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  2. what is alvin number to contact to?
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  4. Hi, Something is wrong with my messager so I can't pm you but I'll just tell you my ID here. Hope it doesn't get delected like the last time. My ID is SK ( 97655820 ) and his company is CARBON INTERIOR. You can visit the facebook page and look at his past project and feel free to call him to meet up. I'm sure he will be able to help you like he helped me before. I'm just doing my little bit to recommend and support him whenever friends need someone to design their new homes.
  5. Hi guys, sorry do let me know your email here or pm me directly. Have been away for ages, so if you really need the contractor details and cannot wait can drop me an email at wendy81@gmail.com Cheers!
  6. russellnoah52

    Furniture at JB

    I have not heard the name of it, where is this shop belongs to? Usually, I prefer to buy from a well-known brand or showroom.
  7. Tiler Seng

    Direct Tiler Service

    Recent customer told me that they are interested in engaging me instead, they have looked for another two contractor in Renotalk as well, but the wife noticed they are not HDB licensed contractor. Yes, it is very important to buy insurance especially that you are about to pay a huge sum for Renovation. Here we are, we have: 1) HDB licensed (HD-02-3352B) I would like to say, we did not ever get a Demerit point from HDB yet for this licensed that we hold for 20 Years. 2) Casetrust accredited Renovation contractor, member of RCMA- we are a few of the reno company that recognised by Casetrust. 3) Bizsafe certified- Safety is our priority. 4) a group of Reno ID that has 20 Years of field experience waiting you to hire and we are very friendly….. No need to go around the world to look for ID contractor, just chat with Designer House for a piece of mind We can be contacted 24-7 but avoid 12am to 9am (we need to rest too )
  8. malnpcdo

    Types Of Kitchen Sinks

    I always prefer stainless steel kitchen sink for renovation every kitchen, restaurant, bar, and hotel. Currently various types of stainless steel kitchen sink popular in the world. The main reason for popularity is its functionality. You will can see online or your nearest sanatory store. Thanks for reply.
  9. The Antares condo is strategically in Singapore District 14 with minutes’ walk to the Mattar MRT Station. This brand residential development with 99-year leasehold tenure is sitting on a land size of 6,230 sqm, with about 250 units from 1 to 4 bedroom units equipped with quality finishes. This property also provides full facilities, including a fully equipped fitness gym, lap pool, kids playground, sun deck, clubhouse and BBQ area. Register your interest now to view the showflat, get latest information like launch date, e-brochure, floor plan and invitation to the VVIP Priority Preview. For more new property launches, please visit Singapore Property https://www.propertysales.sg/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/The-Antares-Amenities.jpg
  10. I am sure it is quite headache looking for good contractor/ID firm in renovating your house. I am glad that i get to know Alvin from Matrix Concept through a friend's recommendation. Before my hubby and I decided to assign Alvin as our contractor, we had compared the quotation from more than 7 interior firms. In the end we found that his quotation is the cheapest and most reasonable. The renovation of our new house was quite in a rush as our rental lease will expire soon. Upon knowing our condition, Alvin managed to arrange every works perfectly and get our new house done in just 4 weeks time, which normally will take up to 7 weeks or more. Everything was done as planned and he even asked the cleaner to clean our house twice so we can move our things in in time. Alvin is always patient in listening to our requests, answering our doubts and give his best advices. He is quite different from other ID that i have met where he will give us his advice on what should do and what shouldn't, which help us in saving some money. His professional advices helps us save a lot of time too, like in choosing the tiles for kitchen and bathrooms, furnitures, lightning and painting. Whenever there are defect when we are inspecting the house, he will fix it immediately without complaint. Overall we are very satisfied with his works and will recommend to friends or whoever who need it. Again thanks for making our dream home come true in an affordable price. If you want his contact do feel free to pm me.
  11. I’ve used soon seng to store my belongings before I moved. Lost 5 items (Vacuum Cleaner Head, leg of queen-size bed frame, a standing mirror and 2 boxes of misc belongings). I’ve checked and re-checked for the items from all the boxes and found them missing. On TOP of that, someone used my electronic scooter as the handle had been re-positioned. There were also cigarettes butts found in one of my boxes. I expected none of my belongings would have gone missing or used while in storage. Not to be taken advantage of by their staff.... Very disappointed in the level of service rendered. If you want to engage soon seng transport for storage services, I urge all to think twice.
  12. Looking at the negative feedback, I am quite startle. Upon contacting the various movers and finally deciding on Vimbox Movers then, I was not aware of the existence of this forum until today when I recommended Vimbox Movers to my colleague for his move. I truly appreciate the efforts and hard work from Vimbox Movers. Henceforth, I am writing in for peers in this forum to re-evaluate the quality of services delivered by Vimbox Mover. I have engaged Vimbox movers recently. Despite the tight schedules, Vimbox Movers was able to properly plan my move for me, not only with the information required for the moving day but also having packing materials arranged almost immediately ensuring that I am able to move to my new apartment on the specific date. From the point of contact with the consultant, Jonathan, accessing my moving needs, and the accessibility of both venues. It resulted in a fixed quotation as per agreed on. I have read reviews on sudden incremental quotes when moving but this did not happen when I was moving with Vimbox. Next would be the coordination for the packing materials and the move. The delivery of packing materials was a little conflicting on schedule, but Vimbox was accommodating to my schedule and delivered the packing materials as per to the date stated. Lastly, would be the day of moving. Before the date of move, Vimbox Movers gave me a call to remind me of the scheduled move, which I felt them being thoughtful (or maybe it's just me being inexperienced in moving). When the movers arrived, they were so professional and brief me through the moving process. They then move my furniture and items to the lorry. I moved into my new apartment successfully. Post-move was a breeze. The items move are all damage-free. Once again, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU~ to Jonathan and his team, not forgetting Vimbox Movers for having some an awesome team and providing me with a smooth move.
  13. Maya


    Hi, I like your kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobe. Can PM me the contractors and how much you paid for it. Regards mayasantarina@yahoo.com
  14. Hi LeAnn456 I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. We're normally known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we regret that we missed the mark. My name is Alfred. and I am part of the Vimbox management team. If you'd like to discuss this further, please contact me at alfred.ong@vimboxmovers.sg with the information below, and we would be able to get back to you within 3 working days to work something out for you. Information Required: 1) Your full name and date of move. 2) Reference or Quote Number located at the top left-hand side of the quote. 3) The name of the consultant in charge of your move. Thank you. Regards, Alfred Ong
  15. Bluefinns

    Trenzol premium collection

    We have made police report against him this afternoon. Was informed that we need at least 3 similar reports to launch an investigation against this company. Let me know if you have the numbers already. Once the case is filed, we can all go down and bang table together.
  16. Hi, can pm me the contact of the contractor. Thanks
  17. Divine86

    Trenzol premium collection

    Obviously this user White Owl could be their own staffs or ownself doing a good feedback which is just opposite of what the other customers think of them.
  18. Divine86

    Trenzol premium collection

    White Owl quite suspicious tho. Mostly negative feedback except this user
  19. Hi, can I have your contractor's contact? Thanks!
  20. Hi, can I have the contact to your ID? Thanks!
  21. madelineismad


    @shizzyrir hi wads ur email? i seldom come here le
  22. iNSPACE is an upcoming B1 industrial by a joint venture between Lian Beng and Oxley. It is located at 24, New Industrial Road in Singapore District 19. This development will stand 8 levels tall and formerly known as the Pei Fu Industrial Building. It is also situated near to both Bartley and Tai Seng MRT Stations in the Circle line. Moreover, it is within a short distance to major expressways like the PIE, CTE and the KPE. Paya Lebar Central, Nex Shopping Mall and the Serangoon MRT interchange is a short 5 mins’ drive away. Register your interest now to view the showflat, get latest information like launch date, e-brochure, floor plan and invitation to the VVIP Priority Preview. For more new property launches, please visit Singapore Property https://www.propertysales.sg/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Inspace-Facade.jpg
  23. Yesterday
  24. Hi, can pm me the contact of the contractor too? Thanks!
  25. I hired Desmond Lam of HomTech Pte Ltd (http://homtech.com.sg/) to do the entire smart tech for my new house. This includes: mobile app for controlling lights, blinds, aircon on level 1, security system, cctvs, external car/pedestrian gate system, and also fingerprint sensor entry system for the main door and pedestrian gate outside the house. The technology he delivered was TERRIBLE and the service quality was HORRIBLE. The staff did not understand the tech and it kept failing even before I moved in. Simple things like the main gate button kept failing because it was not properly installed or designed (apparently it was not rain proof!). The finger print sensors still do not work in the rain - and I've been complaining for 2 months already! His staff do not know how to integrate all the tech into a single app, so I now have 4 different apps to control the items (eg my security system and my CCTV system are not connected and have two different apps!) in my house, which is ridiculous - especially since some of the apps don't work after just a few weeks! Strongly recommend for everybody to avoid HomTech Pte Ltd and Desmond Lam.
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