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  2. Hi! Your home looks great! Could I get his contact? Thanks a lot! 😊
  3. anyone have any comment Unimax creative and D'Style interior pte ltd
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  5. Hi thoughttank, Can you PM me Mr K's contact and his company's details as well... Looking for a reliable contractor... Thanks alot for the help!
  6. Yes, Dekton is gaining its popularity here in Singapore due to its durability for indoor and outdoor use. You can find out more about dekton https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/dekton/ https://youtu.be/oAJF9KP9mLg
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  8. Hi, able to send me your PE’s contact also? Quite urgent thanks in advance!
  9. Hi Miami, able to send me your PE’s contact? I need to hack a wall too.
  10. The thing about hiring contractors are you gotta tell them exactly what you want and closely monitor their work. Also, they won't be able to advice you on what's right or feasible. I've heard from my id that one of his client's contractor didn't waterproof the wall when they sealed up one of the bathroom entrance because neither parties knew they have to do that. There were moulds growing at the wall and the client had to spend extra to tear down and rebuilt that wall. Even with my experiences with id, i have to do a lot of close monitoring, communications and even hand sketch things like carpentry customisation with measurements. During my reno, there were some hiccups like incorrect kitchen carpentry measurements were installed and room painted with wrong colour. i'll just refer my id to the sketches that i've sent him and he'll rectify without any issue. Lastly, try not to sour the relationship with your contractors/id. There were times when i was furious with my id like when he couldn't deliver things that are promised or make me waited long hours at the site while he was moonlighting as grab driver. I've managed to keep my calm when i reason with him with proof and because of that, he was willing to compromise stuffs like accommodating my last min changes for free and even send cleaning team twice when i complaint the cleaning wasn't thorough.
  11. Not Nicholas. I took your advice on him and rejected him. Because you are right, I am his paying customer, not his counsellor. Cannot move in yet, kitchen heavily flooded from badly constructed cement sink support, plumbing and pipe chokage.
  12. I'm also interested in it. I will go for a travel for a few days. Can you please let me know about the cheap cost.
  13. OMG! so sad to see you had a bad contractor. Still Nick or new one that you engaged? Luckily you had so many good sub con helping you. Hope you can enjoy your peaceful home now.
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