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Dress Your Interiors In Style With Moss Living’s Decorative Wall Art

If you have ever felt like the typical ‘paint-the-wall’ approach is too conventional for your tastes? Then it is time to give Moss Living’s decorative wall art a chance! The importance of wall design in the context of interior design is of utmost priority. While the floor or the ceiling can be occasionally dismissed, the walls are always [read more]

3 Must-Have Qualities You Need in Your Kitchen Sink (iQuartz)

Your kitchen design – style, colour palette and storage solutions – might be what you think about most when dreaming up your new kitchen. But there’s one most often overlooked element: the sink. Easily the hardest working area, the sink is the clean-up zone for small or large tasks. We’ve identified three essential qualities to look for [read more]

Home Tour: Breaking Boundaries

Homeowners Kenny and Michelle believe the less segregation there is within their home, the better. Led by Irene from Its Design and Built Associates, the couple’s home renovation process started with the hacking of numerous walls. [read more]

Community Articles


10 Exceptional Home Renovation Projects

Finishes say a lot about how you end up perceiving the space, so always make sure that the finishes you choose are stand-out! [read more]

6 Interior Design Ideas That Could Increase Your Home Value

Buying a home is a cause of excitement for many homeowners. After all, there are plenty of ways to turn a property into a dream home. Soon enough, you’ll find interior design ideas brewing in your mind. But, hold on a minute, one consideration that warrants your attention is how long you plan to stay in your condominium, apartment, or landed property. [read more]

Singaporean couple renovates their HDB home into a European Museum

Charmaine Low’s two-months stint in Germany as a student left such an indelible impression that she fashioned her living quarters after the charm and elegance of a traditional European home. Far from intimidating, this grand yet inviting space provides a sanctuary perfect for Charmaine (an active Renotalk.com forum user), her husband, Allan, and their two little cherubs. [read more]

How to Transform a Small Space into a Spacious Environment Within Your Home

Living in a cramped space can create stress and often, makes you cranky. Who wants to wake up in the morning in a room which makes you feel claustrophobic? Right, no one. Regardless if you are renting… [read more]

Five 3-Room Flats With Attractively Spacious Designs

3-room flats are some of the most sought-after properties in Singapore, especially for couples aiming to grow and nurture a family. While the compactness of the space may be appealing for some, its sm… [read more]

Living Room Layout Ideas For Your BTO Floor Plan

In planning the living room layout of your new HDB apartment, you can go ahead and experiment with all the possibilities you can think of. However large or small, you may want to maximize the full potential of the area to make it easy for you or anyone in the household to move around and utilize the space. [read more]

4 Super Solutions For Small Spaces

Space constraints can sometimes cause a problem for home owners, but there are ways around what may initially seem like an impossible issue to solve. A smaller home doesn't mean less to experiment with, and they can have their pros too. [read more]

Trending: Japanese x Minimalist Designs

Trending right now in terms of interior design is the fusion of Japanese-inspired and minimalistic interiors. Characterised by bright, white walls, wooden furnishings and uncluttered spaces, such designs have been known to find the perfect balance between functionality and simplicity. [read more]

5 Amazing HDB BTO Renovation Projects Shared By Homeowners

Our Renotalk t-bloggers have provided us with loads of insight into their renovation journey; from the planning and designing stage, all the way to the final lap. If you are about to receive keys to your new HDB BTO at Waterway Brooks, Woodlands Peak, or Fernvale Rivergrove, you’re in for a treat! [read more]