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  1. Appreciate the replies and help, snoozee and petetherock yes, we want to buy the high-end ones and the savings are great. This forum is really helpful in sharing some details our builder hide from us. My project is a little delayed by planning changes and now the dorm covid cases. So I think it gives us enough time to shop around.
  2. I’m thinking of importing bathroom fittings such as taps, shower and perhaps toilet bowls from overseas. I’m rebuilding my house and my builder said need to have approved bathroom fittings (taps, shower) to clear TOP as the authorities may ask for certification. Does anyone have any experience in this? How true is this? thank you!
  3. Hi George, thank you for sharing your journey! I have just started rebuilding. Could you share the marble tiles contact. You could pm me. Thanks and congrats!
  4. Yes! I was worried about rental fee ? that’s a very good point. Thanks for the idea about having a fence to demarcate the boundary line.
  5. Ya, the “disputed” land is really a headache. We bought the house and did the topo. Then found out we got an extra slice. The trouble is they were there before us and they were the one who did the boundary wall. Unless their own topo guys made a mistake. My new neighbour seem very much into fengshui. So I really wonder whether they purposely left that slice out to keep that electric post from their plot and sacrifice their own land. so now, we just keep that area for greenery. I will speak to our architect again on this matter. thanks!
  6. Yes we have done the survey. And found that our land has encroached into theirs. Our architect said that my neighbour’s house is relatively new so chances of a rebuild is fairly remote. But I don’t want to risk building the pool on the side where we have a slice of their land. So putting the pool at a less risky place.
  7. Thanks a lot, Petetherock! I will follow up with my builder with these specifics. My location is at Serangoon. Building the pool at the backyard as there is a slight constraint.? our space has encroached on my neighbour land on the side where I wanted the pool initially. We felt the neighbour may know of encroachment as they might have purposely align their land such that they missed the electric pole at the backyard. So the pole is on my land ? and we gain about 100sqft.
  8. House is still under construction by builder in the very early stages. I actually don’t know the details of the pool specifics. ? could you please share with me what I must ask my builder. thank you!
  9. Hi Petetherock, thank you for sharing! I’m thinking of maintaining the pool myself or at least learn the ins and outs of maintain a pool. do you mind sharing the step by step and where you buy the materials. thank you!