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  2. Do you want to make the best room designs? Here are the best and simple cool ideas for all... Do check the 1st Image of Bedroom Designs. It's quite simple, but finishing touch looks amazing. The glow of it looks stunning. The blank places above the bed wall can be filled with your own creative ideas as Painting, putting up Wall photo frames, Show piece stands and many more... The 2nd picture you can customize your bed room design according to your room design ideas. This way you can out Television set or can put a theater projector to watch or stream your favorite movies. You can personalize the wood floor according to the color of the room. If it's dark paint then floor to be light color and if it's light wall color then dark floor color.
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  4. Hi, Does anyone know whether I can use my phone nfc to unlock those digital lock that supports rfid tag? Wanted a lock that does not need wifi and can still unlock with my phone. Any model to recommend?
  5. Just to add on - there is still a risk of getting the subcon to do the work even when the main contractor has handed back the site. Typically houses has a Maintenance Period (like a warranty period) of 1 year. The issue with doing more work with your own subcons will result in a possible situation where the main con insists that the defects are caused by your additional work, rather than surfacing now because of some other underlying problem. Example, you install a new canopy and hairline cracks appear on the wall in a month. Likely it was due to bad plastering/painting by the main-contractor due to the time frame, but the main con (if he is irresponsible) could argue that it was caused during the installation of the canopy. Not a happy situation for all parties.
  6. First step would be to determine whether the grass patch is within your boundary. You can visit the SLA one map website (www.onemap.sg) to see the land lot sizes in that area and compare the house with the neighbours. If the land lot size of the house and the neighbours who have extended are the same, than it might be already part of existing house. If their lot is bigger and there is a separate land lot for where the grass patch behind is, than likely it is not part of the existing house. It may be considered as remnant state land (check the ownership at onemap too) and it may be possible to parcel out the portion directly abutting the land you are looking to purchase. To confirm whether it can be done, you will need to write in to SLA to check whether they can allow the purchase. They have many considerations - whether they are saving it for future drainage development etc. As for whether it is feasible to build a basement, there are many considerations which can affect the cost: 1) Sewer Lines - whether there are any sewer pipes running through the land. If there is, it will affect the extent of the basement that can be built. As what Snozee has said above, you can purchase the SIP and DIP (Sewerage Interpretation Plan/Drainage Interpretation Plan) from PUB to find out. It costs only $14 each, so definitely worth it to purchase before bidding for a house that can cost millions. The depth of the sewer also (how far down it is below the ground) will also affect how near the basement can be built to it if you really want to have the maximum basement size. The deeper the pipe, the more distance the basement has to be away from the sewer. 2) Land Profile - If there is a steep sloping land profile, for example the land at the rear is higher than the front, It will be considered as 1st storey at the front but instead considered as the basement at the rear. It is a bit complicated to explain through words but the general idea is that the cost of construction, definition and therefore extent of whether it is a basement/1st storey depends on the land profile. 3) Area at which the house is located. Certain areas in Singapore (Example east coast area) are naturally below the PUB stipulated "anti-flood" level of 4m above the mean sea level. As such during any reconstruction, the 1st storey will have to be raised to the minimum height. As in the process of doing this raising of the first storey, you get a "free basement", which the construction cost is much cheaper than a standard "dig to achieve" basement. You can see the tanjong katong area houses (Branksome Road, Bournmouth Road etc) to understand what is meant by an elevated 1st storey and "free basement". To cover up the drains at the front of the house - yes can be done but you will need to get PUB's approval and the costs will be paid by yourself. It will not be as simple as "covering it up". In the process of covering it up, you will be required to make good any defects (cracks, insufficient gradient, sunken spots where water is ponding etc). You will also need to pay for the structural/civil engineer's services to design/check the drain before doing any work. It is not cheap so yes, only recommend to do so if you really dislike the open drain or if it is necessary while enlarging the culvert/drive way etc. Each land often has its own unique site condition, so actually the best route would be to get a professional (experienced contractor or an architect) to advice you on the feasibility/limitations of developing the land before putting up an offer. Hope all the above helps!
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  9. Could recommend a carpenter that could design for 2 bedrooms? How much is the price range for per feet run for carpentry work?
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  11. Try Lazada get a sturdy one, six steps at least..
  12. oh it's sold out. I will be looking for alternatives.
  13. If for delivery and price the best is still from those in aliexpress or tabao, very few local shops do delivery from what i know, also when buying check the maximum load
  14. You are very right about the green wool because i used it once on my tile tile and i noticed the green wool starts to stick to my tiles and my tiles became green, learnt that the the hard way 😐
  15. Hi, I currently I am using a combi door using keys. I would like to change into a digital lock. Anyone know if I Into a digital lock to my combi door? Anyone know which shop that can fix digital lock to a combi door? Please assist. My combi door is still in a great shape. I do not want to change the door just to use a digital lock. I have attached 2 photos of my lock on the combi door. Thanks in advance.
  16. Yes this is something extremely important to take note, hence why HDB does not allow overlaying of tiles
  17. Why the sudden love with click vinyl? Any particular reason for this?
  18. Where is it you want to sound proof? Your walls or your ceiling like TS?
  19. Im looking for those good sturdy aluminium step ladder for home use. Any recommendation and what should I look out for? Preferably one with delivery services. Thanks!
  20. Very true in the past i had coloured grouts and they seem to get dirty fast and sometimes the simple white grouts are just the best in my opinion
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  23. Online there's so many good direct contractors. Rather than asking for recommendations which many are self advertising, do your own research. For vinyl, there's evorich which is good carpentry there's heng lai furniture, Mr Carpenter painting there's LHC Coatings some which are the contractors I have used, which can be found on FB. my recommendation, do some research and meet up with the ones you prefer and get the one you are comfortable in. knowledge is the best key to help you save money I feel and rmb direct contractors rarely involve themselves in more than 2 professions. As I believe every direct contractor have their own expertise. Don't have to use those that I have shared. but at least do some research and make a sensible decision for yourself.
  24. guys, there's so many direct contractors nowadays. for every part of renovation for your place. why do u guys even wan to go thru IDs, not all but most know nuts about renovation? and what I meant by direct contractors are the ones that individually do carpentry, toilet works etc. not those uncle contractor that will do everything. come on this is a internet era, and so many such contractors can be found. from a home owner disgusted with ID
  25. Nice advertisement. From carpentry to plumbing, there so many direct contractors now. why do u need an ID. Some don't even know the difference between the different paint types, material etc
  26. well bro, I am sure they have certain online presence or minimally a FB. else I will recommend you to skip. So many direct contractors these days online, FB u can search for.
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