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  2. Hi everyone, thanks so much for this extremely informative and helpful thread, and especially to mmoh and ryanyth for the detailed and kind sharing on the reno process! Thanks to everyone else for kindly sharing your reno pics too, really enjoyable to see all your beautiful 2 room homes! I'm still patiently waiting for my 2 room bto to be ready (Q1 2023!), and have started looking around for ideas and also to save up. I have a couple of newbie queries, would be very grateful if anyone can shed some light please. Apologies for the long list, thought I'll try to clarify my questions at one go. - my 2 room bto is in Tengah, so it's built via PPVC which means the OCS is included (no opting out). If I want to change the entire vinyl floor to porcelain tiles, would laying over the titles be possible or would it require hacking? Hoping to have a almost no need to maintain floor, and tiles seem easier for a robot cleaner to clean. - For the kitchen, if I only need a sink, no need cooker (I don't cook), can the gas be disabled? I read somewhere that we need to call citygas if we want the gas or wondering if I don't do anything, the gas will not be enabled for my unit? - I have also opted for centralised cooling, since it seems the most maintenance free option to having my own compressor. However, the SP person said the aircon, piping and trunking will already be preinstalled in the flat already. Would a preinstalled aircon and its parts be a problem if I am overlaying bathroom wall titles during the renovation? - I am also thinking of having the bare minimum capentry work done, maybe just the dB box, the bottom kitchen cabinets with a sink and a small countertop area, and a mirror box in the bathroom. I prefer to have loose furniture so I can shift things around (or in case the furniture breaks down, easier to replace!) Would a contractor be more advisable than an ID in this case? And would a constractor quote also include plumbing and electrical works, like a all in one? Also cause probably the titles would probably be the most expensive, and I'm hoping minimal carpentry will offset the costs. I'm hoping it to be 15k like mmoh if possible. - I would like to get the wall hung toilet bowl. I really like the idea of it ever since I read in someone's else tblog it's really easy to clean and take up minimal space. Does anyone have any experience doing it in a 2 room bto before? - I'm hoping to get a sliding door done after the main door in the small walkway between the bathroom and bomb shelter. Because it's a corridor unit, so it's more to insulate from the corridor sounds. Would a barn door or glass door be more advisable? - How do I approach IDs or contractors for quotes? I keep reading that we need to share our floor plan or meet the ID/contractor at the flat to have hours of discussion and to wait for the quote. Is it advisable at the initial stage to perhaps just WhatsApps the ID or contractor our floor plan, a brief list of what we want to do, the theme, the budget and ask for a itemized quotation instead? Sorry if this sounds silly, I'm really not sure about the process. Sorry for the long list. It's the few things I wasn't sure about. Thanks so much for any advice and info anyone is able to give, much appreciate!
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  4. I’ve been using tecno in my kitchen for the past couple of years too with no issues one hub one oven one cooker and two hoods all from their warehouse sale
  5. Hi couch potato can you share a little more about your Tecno oven? I'm looking for replacement and the brand's recommended at the shop are Elba, Tecno n Brandt. Appreciate user reviews! I realise these discussions were dates back years ago :)Thank u!
  6. Hi Melvin did u get the Elba? I'm also thinking of this brand but seems like not much reviews. How r u finding it?
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  8. Speak with an engineer. They know better! Make sure to work with professionals. There are many people that are pretending to know what they are doing, but in reality, they have no idea. A friend of mine has gotten pretty screwed over because he has paid lots of money to make some parts of the lighting installation in his house to be automatic. It turns out that the person that was doing this had no idea how to actually do it. I've gotten pretty lucky because I had to Buy PLC in order to make everything work. That's what my guy, who was doing this inside my house, told me. Eventually, everything has turned out fine for me
  9. Hi am looking for a replacement build in oven. Wonder if anyone has user reviews of Elba/Tecno/ Brandt or Ariston? These are the models that fit into the existing cut out space Thank u!
  10. Thank you for sharing! I found a good site for getting storeroom rack for bomb shelter, https://www.storeroomrack.com. I bought my racks from them. They are local Singapore company and offer pretty decent white, full-steel rack, non-rust, have it about 3 months now. I am still sourcing for other furniture for my new BTO flat.. Goodluck!
  11. Are you in a tree conservation area? If not, then almost certainly you can remove the trees. It is unlikely you have some super mature rare tree outside along your kerb that Nparks will insist on keeping. Instead, as part of their conditional to allow to remove, Nparks may request for you to plant back some tree at another location. along the kerb. Should be not an issue if not in any TCA, but of course as always, you need to get a QP to submit to Nparks/LTA/PUB for actual approval before doing any works.
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  13. One of the best ways is to hire an SEO partner. That's what I personally did. They took my site to the top and increased traffic. And more orders and more profits followed than I had. I did an SEO partnership with ntadigital.com. And like I said, my site is in the tops. Things went up. Now I will already start to expand my company and increase my net profit. Because I just recently paid off a loan to the bank for a house I bought with money from the business. For which I am very happy. What will you do?
  14. it would be great if you could share the contacts of the contractor with us
  15. Hello. There are many online jobs which you can try nowadays. All it depends on what can you do and how much time you have.
  16. Be careful with casino. Usually people lose all their money. Gambling is not the best thing to get some fun.
  17. haha the owner is trying to upsell you his house and foundation 🤣. Foundation design is done based on the soil condition and has to go through BCA checking and approval. And BCA has a high safety factor for stuff, so its not anyhow up to the engineer to decide. Nobody will go spend unnecessary on piling if it is not required.
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