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  2. BM Louis

    Serta Mattress

    A good night sleep, anyone? 5-star hotel's choice of mattress, Serta® is available at BM Mattress Premium Outlet! With over 88 years of creating premium mattress for a good night sleep, it's no wonder Serta® is one of the 3 most popular mattress brand in the world! Insomnia or even backache after a sleep? Then it's time for you to change out your mattress! The number 1 mattress manufacturer in the USA, Serta® is founded in 1931 and has always been the top choice for 5 star hotel chains like Hilton® Group and they have been awarded Most Popular Mattress in USA for 7 consecutive years! BM Mattress Premium Outlet has recently opened its door at T.U.T.A and they are giving out 20% extra rebate to the first 5 customers! Why Serta®?—— For a better sleep, choose Serta®: → Comfortable mattress that reduces tossing and turning to increase sleep quality → 100% Natural Latex Mattresses and natural wool materials → Reduces partner's movements during sleep → Perfect support between the spine and mattress → Effective balance of sleep temperature → High elasticity of mattress to prevent sags → 7 areas of mattress spring to absorb exhaustion from body Serta® Awards & Recognitions: → Serta is the #1 Mattress Manufacturer in the United States → Women’s Choice Award for Most Recommended Mattress, Pillow and Box Spring Brand → Consumer Digest Best Buy Ratings → Serta's Perfect Sleeper® is the Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation Serta® Mattresses from RM2600 onwards, choices include: → Classic American Series → Premium Hotel Series → Perfect Sleeper Series → Luxury Import Series Serta® Mattress provides 10-year warranty and product will be thoroughly explained before sales. After sales service is impeccable as well! Delivery to Singapore can be arranged so head on down to shop for a Serta® mattress now! BM Mattress Premium Outlet Business Hours:1030am - 0830pm | Closed on Tuesday Location:41,Jalan Pendekar 9,Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, JB. Google/Waze:BM Mattress Premium Outlet Contact: 07-287 7737;0104181188 Email:bmmattress.co@gmail.com
  3. I know taste is subjective but just wonder if anyone has advice on what to modify for the colours or combination of the cabinet and sides of island for a more cosy and pleasant feel. Thanks!
  4. daniel86

    IKEA recalls SUNDVIK changing table-chest

    Thanks for the info! I need to warn my brother, as far as I know he planned to buy one. Need to be extra careful these days. But from what I can see, there was already a recall of Sundvik back in 2014. I still like Ikea, but seems the quality control has been lacking lately.
  5. daniel86

    Storage heater installation

    It seems strange to me that you're talking about them since 2017, over and over.
  6. Twice that, try any hardware shop. The plastic thing you're talking about is called plastic cam lock. Can't recommend any shops in Singapore though, sorry.
  7. Hi all, been "stalking" this forum for a while now and it is very informative for singles like us. Anyway attached is my completed apartment. The theme is somewhat scandinavian i guess.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hi, hope u can share the contact.🙏 please pm me or email at koala_bear81@yahoo.com thank u
  10. Hi, @supreme90, can PM me your contractor’s contact? Ur kitchen looks good. And it seemed that u did concrete support for ur sink area. Please share. Thank u.
  11. Hi, hope u can pm me the id and the company. Thank u.
  12. Any latest updates? My hubby wants to engage Ah soon.
  13. Olga Carlson


    Let me chime in )) I can relate to the topic, I used to be through it. I am being through it, actually. :D I played exercising videos. First I bought a subscription, but then annulled it, because everything is at free access actually) But yes, there will be no quick results, you need to exercise for at least 20-30 minutes every day and also eat healthy, without roasted stuff and sugar and fast food, etc. So, just read this topic )) If you do not have time to study the stuff yourself, try some weight loss center, they will measure you and calculate calories for you (I used to go to London Weight Management, if you are interested. If you go there, sign up for Jessica, I liked her better than others.))
  14. Hi kindly share your contractor you engage as same suitation also thanks alot
  15. Hello, i need to Reinstate my Bomb shelter ventilation. I have the metal plate but not the long screws. Anyone has contacts that can help to fix back ?
  16. I am in the process of selecting an ID, kindly PM me which Co. Thanks!
  17. The primary reason for its immense success even to this day is that it allows the user to play the previous versions of the game as they were years ago. There are few MMORPG games that have been in the gaming scene as long as Runescape. One of the reasons why those few MMORPG games have survived is because they have evolved. Runescape is different. Even though Runescape changed dramatically since its official launch in 2001, it has always established historical markers on its way – in 2001 and the next in 2007 – and the game can still be played like how it used to be played back then. According to Mark Ogilvie, the design director of Runescape, the game is 17 years old and the ideal version according to the people differs for everyone. The game is driven by the desire of the community. The community decides the direction of the content that should be added, and we make sure to add that. Maintaining the core of the game is very important According to Ogilvie, the core of all the versions of this game is very similar but the motivations within each version may be quite different. All the games are based on Runescape gold or Runescape 2007 gold or OSRS gold but the activities and battles inside the game can be quite different. or Cheap OSRS gold on RSorder but the activities and battles inside the game can be quite different.Some things are essential and shouldn’t be tinkered with. When the engines of the game are updated, the visuals might be overhauled but they are built on the exact same framework like its predecessor.
  18. if the "attic" is squeezed within the exiting roof profile and the 2nd storey, then yes, maybe can get away with not being counted as an "attic" since it is somewhat like a loft within the same 2nd storey. however if the entire roof is removed and the building height increased to cater for the attic, it will be counted as a new storey and will be classified as reconstruction instead of A&A.
  19. Last week
  20. Hi, could you provide me with more project info! thanks
  21. Hi, can you pm me more info on this project! are u the project ic?
  22. You can liaise with an architect and theres a way where the attic wont be counted as a level. Seen my friends house before and his attic is a nice movie theater and its not considered a floor/storey.
  23. The upgrade seems so really great! Will definitely take a look at this contractor
  24. Bluesky3000

    How to work with influencers?

    Thanks for this post! Great sharing.
  25. Bluesky3000


    Hi could you pm me your contractor details :)! Thanks
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