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  2. More info at https://jump.wikifx.com/83348CF26389B46D Although Mr. Trump wants a weaker dollar, as well as a major shift in Fed policy from increasing to lowering interest rates, the dollar remains strong. These factors that strongly favors short positions only prolongs the dollar’s price adjustment period, and the price that jitters uphill indicates a typical bullish trend. Looking at chart of a longer time-span the rebound in 2014-2015 made the US dollar index break through the long-term downtrend line and this trend line functioned as support in 3 circumstances. Of these 3 cases, the most recent scenario in 2018 is particularly worth noting. The dollar index rebounded after hitting the bottom in 2018, and the side-way trend that lasted for about a year is perhaps just an early break before the upcoming sharp rise; if not even the US Federal Reserve and the US president is able to keep the dollar in a weaker position, it is conceivable how powerful the bullish trend is. When the dollar just began to rally in the early 1980s and 1995, it was also the beginning of gold’s significant decline that lasted for decades. Given that the gold price has gone through several years of horizontal trend, it’s more likely that the market will see a situation similar to that in 1995, when the gold price went over its peak in February and continuously dropped, and it wasn’t until after the price had bottomed out that a new round of strong rally began. As gold surged in the past few months, it’s likely that investors will be blinded by the rising momentum and the spreading market optimism, just like those people who bought gold at a high position in early 1995.
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  4. May I know who is this Ah Wei? I need to do my bedroom, can anyone pass me his contact or any good reliable and erasonably priced carpenter? Thank you
  5. 1. look for picture framing shop to see if they can sell you 1 piece based on your required size 2. see if any of the tile shops is willing to sell you a piece of 30cm by 30cm marble or granite 3. no idea what this is so no suggestions
  6. Need to find the following: 1. Piece of flat glass (12"X12" or so) 2. Piece of flat marble or granite (same specs as above) 3. 3M Lapping Film (1 micron) to sharpen a kitchen knife on. 3M only sells these to businesses who sell them in bulk...I just want a sheet that is roughly 11"X8.5" Any pointers?
  7. Sure will send some information to your email. Did you by any chance also contact us via facebook? Because we received a similar request.
  8. Hi, can you kindly pm me his details? Thanks!
  9. all questions you asked can be answered by an architect. how much it will cost for site visit I don't know. you will have to do some cold calls to architect firms to find out. floor plan is needed if you need to do the works. it can be bought from BCA. my house plans were from 1958 and are old hand drawn plans which BCA scan into pdf format. just pay $ can buy. but only owner or owner's authorised person can buy from BCA. if you already have a ramp, why don't keep it. it would be better than having to walk up steps especially if you are planning to stay in there till you get old. I think what you have is a single storey house with an attic instead of a 2 storey house. if the existing house is declared as a single storey with attic, then you will need to do a reconstruction to add a full level. but I may be wrong on this so get an architect to advise you on this. if you want, share the location of the house and can see more from google street view of the house.
  10. Saw an old landed house (about 1990 built I think) recently. Was keen but pricing seems expensive but if I can manage with A&A instead of tearing down, may still be possible to buy. The owner does not have floorplans (too long ago...) but said I can bring an architect to view. I have the following questions: 1. Can I hire an architect just to view with me and tell me what alterations are possible? How much would it cost? 2. Can the architect tell by viewing on-site, without the floor plan? 3. The living room and small side garden of the house is elevated (maybe 1 m above road level), and the driveway is a ramp. Would it be possible to level the ramp to road level and have steps that lead to the door of the living room? 4. The second floor of the house is not level in that the front part (which is currently a huge bedroom) seems to be lower (like a mezzanine floor) than the back. Is it possible to bring it higher to level it as part of A&A? 5. I find all the windows a bit small and dated so it looks dark inside the house. In an A&A, can I enlarge the windows? 6. The half floor right at the top houses just 1 bed room. Can I demolish the whole half floor and the roof and rebuild that part to maximise the half floor … would that still be A&A? Appreciate any guidance.
  11. 1.5 million? What size is the land and what size is the built up for your project?
  12. I posted the following on another topic: For knowing what element can be build on your landed property, go to URA site: Click on "Property" (Top of site) -> "Residential" -> "Renovating Private Residential Property" Click on "View" (Land-titled Residential) Scroll down to click on "Landed Housing eAdvisor" Use the eAdvisor to select property type & you'll see all the limitation of design, setback requirement, etc. Use this eAdvisor to check against your property.
  13. Hi I am in the process of looking for a resale flat (approx 5-6years old) and is scouting for a contractor, not designer as i already have something in mind (simple minimalistic). Basically it will be the new 3roomer(total 67sqm) and intend to do the following works : 1) hacking of fixtures and flooring in living room and 2 bedroom (including haulage costs etc) 2) Lay cement (or rescreed) the flooring for (1) - 3) Replacement of power points/light switch 4) Build 1 or 2 bay windows 5) Chemical washing of whole house interior including windows after renovation 6) installation & Supply of full length glass door to segregate living room and kitchen 7) Optional : Hack fixtures in kitchen and install kitchen cabinet 😎 Optional : Redo 1 toilet (2 if budget allow though even 1 is not cheap from what i heard) 9) Supply and lay flooring for living room and bedrooms (granite or quartz preferred but all depends on costs) - approx 500-600sqft excl kitchen and 2 toilets Would it be possible to do this for $30k? Thanks! Edit: contact me at maruku2002@gmail.com
  14. I made the kitchen door less wider to a normal door width by installing a false wall.original dimension is very wide entrance. i put solid pine barn door as the kitchen door. **** heavy by itself but the rolling track helps using it with ease. 2 Reasons y i cover the kitchen is because my neighbor opp can see when i open my main door.I can see theirs too.We are the two only units on the level have such unique '' corner " layout.The rest of the units are facing the corridor.Other reason is i have A/C in the living room. Flooring is a mix of ceramic tiles for door & kitchen entrance leading to the entrance of bathroom while the rest of the entire unit is vinyl flooring. Vinyl doesn't sound as hollow and lightly textured according to the wood grain design. I encountered several issues/problems during renovation like others in this forum.Its really can be a exciting & the same time frustrating experience esp for first timer like myself. Will post more in future.
  15. my suggestions is that you go and engage an architect or PE to look into this. preferable an architect as they would be in a better position to understand URA's guidelines. URA allows the retention of non-compliant structures for certain cases. So it really depends on what case you can present to URA via your QP. if URA does allow for the non-compliant structure to be retained, you will most likely need a PE to certify that the non-compliant structure is structurally sound and do submission to BCA. at the end of the day, I think you need to weigh the cost of doing all these submissions/checks for this non-compliant structure or just having it removed totally. if you are just planning to do a simple extension, then you could make do with a PE as your QP. but if you need to engage an architect to check on the non-compliant structure, your cost of engaging the architect may end up more than just removing the structure. eg: engage an architect cost you 8k. demolish the structure cost you 5k. which one would you choose? my guess is your non-compliant structure is just a roof canopy which is extended from the side of your house to full cover the 2m open area which many semi-d or corner terrace owners build to provide additional shade. if this is indeed the case, then removing it would be the much cheaper option. the other alternative is to see if the contractor you engage can reduce the canopy to be just 1m wide which will then be compliant to the regulations.
  16. For knowing what element can be build on your landed property, go to URA site: Click on "Property" (Top of site) -> "Residential" -> "Renovating Private Residential Property" Click on "View" (Land-titled Residential) Scroll down to click on "Landed Housing eAdvisor" Use the eAdvisor to select property type & you'll see all the limitation of design, setback requirement, etc.
  17. I would advice the owner not to ignore or delay & to take action to remedy as soon as possible & keep all records. If & when enforcement do happen, at least you can show to authorities you have taken appropriate steps. Unfortunately, you'll need to spend on engaging a PE to do all necessary checks & submission for this. Looking at previous cases, it'll be unwise to wait & hope the hammer will not drop.
  18. It does not matter who will "police" this, my point is simply the property owner will be subject to enforcement. It's just a matter of time.
  19. As your unapproved works are located on side of the ground floor, chances are when you the authorities will need you to demolish, which you will need a PE to check the overall structural integrity to ensure the rest of the structure will not fail during of after the demolition of the unapproved works. In my opinion, likely the authorities will advice a rebuild for safety reason as I do not think any professional would undertake the responsibility should the rest of the building collapse after removing the unapproved works.
  20. if you need to submit to URA, then you will need to go through all the inspections and such. if your renovation need not go through URA, then SAF rule 7 will apply. there are a lot of houses in SG with non-compliant structures so buyers need to be careful when purchasing houses. you can feedback to URA on why your neighbours can keep their non-compliant structures but you will most likely be digging into a big can of worms and end up your neighbours will be requested to remove these structures. not a good way to start the stay in a new neighbourhood I would say. BCA not interested in these non-compliant structures. it's URA who is in charge of the planning hence they will be the "police" for this
  21. All building before any works done will need to be submitted to URA for approval & followed by submission to BCA. Hence it's all link together. Hence my earlier post applies to URA
  22. JFYI it is unapproved by URA not BCA. It does not have side setback per the requirement of URA. Many in the neighborhood are the same. Anyway hope to get constructive inputs to my question.
  23. A google search leads to BCA's website for FAQ which states the following: To have unauthorised building additions and/ or alterations on your property may pose a safety hazard if the structures were not properly designed by a QP. Furthermore, it is also an offence under the Building Control Act and you will be subject to enforcement action, where appropriate.
  24. I have a 2 level corner terrace (1700sqf land size) which has unapproved extensions. Mainly the setback at the side does not comply with URA requirement. Second storey is per original condition. which is very small. Ideally i want to extend it. Heard that if I want to extend it, the non-compliant structures have to be demolished as submission is required? Is this correct? Unfortunately i have no budget to do a rebuild. Next question is, my floor plans from BCA are the original ones, they do not contain the modifications. For me to do a renovation project with an interior designer, do i need to hire someone to re-do the floor plan (e.g. a surveyor?)
  25. Most companies which are helping you to install your new air-cons are willing to buy back from you at a low price, do check with them.
  26. Go to URA Site, scroll to click on "Launch" beside "URA Space" In "URA Space" go to "Control Plan" menu to check" 1) "Landed Housing Area Plan" to see your estate area's maximum building storey & type. 2) "Building Height Plan" which shows AMSL (short for Above Mean Sea Level) There are also other infor that you can check
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