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  1. petetherock

    Storage heater installation

    You gotta wonder when alan is considered a female isn’t it ? a friend of everjoint perhaps?
  2. petetherock

    Air-con Group Buy

    Hi Tim your pm is full.. i need: one system two consisting 2 9k blowers one system two with 2 12k blowers one system one 12k blower let me know?
  3. Distilled my experience into this https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/05/adding-pool-to-your-home.html and I’ve been maintaining the pool myself, it’s ok and gives some exercise too..
  4. Do you provide such a service ?
  5. That seems to be from Ikea, try their customer service..
  6. Pm me. I have about ten or so. Cheers
  7. I use my attic space for storage... very useful especially if you have many family members. Remember to add power points and some lights. Remove all debris first.
  8. Curtains don’t really cut out much sound. Light can be almost 100% cut, not sound. I use Fascina windows and their casement windows can cut a lot of sound.
  9. I used to visit the T blogs almost hourly. Even posted details of my own reno and I learnt a lot from others who shared their valuable info. But that was years ago.... you have to dig past at least 4-5 years to get past the spam bot posts, the ads posted by 'new members' who share about some contractor who supposedly did a good job. Can the mods and admin step in, before it all turns into a cesspool of ads on a forum that no one ever visits anymore? Then mods won't need to step in and post repeatedly to 'up' some old thread too? Sorry for being harsh, and I know some mod might not take kindly, but I would like to see renotalk restored to it's heyday as the go to place for all things about renovations, sharing tips and real info, rather than some ads... just see the bot that pops up when we sign in...
  10. My pool project is almost there.. Tiles in place, and they are installing the pumps right now.. Building a pool is just like any other reno job: - get everything in B&W: - type of equipment to be used - warranty of pool + gear - completion date - if you want anything included, get it in B&W!
  11. You should check with your builder, but if you are merely 're-roofing' and the look will be the same, it should be ok.
  12. The rains slowed things down a bit, but they will lay the concrete this week, then the tiles after that. Very excited that I can finally see the pool taking shape.. I will report back and share if this pool guy is solid once the deed is done. They are laying pipes for electricals too and very soon I can see the form shaping up.