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  2. Found Tong Aik Trading (HB-09-2323A) on HDB directory for renovation. Does anyone has review about its work and service quality, including its workmanship, payment terms? Thank you and appreciate the advice. Jay
  3. Cocobean

    My Electrical Work Costing

    Pls send me your electrician contact. Thx!
  4. Hi friends, please be careful of this renovation company which appears to be a scam. A Main Contractor which collects money from the home owner. He would then hire a subcontractor to finish the renovation work. After the work is done, he ran away with the money without paying his sub contractor. Such an unethical action should be exposed and not be tolerated. Please help to share this post so that non of your friends would fall into this scam.
  5. There are nice design with exposed pipes. You can Google for steampunk bathroom for inspiration.
  6. thanks snoozee. i just got a quote at $300. includes mcb and routing to the heater. any idea if the quote is high?
  7. Hi Can you PM his contact as well? Purchased a resale 4 room flat which is going to start renovation soon, too! Thanks!
  8. best is check with an electrician on costing water heater utilizes 20A so will need to connect to a 20A MCB. the MCB is needed so that power supply can be cut off if a fault occurs in your water heater.
  9. Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, My friend is in the midst of his 5 rooms flat renovation work. His ID has advise him the size of Glass for his open kitchen is too big to be transported (by lift or staircase) to his unit. Therefore, his ID has suggested to joint 2 pieces of glass (the smaller piece length is 1 feet) together which my friend dislike. The green circled area is where the 1 feet glass is suggested to be install. Looking for advise on how he can lift (i.e. external lift) the full size glass or how can the joint be finished to look almost invisible. Looking forward to all your suggestions, thanks in advance.
  10. hi, how much would it cost to install new heater point with miniature circuit breaker? is the mcb necessary? no heater point currently
  11. Hi babe, I am currently looking for lobang for renovation as well. May I know if yours is a resale or bto? How many rooms? Also, if can, don't mind to share all 9 names with me? First timer here. Many thanks!
  12. Edward Koh

    Carpenter To Recommend?

    After selecting a few ID. I can say that all of them asked me "What I want". When I tell them my basic concept, next they ask is what color you want and next is showing me their Many Completed jobs photos and some sample for laminate. Come on la, they could have show me the photos first. Some ID give good idea, Some ID don't even give idea. First verbal quotation from this ID was around $25k, when I finally gotten the key, ID came over to visit and quoted me again. The price shoot up to $35k for miscellaneous and some small add on. Next day when I went to the house with my wife, saw this uncle talking with my neighbour. Just casually go over to take a look. The house is already completed. Found out the uncle is a contractor, and ask him to quote me for my house. After awhile he came over, and gave me a quote around $15k for the same work that I could have given to the ID. Went back home and immediately we source for contractor instead of ID company. Well, at the end, the price from contractor are about the same. So we went back to our neighbour house and checked the work. Quality looks good and has no complain by my neighbour. We asked him down, paid him deposit. And our house is done in about 2.5weeks. Ask me to introduce friends to him, so just helping out really helping out. Also to let people in the forum know the problem i have faced. Not earning any commission or what. 40+Yrs old, Nice boss, not pushy, friendly, malaysian, registered singapore company, No GST, price is very good and negotiable. Contact: 9062 1241, Name: Ah Soon (WhatsApp,SMS,Call also can)
  13. Hi, can PM me the contact as well as how much it costs you? Starting my renovation soon and hoping can shift in by CNY. Thank you!
  14. Hey guys, I am here to share my experience working with Singapore Carpentry. I have heard a lot of horror stories regarding renovation so I was sceptical about finding a good interior designer, to say the least. A friend of mine recommended me to this company and helped me to get an appointment with Ernest Tan. He was very patient with me and really listened to the concerns I had regarding this process. He explained how the whole renovation process works, the approximate duration it would take and give me a range of how much this whole renovation would cost. I showed him the kind of style I wanted my home to be like and passed him my floor plan and a couple of days later he sent me a sketch of my home (Landed property: Living room, Kitchen, Dining room, 4 Bedrooms) and I was sold. I signed the contract a week after that and it was the best decision I’ve made for my new home. He sent me a more detailed 3D sketch subsequently and everything was a breeze from there. Ernest handled everything from start to finish (plumbing, electrical wiring, tiling, ceiling etc were all in-house services so he arranged everything). There were a couple of hiccups here and there with contractors (there was a delay from contractors doing false ceiling and so the other work like tiling etc had to be delayed as well) but Ernest was on site to handle all these matters personally and made sure that there would be no delay on the dateline that was given to me (12 weeks). I was impressed with Ernest regarding this specific occasion. So I spoke to a few other IDs regarding this particular concern I had and all but Ernest told me he would make it work. I wanted to convert my backyard from what was plain and empty into one where my family could lounge around and relax in. All the IDs told me they couldn’t do this work at the budget I was willing to set aside, but Ernest made that possible for me. He really helped me cut cost where he could and advised me on certain materials that I could substitute so it still serves the purpose without expanding a hole in my pocket. Another thing I need to highlight is their carpentry work. They handle these services in-house, so it's much cheaper than what you get outside for the same quality and workmanship, so I really recommend this service if you are looking for one. I got all my cabinets done by them for kitchen, wardrobe etc and everyone comments on how sleek they look. The whole renovation work took slightly less than 11 weeks. My wife and I are very pleased with the end results, so we really recommend this company. Anyone interested in engaging them can contact my designer, Ernest Tan at 81004193.
  15. Did you renovate the whole house? What are included in your package and how much did you pay? Any hacking? Please PM me with the information as I am looking for ID/contractor to renovate my 4room resale flat as well. Thank you.
  16. Hi, can you also PM me the contact, price paid as well as what works were done? And if can, share the photos as well. Gonna start the renovation in a couple of months time for my 4room resale. Many thanks!
  17. Worried about having dark and dull skin due to stress and pollution? Worry no more! Because Pibu Jelly Mask & Facial Spa is here to the rescue! Pibu Jelly Mask & Facial Spa brightens, soothes, and nourishes dark, dull, and dry skin in an instant! It also minimizes pores, boosts collagen production, and improves the skin tone. Now that’s beauty that is truly refreshing! The best part is: Pibu is effective on all skin types! Dry, oily, combination, acne-prone, sensitive, and even acts as an anti-aging regimen!Get yours now and see the glow in less than a month!
  18. Just sharing an experience of getting a small qoute for a small job. Found this business on Google search and I proceed to contact since the prices quoted are reasonable. The purported owner / salesman was extremely crass & rude when I asked again how the quotation was derived when I cross checked his quote with their website advertisement. Please decline or refuse a quote to customers if the shop think it’s not worthwhile to entertain? IMO cussing on other people’s parents is totally unnecessary? It shows the business owner’s / salesman’s parents’ upbringing by cursing other parents ? By calling on phone & abusive text messages ..... :-( Really how a business operate like this and still survive ? Anyone dealt with this establishment before ?
  19. you may whatsapp my contractor at 9365 1115. he should be able to assist you.
  20. No owner interested? Is there ID viewing this blog?
  21. Last week
  22. built false wall..... hmm.. too late to be an option for me now. Looks like exposed ugly looking pipes. :-( thks
  23. Hi. Please continue your update. Been waiting for your next post and pictures for a while.
  24. Peovide 2D AutoCAD/3D perspective drawings and 360deg VR Drawings Design & Drafting Services. Past VR drawings: 1. http://vr.justeasy.cn/view/717989.html 2. https://720yun.com/t/f2ejvptvsO3 3. https://720yun.com/t/735jvs4yuv3 Pls feel free to WhatsApp me @ 81635028 Or email me at leohuxy@gmail.com
  25. Provide 2D AutoCAD/3D perspective drawings and 360deg VR Drawings Design & Drafting Services. Past VR drawings: 1. http://vr.justeasy.cn/view/717989.html 2. https://720yun.com/t/f2ejvptvsO3 3. https://720yun.com/t/735jvs4yuv3 Pls feel free to WhatsApp me @ 81635028 Or email me at leohuxy@gmail.com
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