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  1. I'm assuming that since you mentioned it's a sunken pool, you're digging the full 1.2m depth and a bit more for the concrete rebar.. If it's sunken, you'll need the concrete rebar type of pool... That's pretty deep and as snoozee has mentioned, there is a real risk of the boundary wall collapsing. Do it properly, get your builder to do a proper job, ask him to show you the details and ensure there won't be a collapse. There's a minimum thickness that you'll require.. you don't want to save and shave, and end up with a bigger problem..
  2. 6 aircons, pool, pond, HiFi room, four heaters and many gadgets... no trip..
  3. These companies have a set template, with their own designers / architects / builders like a package deal. In theory they can be cheaper, but in return for the convenience, you have less flexibility of design, customisation and materials used. Good for those who don't like hands on, and who can't monitor as much.
  4. You can ask them to take a look, assess the severity first, then decide. But knowingly buying a termite infected place might be tricky. If someone pro can assure you it's clear, I guess you can take your chance.. In any case, we may not know about such things beforehand. But you mentioned you are on a tight budget, so if it turns out to require a lot of reno or infestation work, you will blow your budget...
  5. IMO termites can be tricky I’ll avoid a home with one if I can For roof repair quotes, it’s best to work with a builder for actual quotes after a survey
  6. If you only engage him for ideas and purely design purposes it may work but you’ll need a builder with a good site manager my original ID had great ideas but he’s never done houses and it does show. Nevertheless he had some very good ideas which we used
  7. @Landednewbie Do check the dimensions of the pool - there should be a height, wide as well as length - 2 measurements doesn't make sense. Do note that if it's deeper than 1.2m, you'll need some permit, your builder should know this. There are many companies supplying parts, most are ok, it's the aftersales that makes the difference, and your builder is responsible for that. I maintain my own pool, but you can expect to pay 70$ a visit for cleaning and chlorine. I choose to do it myself as a form of exercise and save... For a 12m pool, get at least 3-4 underwater lights. Bright ones are better. You should check out counter-current systems, it's like a treadmill. Get quality parts for the M&E bits, if the valves break, they will cost $$ to repair. I had to replace some parts because I was trying to save initially. I had a ladder as well as stairs to allow easy entry, make allowance for a fence if you have kids. Avoid trees so leaves don't fall into the water ... good luck!
  8. The motors don’t really consume that much when you get the specs I can tell you more if it’s outdoors, even the water bills aren’t much i only top up the water during the hottest months I even installed a counter current and along with six air cons and many other gear, my bill is under $250
  9. Do check out the pool thread I started.. you'll have more info on pool costs there.. as for estimates, why not ask the builder for details? much better and more accurate
  10. Most ICs are sealed.. no smell at all and no bugs. Get yours fixed if there are bugs ..
  11. I pondered doing this for my home, but in the end I used the money to build a pool... it costs a lot and it's mainly done for the looks unless your porch is already in bad shape... Not cheap and you need a PE as snoozee mentioned..
  12. It's not the size / floor area that counts.. More importantly, what's your potential consumption?? Eg I have a pool, a pond, six blowers > 18k BTU, a home theatre room with large amps / subwoofers and many other electrical stuff and I am on a three phase 63A supply. No issues.
  13. If you have photos or diagrams of your land and the suggested pool construct, do show it.
  14. So real members here can't post links, and instead spams are allowed to roam freely.... what gives mods ???
  15. So you are encroaching onto theirs ? its best to avoid building something on such disputed land until the survey is done.. your build should be able to give solid advice on the size, shape, depth and need for permits etc how many skimmers, bottom suctioning, ladders and steps - places to sit and do a little jacuzzi for example also consider a counter current system and avoid trees so you don’t end up cleaning and clogging up the pumps start considering the pool tile and styles too and any water features Eg a fountain or slide