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  2. This is Leon from My President Mattress Singapore. Our showrooms island wide has some exciting promotional offers for SUPER SINGLE, QUEEN size mattress with FREE DELIVERY worth $150. Call 96177025 / 91616282 for MATTRESS promotional offers. Visit: https://www.mydigitallock.com.sg/my-president-promotion/
  3. What if the designer imposes their ideas instead of getting my personal taste?
  4. Does anyone have experience hiring them for renovation jobs? They apparently have a promotional rate of $76 per foot to build a kitchen cabinet. Sounds too good to be true.
  5. Let's start to renovate your home for upcoming Hari Raya using our Biggest Hari Raya Bundle Promotion. Make your home into an elegant look before this festival. Hari Raya Bundle Promotion 1: Single Leaf (3*7 Ft) Laminate Main Door + Starry Sky Gate – S$ 1888 Hari Raya Bundle Promotion 2: Single Leaf (3*7 Ft) Laminate Main Door + Rounded Mesh Gate – S$ 1688 Laminate Main Door: Scratch Resistant. Water Resistant. Low Maintenance. Fire Rated or Non-Fire Rated. No Painting involves. Good Appearance. Great workmanship with service. Reasonable price. No hidden cost. Gate: Pets Friendly High-Quality Material Powder Coating Spray Painting Customized Design Made in Singapore Optional: Add S$ 300 for Fire Rated Add S$500 for Double Leaf (4*7 Ft)
  6. Hi all, may i know if anyone has construct a concrete base just for your stand alone stove? If have, any recommendations? Thank you
  7. Transferring the 10% is super easy peasy, fast and feels like nothing but to get it back is extremely difficult, like holding burning coal. So please be weary before that 10%
  8. Ok so the learning lesson which is extremely important is that: NEVER EVER put your 10% deposit with any ID until you are comfortable to lose 100% of your contract sum. This 10% is like a bond to the other 90%. To think of it, might as well give the whole 100% instead of 10% because it feels like it. I believe this 10% is a gimmick and a cheating method allowed by the authority to make it seemed your money is less valuable than it already is. Of course it is easier to lose less than to lose more but the way ID company market it is totally wrong. They usually attached the 10% as a step for ID & home owner to move to the next step. Like attaching 10% deposit then we (ID) will give you the 3D drawings when in actual fact, they (ID) should say things like: 1) Are you comfortable with me handling your house renovation project? 2) Do you see me as a fit person to handle this project? 3) Are you ready to commit to this project where you will be comfortable to pay this full contract sum at the end of the day?
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  10. Oh, I understand you. I was in the same situation, my renovation costed much more that 27 000 thousands. I didn't know where to get money and we found the solution in getting secured loan. Paying it off is always guaranteed secured by my asset.
  11. waste disposal is not FOC. I suggest you walk/drive around your neighbourhood and see if any houses are being renovated/rebuilt. then talk to the workers nicely and see if you can tompang them to dispose of your tiles when they do major disposals. usually they won't reject but if you need them to bring from your house as well, then pay them some kopi $$$ la.
  12. Have about 50 spare roof tiles which i wanna dispose. Called Veolia (the waste/recycle company in charge), and they classified it as construction waste. Referred me to NEA. NEA referred me to Veolia. Damm confused now. Seems nobody wants to help. Any idea who i can call?
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