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  2. I also rarely hear that someone is learning Malay. Probably, it is necessary in some rare cases. As for me, I have quite a lot of business trips to Portugal, so I plan to study at least portuguese phrases for travel. It will definitely come in handy for me on my trip. I also found the lingopie platform where I watch TV shows and movies in Portuguese to start understanding Portuguese by ear.
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  4. Malay? I'm even a little embarrassed, but this is the first time I hear about this language. To be honest, it seems to me that this is not a very popular and promising language to learn.
  5. Provide professional engineer endorsement on wall hacking and renovation works from 288. Whatapp :82226098
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  7. Yeah i did purchase the SIP from PUB. The sewer pipe was just within backyard setback line .. so close to avoiding this cost
  8. It is more and more difficult to grow on this platform because there are many competitors. But if you want to start with Instagram, you need to analyze your audience and your competitors to know what kind of content your customer would like to see. If you think that you will not cope as an entrepreneur, hire a specialist SMM who will do it for you. Now it is not enough to just know how to post on instagram - 1394ta; you need to know how to create and implement a marketing strategy. There are many specialists see on freelancing platforms.
  9. Aircool offers you the premium aircon installation service as per your wish with our experienced technical staff all over Singapore. Our technicians will take care of the full installation process so no flaws will not occur. WELL EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS and FREE Aircon installation andf site survey. @affordable price website: https://aircool.com.sg/aircon-installation/ contact us:+65 90050975 #airconinstallation #airconinstallationsingapore #splitairconinstalllation #centralizedairconinstallation #bestairconinstallation Daikin aircon servicing Mitsubishi aircon servicing Midea Aircon servicing Panasonic Aircon servicing LG aircon servicing Hitachi Aircon servicing York Aircon servicing
  10. The prices have indeed gone up a lot. I saw in a video where a builder mentions the before pandemic inter terrace rebuild cost is $1M and a semi d cost is $1.4m. Looks like inter terrace now is at 1.3m++ which would make it a more than 30% increase in just two years.
  11. If you planning to stay long term, better put in the lift now if possible rather than later since it’s going to be messy. 35k for RC trench is quite ok. Mine cost almost 100k. Did you purchase the SIP from PUB prior to scoping out the works? Cos the SIP will show where the public sewer is and you will know that a trench will be needed if the sewer is running through your land. for asbestos, many old houses come with it. I paid more than 20k to get it removed due to quite a substantial amount of asbestos existing in my original house. if you are completing everything including carpentry and fittings for 1.5M, this will work out to around 320psf which is definitely a good price in today’s market.
  12. Hi Everyone! I'm very excited to announce our new Renovation Quotation Checker! Using Artificial Intelligence, our first of its kind tool will look through your renovation quotation and provide feedback that can help you make a more informed choice! Regardless If you're a new house owner and doing renovation for the first time or a seasoned landlord looking for some small project to enhance your house, this tool will facilitate better communication between you and your IDs or contractors, leading to a delivery that meets your expectation. The paradox is that homeowners are overwhelmed with information, but we struggle to find the required information quickly and easily. Our checker will function as an electronic 3rd pair of eyes that will provide to-the-point feedback that can help kick-start a meaningful discussion with your vendors. Be it things that IDs have forgotten to include (e.g. soft close hinges) or exploring more affordable alternates (e.g. Vinyl overlay to Re-tiling), our tool will provide you with valuable insights that will always help you make a more informed decision. Check it out here: https://www.renohoot.sg/quoteCheck
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  14. The best way to slim down would be to follow a diet. It may be hard at first, but I assure you that things get easier once you get motivated. I had to maintain a diet because I was overweight, and I wanted to change my life. I gave up on many diets because I could not see the results, and I got disappointed every time. I had problems with motivation. So I thought that it would be a good idea to buy a digital scale and keep track of the weight I lost every day. I got this one -- https://www.vont.com/product/smart-scale-bathroom-scale-weight-scale/. Seeing the results of my hard work motivated me, and I managed to get fit quite fast.
  15. Do take note of some unplanned costs which may not be known until you take over the land and performed the various checks and tests: For example, i was hit by a number of additional costs and as a result cut back on my plans to add a lift 1) Soil test results were not good, even though it was in a well-known area where piling is usually not required. In my case, the soil test results were poor and piling costs of $80K added. 2) RC Trench is needed. $35K added. 3) Significant amount of asbestos detected and removal costs of $6.5K. My land is 2100 sqf, original single storey inter-terrace built in 1960s. Planned to construct to 3 storeys with GFA 4,787. Building costs are $1.3M (inclusive of the above additional items), and do not include architect fees of $52k, 3rd party submission fees (e.g URA, BCA) $20K. Carpentery, sanitary fittings, air conditioners will be separately charged.
  16. Now there are different types of massage for relaxation. And everything is done professionally. I recommend lingam massage for a rest from a hard day's work. The masseuses from Savor London Massage do it very well. Be sure to sign up for a session. By the way, you choose your own massage therapist. The portfolio on the website is awesome.
  17. If you like to learn at a slower pace, you may want to consider a junior college. At this type of college, you will get more one-on-one time with professors. Lastly if you want to be surrounded by people who have similar interests and hobbies as well as study in a more social setting, then it may be perfect for you to consider attending a polytechnic university — but the option is yours!
  18. Hi If you manage to get a quote for complete rebuild could you update here the latest psf cost for everyone's benefit. for reference I have aquaintances who were quoted upto 350 psf just before the pandemic. I hope the cost isn't 420 psf now. It wouldn't make it worthwhile for me considering the land cost also exploded.
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  20. For an inter-terrace, the norm is to complete within 12 months to 18 months and get TOP pre-COVID. With normalisation now, this should be the timeline and not 2 years. I don’t think construction cost will go down in the near future especially the war in Europe is likely to be prolonged. With the war causing oil prices to spike, this caused cost of logistics to increase. barring a huge recession in SG, we are unlikely to see housing prices coming down. The cooling measures government put in place just stems the rate of increase of housing prices but doesn’t bring the prices down. Also for landed, there just around 80k landed houses in SG so in the long run price for landed house should go up steadily as well as long as you buy a freehold house.
  21. It is my first time posting and I need to share my encounter with such a lousy company, J & H Furnishings Pte Ltd. We were looking for a company that does trellis and zip blinds, came across J & H Furnishings on facebook. I dropped them a whatsapp message on their official number 8817 6455 on 19 January 2022. Their response was rather prompt, I texted at 10.30pm on 19 Jan, I got their reply on 20 Jan 6.30am. An appointment for site measurement and quotation was fixed for 21 Jan. Everything was prompt and fast. 21 Jan 2022 we met Jim who came for the site measurement. He is said to be the boss of the company, very good at sales talk “I will give you good rates”, “Dont worry I will do everything nicely for you. I am very steady one”, “I wont upsell you anything, I will quote you only whatever is required”. The prices quoted by him is indeed reasonable as we had requested a quote from another company and they were more expensive. So we placed a 20% deposit with J & H furnishings and he said they would start work after the CNY holidays and URA approval is obtained. After the site meeting, I consulted a relative who is experienced with trellis, he told me to use powder coated Aluminium for the shelter instead of Galvanised Steel as over time steel will rust when in prolonged contact with rainwater and the water will stain the walls, poles etc. I conveyed the message to Jim over whatsapp (black & white purpose), however he chose to deal over phone calls. He said “no problem, we can use powder coated Aluminium for you. The price is about the same as Galvanised Steel.” In the end, they still use Galvanised Steel. We obtained the URA approval on 18 Feb 2022, and MCST approval for renovation on 8 Mar 2022. On 5 Mar, Jim requested for a 40% payment as they were about to start work. However, they did not start work until 14 Mar 2022 citing bad weather. Ok fine, we accept it anyway. 18 Mar 2022 they completed the trellis work, very fast progress. Faster than we expected, hence we were not present to inspect the works and we only saw through the whatsapp photos sent. The next day I brought my relative with me to inspect the trellis done, he commented that some rectification is required otherwise we might face roof leakage in the years to come. So we texted Jim and he called back to say “no problem, let me arrange for you”. Those were the last words we heard from J & H furnishings. Jim had asked for a 20% payment upon completion of the trellis but I held that payment because rectification is required. In our quotation, we had also confirmed the installation of zipblinds to be done by J & H Furnishings, but they went MIA since the completion of trellis. Our multiple whatsapp messages were ignored. We wrote on their facebook page, they deleted my first post. Subsequently, they DM-ed us on 14 May to ask for our name, contact number and invoice number. They said to update up on the progress on 17 May, but proceeded to either delete their FB page or blocked us because we could not access the page anymore. Engage them at your own risk!!!!
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  23. Tks clear explanation on the construction loan. Ok so maybe 420psf might be a better gauge. And typically it takes 2 years to complete a rebuild (from what I read in the other threads but not sure how updated are those) ? Oh yea and in your view, do you expect construction cost to normalise back to lower psf or do you reckon this is the new norm and can only go up from here? Same for land price? Just like to hear your view
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  26. Something from AliExpress don’t have all the features you need though. Haha. Installed more than 1 year already and my house is north west facing
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