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  1. Sorry, but this is one of the most boring games I've ever played. And I have, for a minute, a very long gaming experience, and I really know what I'm talking about. If you're looking for interesting and entertaining gaming content, I suggest you start by gambling at Towerbet https://tower.bet/game/goddess-of-the-night. Plus, the cool and fair terms and conditions will give you the opportunity to make some good and quick money.
  2. I don't run a business, but I work for a company, and I think I'm very lucky to be able to work remotely from anywhere I'm comfortable. Speaking of which, among the software I use directly for my own purposes, I can definitely single out desk booking system Unspot. When I need to focus on big and important tasks, I prefer to go to some office where I can have a private workspace.
  3. It would be cool to get a new Mac. I'm not sure I'll be able to save that much money anytime soon. By the way, if you're using a macbook, do you have any problems connecting your printer? I need to print documents from time to time, and to avoid going to copy centers, I'm used to printing everything quickly at home.
  4. I sometimes have a question for unemployed people. How do you look for a job if you haven't been able to find anything good so far? I think there are so many platforms and job sites nowadays that it's almost impossible to be left without income options.
  5. Aren't you afraid to do anything to your car? Maybe I'm not a car expert, but when I need to check something, let alone replace it, I prefer to go to a specialist. That way I feel more relaxed later on when I start driving.
  6. I also have times when I don't have time, don't want to or physically can't cook because I'm tired. But if I have the desire, I love to come up with something new. I recently found a Gourmet Food Store where you can even buy foie gras and various pâtés. I am fond of smoked salmon pate, and it's especially good with fresh bread, crunchy pickles. I plan to buy something else from this store, like cheeses.
  7. You definitely can't do without your own software nowadays, even if it's just a startup. I recommend finding experienced professionals and developers as soon as possible. This will help you grow your business faster and achieve better results.
  8. I've heard about various off-the-shelf ERP solutions, software and systems for business management. Where can I learn more about these and also find experts to help with integrating such tools into my business?
  9. Perhaps you're just an extremely rational person. Or maybe you just don't allow yourself to believe that there is something supernatural that can control us, help us, resist us and so on. But I agree with you about psychics. I feel more comfortable using online platforms like https://tarotreadingfree.com/reading/love-tarot-what-he-is-thinking, which includes free love tarot what is he thinking. Psychics charge too much money sometimes for their services, and there is no guarantee how well they are performed.
  10. It would also not hurt me to find some trusted resource where I can read match predictions, some statistics and everything that can help me in sports betting.
  11. Min familj kommer att flytta, men det är väldigt dyrt för pengarna. Kan du ge mig tips för att spara tid och pengar när du flyttar?
  12. Are console games relevant? It seems as if at some point game developers and game studios have tried to revive their popularity, but it's still hard to say that it's very much in demand.
  13. What do I need to develop in e-commerce? I have ideas about my own online business and am planning to launch an online store. I'll be glad to get your advice if you have experience in e-commerce.
  14. All this costs so much. I have a small area in my backyard that I could landscape and turn into a comfortable place to relax. But after calculating the budget, I realized that I couldn’t handle it yet.
  15. Not long ago, my keyboard on my Mac looked like this. The keys had long ago ceased to be matte, and some keys had scuffs. At the same time, the laptop works fine. I don't know if I should buy a new laptop.