopar at Newton showflat please contact Kopar at Newton enquiry hotline at 6100 6150. You may take a look at my Kopar at Newton review and download Kopar at Newton site plan, Kopar at Newton floor plan and view Kopar at Newton gallery
  7. Pasir Ris Central Residences Condo is mixed-use development permissible gross floor area is 95,010 sqm, with a proposed gross plot ratio of 2.5. Pasir Ris Condo is the latest development in Pasir Ris Central, District 18 by Allgreen Properties. It is a 99-year leasehold development which has been launched for sale of the Government Land Sales confirmed list. Pasir Ris Central Residences location in the East Region, District 18, Singapore. It is bordered by Tampines and Paya Lebar to the south, Sengkang to the southwest and Changi to the east. The development spans across a land area of 3.8-ha and is located next to Pasir Ris MRT, Tampines North MRT, and Pasir Ris East MRT Station. Pasir Ris Central Residences schools near international schools also concentrated close Pasir Ris Central Condo. Some remarkable names mentioned as Pasir Ris Central Educational Centers, LEAP SchoolHouse, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School, Pasir Ris Primary School, Hai Sing Catholic School, and Meridian Secondary School. Pasir Ris Central Residences amenities such as NTUC Downtown East, Elias Mall, White Sands Mall, eating outlets and educational institutions. Pasir Ris Central Residences is about 2 mins walk from doorstep to White Sands shopping mall and Pasir Ris bus interchange. Downtown East and E!hub at Downtown East, as well as Pasir Ris Park and the beach, is just a short drive away for family fun and gatherings. If you keen in Pasir Ris Central Residences showflat please contact Pasir Ris Central Residences enquiry hotline at 6100 6150. You may take a look at my Pasir Ris Central Residences review and download Pasir Ris Central Residences site plan, Pasir Ris Central Residences floor plan and view Pasir Ris Central Residences gallery
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  9. I really need to review this company very badly so people wont fall into the same situation as me. Engaged them to do mild steel frame with glass panel . 1) Person who went to measure the site did not take down requirement properly and did the wrong thing the more than 3 three times in a row. 2) Too much defects on the products . Scratches , dents , metal not in alignment , bubbles on surface . Its too much to even name. It was obvious defects ! Totally unacceptable kind. 3) Boss always late in response, irresponsible & likes to flip his words . 4) Takes very long to rectify issues . 5) Kept chasing for payment when things are not done properly. Overall its a NIGHTMARE .. SERIOUSLLY . I wanted them to refund for the product but they refused. Found them through facebook , seeing that they did alot of projects and many portfolios , we engaged them no doubt the fact that they have so many bad reviews on google because the bad reviews were from years ago .. so thought after long time , their workmanship may have improved .. but proved myself wrong . Was regretful .. but nothing i could do since deposit already paid. So just warning whoever that may want to try their service to reconsider in case you end up like me.
  10. @mytinybtoHello! My new flat did not complete ahead of time but right on the dot. From the very start hdb state my new flat will be expected to complete in Q4 2019. And indeed I was notified to collect keys in December. But I did hear of projects completing ahead. And I was initially hopeful that I can collect keys in June/July but that never happened😅
  11. Very nice. I like that your cooktop is right next to the sink. For people who cook, this is perfect. 😁 Also, if you get your measurements right, you can also make like my customized mini dining table. Shouldn't be an issue. I notice they put wardrobe in your bedroom. If you don't mind a little bit of stuffiness, i highly recommend do walk-in wardrobe in Bomb Shelter which will free up alot of space in your bedroom.
  12. Hi Sqpk Thanks for reading this thread The bed frame is from Ideal Home Furnishing
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  14. Hi! Can I check with you is Dec/Jan the "official" expected date given by HDB? I've heard that usually the BTO will be completed about 6 months ahead of the date given by HDB, not sure if that's true?
  15. Mine looks like this (Type 1 too). One side should be for fridge and washing machine. Countertop, cooktop and sink on the opposite side. I thought of making it L-shape or even U-shape to maximise the space.
  16. I would like to take some time to comment for my ID, Melvyn Tan from Interior TImes. Previously for my old unit, I do up my house renovation by engaging contractor and totally regretted it and thus this time round decided to try engaging ID to have my house renovated. Knowing nothing much about renovation, my wife decided to look around via FB and came across few ID firms. After shortlisting afew of them, we contacted around 5 firms and met up with the respective IDs and Melvyn is one of them. To keep things simple and short, me and my wife have some ideas in mind and we shared same details to all the IDs that we have met. Out of the 5 IDs, 3 of them just followed what we wanted and do up quotes for it. Melvyn and the other ID are the ones that actually tried to ask more and gave us advise and alternatives. But to me and my wife, Melvyn is much more professional because he actually spent time asking whats our future plans, suggested what can/should be done and what can be done at later stage. We did tell all the IDs of the budget that we have in mind but only Melvyn and the other ID actually spend time to really understand the requirements. The other 3 of them did not meet up with other requirements(2 of them actually quoted lower than our budget) After much meetups/chats/discussions, we decided to engage Melvyn. 1stly, the company is casetrust accredited. The compnay also provides longer warranty than the other one. Another thing is, Melvyn is much more detailed and transparent in terms of the quote because there are items insde the quote which he finds it necessary to do and indicated inside. I find that its very important because I am sure that no owners would want to have 'surprises' like need to top up these and that, which are supposed to be included initially. He did mention to us that there are items which we might want to do and that might incurr cost but he did not include in the quote becasue its not a must to do. The renovation took about 1 and half mths as per communicated and I have to say that it went pretty smoothly. During the reno, he sent updates via grpchat that he has created, update us in terms of what will be done, when to meetup to select laminates etc. Me and my wife went up to our house whenever we are free and when we spot certain things that we feel that its not done well, he will check and update us. He will take time to explain why certain things are done in certain ways and he will get things fixed as long as its really a problem. Sometimes we will msg him during late hours and hes very nice and will reply us. Sorry to be talking so much. What I feel is, we as owners, should give good recommendations when someone has do good. Nowadays in this society, ppl always take time to speak of bad things but when ppl do good, we tend to take things for granted. I am very happy with my renovation and I will certainly refer Melvyn to my family/friends and anyone who ask me about renovation. Thumbs up to Melvyn!
  17. https://jump.wikifx.com/83348CF26389B46D A positive outlook that the conservative party will likely win the majority in next week’s election has propped up the pound sterling in a longest surge since this June. Yet according to indicators reflecting investors’ preference and positions, option traders’ expectation for a bearish pound reached its highest in the past 8 months. Professional traders are weighing between 2 factors: confidence about PM Boris Johnson’ victory and doubt about the opinion poll’s outcome. History shows that public opinion polls have failed to forecast the result of Brexit vote and the conservatives’ lost of majority of seats in the 2017 election. Compared with the Labour party that promises about nationalization scheme and economic reform, investors that long the GDP prefer the Conservatives to win and push forward the Brexit negotiation, as well as carry out market-friendly policies. As the election voting day draws near, investors are using the relatively cheaper USD call option to hedge off the risks. The skyrocketed pound hedging cost reflects people’s concern about the election outcome has persisted. For traders, the hedging cost in the upcoming 2 weeks is 25% higher than that 2 weeks before the election in June, 2017. The pound is surging so fast that MTM index suggests the currency is overbought. GBP/USD daily pivot points: 1.3133---1.3149 S1: 1.3118 R1: 1.3180 S2: 1.3079 R2: 1.3203
  18. Hello! Thank you for the informative sharing! I am also keen to do without an ID, and work directly with a contractor. Can any kind soul here please PM me with Alvin Aw's mobile number pls? Thank you!!!
  19. Require Financial Assistance Please Whatsapp/Call To Enquire!!! +6585421902 Fast Contact Whatsapp: https://wa.me/6585421902 Singaporean, PR and Work Permit Holder All Welcome Easy to Apply With 20 min
  20. Require Financial Assistance Please Whatsapp/Call To Enquire!!! +6585421902 Fast Contact Whatsapp: https://wa.me/6585421902 Singaporean, PR and Work Permit Holder All Welcome Easy to Apply With 20 min
  21. Items purchased during SALES! Hello Peeps, so sorry there is no update of my blog since Aug. I'm still waiting for HDB to notify me for the Key Collection (1st Qtr of 2020). So I decided to side track a bit and share some of the things I bought online during the recent sales. HAHA! Digital Door Lock – bought it on 27/08/2019. Bought this digital door lock bundled from Lazada and the bundled consist of a Metal Gate lock (YDR50G) and Push and Pull Door lock (YMI70). The bundle also come with 2 free gifts - YSFT 25ET Safe ($159) + Smoke Detector ($73.9) but the down side of this free gift is that you need to redeem it personally at Kaki Bukit TechPark, within 2 months from the purchase date. During the 11.11 – I have bought the following items and I think I save quite a fair bit during the sales. Frap Rainfall shower set at $87.0. Frap Bathroom & Kitchen Tap at $36.70 and $27.90 respectively. Dibea F20 Max Vacuum Cleaner at $188.0 Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron at $194.0 Philips Essential Ceiling light (Moire 16W) at $27.93 each Philips Water Purifier at $187.11 Yeelight Crystal Sensory Mini Ceiling light at $25.90 Yale Digital Door Viewer at $131.33 Hanging Light for Dining area at $104.50 During Black Friday Sales –I bought my rice cooker and Stand Mixer, I think I manage to grab a good deal for the Stand Mixer. Happy with my purchase. 😄 Zojirushi - 1.0L NS-TSQ10 rice cooker at $188.0. KitchenAid - 4.8L Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer (Apple Green) at $549.0 The next upcoming sales will be the 12.12, wonder if I can grab any good deals. Will update this page if I purchase anything.😁 Back to Content Page
  22. Thanks @ryanyth LOL, no update of my blog since Aug, coz still no news of the key collection. Haiz. 💤 I also hope that my renovation will be a smooth sailing one. Cross fingers 🤞, pray hard 🙏
  23. aiyo, everyone looking for thread starter who hasn't logged on to here since march 2017.
  24. @daztan89Hello, neighbour! Me at Blk 103, I think mine is the last block for building completion and key release. Finished reno means you can move in before LNY, Congrats! I will only start to reno after LNY, no point rushing now. Getting my keys this month.
  25. I am looking for a builder for my new house construction, your price for building works looks very good. Can you pm me your builders contact? Thx
  26. I am looking for a builder for my new house construction, your price for building works looks very good. Can you pm me your builders contact? Thx
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