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  2. Today, we moved in finally. And just came back from the hospital. Take a good look at this; this was the handicap seat from my mom's toilet. You should see the response given when I told them about it.
  3. Hi, can someone email me Alvin contact ? my email: yen8180@gmail.com Many thanks!
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  5. Hi, can share your contractor contact, company name and email? my email: yen8180@gmail.com
  6. Hello George, thanks for your post. Could you share the contact of your main con / architect?
  7. Hi, do you mind to share with me contractor contact? Thanks. email: yen8180@gmail.com
  8. Hi, mind sharing where did you buy your sink, toilet bowl?
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  10. If you’ve never used macros in World of Warcraft Classic, you’re definitely missing out! Macros allow you to combine different actions and make you incredibly efficient - they’re used by effectively everybody. While it may be daunting to learn how to use them, the power comes from the customisation possible. You’re able to create exactly what you want and need, for whatever class you’re playing, and for whatever activities you partake in. In this guide, we will focus on the best WoW Classic macros for the Warriors Class. As a player, you may prefer certain abilities in particular or could be doing PvP. Everyone will have their own macros that best suit them and their current playstyle. Macros are a built-in tool to the game by Blizzard and are considered perfectly legal as a result. In other games, macros are done through AutoHotkey and the sort: this isn’t the case here at all. Practically every player will use the in-game macros feature to assist their gameplay. In fact, a lot of content is balanced and created with this in-mind by the developers. In this guide, we’ll explore how macros work and give you some examples. From the examples, you can create your own. Macros are divided into two types: generic and class based. The first line of any macro generally consists of “#showtooltip Ability”: this is the icon that shows up that you can click on. A very basic macro would consist of the following: #showtooltip Ability /dismount This macro allows you to easily dismount. You could then combine this with a /cast Ability below the dismount. Why is this helpful? Some abilities cannot be cast whilst you’re in the mounted state: they will have no effect. By combining multiple actions into one click, you’re speeding up your gameplay and enhancing your progress. Mouseover Macro A simple yet effective macro. You simply have to click the macro and do not have to click over the individual. This WoW Classic macro is applicable to many classes: it’s a great macro for Warriors though. /cast [@mouseover,harm, nodead] Charge Charge Usually, this macro is thought of being associated exclusively with healing: but it’s perfectly acceptable for Warriors too! The neat feature of this particular macro is that it only executes on a conditional basis. The conditions in this scenario would be that whatever you’re mousing over can be harmed by you, and it’s not already dead. Attempting to taunt a dead target is a waste of time and will not benefit you: it only serves to waste time. This perfectly exemplifies how macros can give you an advantage over other players in WoW Classic. Using this macro is undoubtedly faster than performing these actions and checks manually. Mouseover macros aren’t just helpful for PvE though. If you’re in a PvP situation, you stand to gain an additional time advantage. You will not have to click on targets to attack them: as soon as you mouse over, your ability will be sent to the game server. In addition, as it is mouse-over, you are able to dynamically and easily switch targets on the fly. In a fast-paced combat game, you can expect the dynamics and situation to change quickly. Here’s another example for PvP, for the Warrior class: #showtooltip Intercept /cast [target=mouseover, exists] Intercept This will allow you to deliver a whopping 65 damage and a 3-second stun all through a charge-attack. You can further add to these macros by specifying whether or not your target is a player, to prevent accidental attacks. Weapon Equip Macros In certain situations, you’ll want to switch up weapons. If you already have a two-handed weapon equipped but would like to switch to a more defensive approach, you can do so. As a Warrior, you may do the following: #showtooltip Disarm /equip Teebu's Blazing Longsword /equip Worn Turtle Shell Shield /cast Disarm This switches your setup from being two-handed offensive to a defensive approach, with a shield and a dagger. You can also do the vice versa with another macro. Of course, you can substitute the abilities and gear you prefer and have access to. Disarm is an ability that will remove your opponent’s weapons for 10 seconds, granting you time to strategize. However, the nature of macros is that you don’t even have to have a cast at the end. Start Attack macros Before any of your melee abilities, it’s recommended to use the following macro: /startattack A sweet and simple macro! Who said macros have to be complicated? The reason for this macro is that you do not want to right-click your target and start an attack each time. By using this, you’ll speed up the process greatly. Channelling Ability macro With combat, sometimes we enjoy spamming our abilities and having fun. Channelling abilities don’t entertain any form of spamming. These abilities require you to remain stationary, and spamming whilst waiting for recharge will cancel the ability. Nobody wants their ability to be cancelled, so you can make a macro to prevent this. For instance, if you want to cast Bladestorm: #showtooltip Bladestorm /cast [nochanneling] Bladestorm Now you no longer have to worry about accidentally cancelling your action! Rank Macros Without specifying the ranks in your macros, you’ll default to using the highest rank you have available. The disadvantage of using the highest rank every time is that higher rank abilities cost more rage. Thus, by specifying ranks, you will be able to conserve mana and fight more effectively. With rank macros, they are executed by specifying a particular key to be used in conjunction with your mouse click. If you do not press the key with your click, it will allow you to specify an alternative cast. As a Warrior, you may want to get someone out of stealth, therefore using a rank 1 ability is the perfect storm to ruin their parade: /cast [mod:alt] Intercept (rank 1): Bladestorm The substitute cast could be the same abilities at a higher rank as well. To use the former ability, you must press the ALT key alongside your mouse click. If you do not press ALT, you will cast the latter spell. Another key that’s often used for modification based macros is the shift key. It’s down to personal preference mainly, on the other hand: two conflicting macros (with the same keybindings) are not possible. If you need to buy WoW boost and wow classic gold or any other special items, don't forget to visit WOWclassicgp.com first! Top WoW items and service are waiting for you!
  11. Today we are continuing with the OSRS Recipe for Disaster series, and to be more precise we are going to discuss OSRS RFD Freeing Pirate Pete. The OSRS RFD Freeing Pirate Pete quest has no other quest requirements. As you already know we must free Pirate Pete as we did for the other members of the secret meeting. But this time to be able to help Pete and free him, we must give him a fishcake. This does not sound like a very delicious meal for me, but we must do it anyway. Probably you are wondering how we are going to make a fishcake? Don’t worry I’m sure if we ask The Cook he will tell as for sure. Skill Requirements For the OSRS RFD Freeing Pirate Pete quest, you will need to have 31 Cooking. But if you have an ironman account you will also need 42 Crafting to be able to make an empty fishbowl yourself. Items Needed For OSRS Recipe for Disaster Freeing Pirate Pete Needle Knife Fishbowl Raw cod Bread pestle and mortar 3 bronze wire Weapon, armor, and food Starting Point To start the OSRS RFD Freeing Pirate Pete quest head to the Lumbridge Castle dining room and inspect Pirate Pete. Gypsy we tell you that to immunise Pirate Pete from the culinaromancer’s attack, you must feed him fishcakes. He, of course, doesn’t know how to make fishcakes so he tells you to ask The Cook. Talk to the Cook in the next room and he will tell you to get ground cod, breadcrumbs, ground crab meat, and ground kelp. He will tell you that Murphy in Port Khazard will help you get the crab meat and kelp. Make sure to ask him each available question of the ingredients, or you may not be able to make them. If you are at the end of the quest, and you cannot make the fishcake, simply inspect Pirate Pete in the dining room, and then talk to the cook again. Under The Sea Now go to Port Khazard and talk to Murphy at the fishing trawler, and ask him about giant crabs. Murphy will tell you that you need to go underwater to look for giant crabs and kelp. He will also tell you to get your fishbowl made into a diving apparatus. Talk to Murphy again and he will give you a diving apparatus, put it on, then ask to go diving. Your weight must be under 27 kilograms, to do that you need to have multiple empty inventory spots, as you will not be able to drop items underwater if you need to pick up new items. Use the nearby Bank chest to put what you don’t need like your bread and Raw cod which you will need at the end of the quest. Once you are underwater head north until you see kelp (which is the tall green plant), pick more than one kelp (from 1~5 kelp) just in case you need it for later. Then go north again until you see the crab pen (some yellow dots on your minimap). One of the guards is called Nung, talk to him and he will tell you to get him five mudskippers. Go west to the mudskippers’ cave, pick up five rocks near the entrance to the cave, and then enter the cave. Equip your weapon and boots and kill five mudskippers to get hides. Take them back to Nung and give him your needle and three bronze wire, he will let you into the crab pen after this. In the pen, kill a crab and collect its meat. Grind the crabmeat and kelp you obtained, take some extras in case you burn the fishcake. Return to Lumbridge and speak with the Cook. Use the ingredients on each other, and cook it to get a fishcake. Right-click and use it on Pirate Pete in the dining room for your reward. Rewards 1 Quest point 1,000 Cooking experience 1,000 Crafting experience 1,000 Fishing experience 1,000 Smithing experience The ability to go diving and fight crabs (you need your diving apparatus) The ability to cook crab meat (heals 10 hitpoints in 5 bites) The ability to kill crabs to get their shells and claws, which can be made into a helmet and gloves with a chisel Further access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest you will also be able to get the cheapest RS3 gold for sale on RS3gold.com. In addition, you can always enjoy RS gold from us with high security and fast delivery.
  12. Still, gold is the most stable metal in the world, and no matter what happens to it, it will raise, that is why better to invest now, till it is not too late.
  13. @apperceive Found a pic of the console send by my ID previously. The TV wire goes in here, where I drew the box. 😬
  14. @apperceive Wall color first! 😬 Gotten the idea From Pinterest. Initially, wanted to match the blue wall with a white bed frame. Couldn’t find one I like so, I switched to wooden frame instead. Took me some time to find this Oak bed.😊 As for the TV console, it’s part of the carpentry work done by the ID company. All my plugs/power points are hidden inside. Will take pics of it and the Aircon trunking when I dropped by this weekend.😀
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  16. Gorgeous looking bed indeed! I have this bed frame shortlisted too due to its slim profile (the mattress sitting just nicely on the wooden bed frame) but was concerned if the oak color might be too bright for a bed room setting. I think you have matched the bed and wall colour superbly! Did you choose the bed or the wall color first? Do you happen to be using a Ikea Malm or Kullen drawers for where your TV is perched on? I'm thinking of using Kullen 6 drawers for the TV myself. Be careful not to yank the drawers though, because of topple risk. Would you be able to share pictures of how your aircon trunking runs?
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  18. Yes, guys, you are like magicians. You've helped me get a dream house and now I am so grateful to you, I strongly recommend to everyone to appeal to these guys as they are the best in this field, they know their job.
  19. I think it would be better to take BMB speakers. My friends told me that when they bought karaoke at home, they bought these speakers and are very happy with their sound. I've heard that many people consider these speakers cooler than even the same mixer amplifier. By the way, I compared these devices myself, when I bought a new tracks https://multitrackmaster.com/best-female-country-karaoke-songs/, I decided to listen to them in full power. And I much prefer the sound of tracks from this column. I think that BMB speakers is the best choice to buy.
  20. Got them from Namu Furniture. It's solid American Oak Wood. Not white. Just natural oak. 😁
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