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  1. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable quote.. gutting of the interior can cost around 300k depending on size and materials.. then 50-100 for the roof. The rest of the money for the extension... and don’t forget permits and design fees... it’s not a simple job..
  2. You can either work with a contractor or go to a place like Hafele / Blum and work with the kitchen experts directly.. they have their contractors too. Don't go for Ikea, their contractors are not so good and your savings are minimal.. A designer will obviously cost more - so go for them if you have the budget..
  3. I suggest you try lazada, ali or taobao instead and get a 220V for safety reasons..
  4. Look around the forum, see what others have done or used, and then talk to and shortlist about three to talk to in depth. They should be able to handle everything, even the auto-gate, so you only talk to one person. If you wish to get a designer / ID, they need to work with your builder. Otherwise you have to rely on whatever the builder is capable of doing for you.
  5. So are you saying if I add an additional floor, I don't need to reinforce? I've seen at least one house in the same row do so. Thanks
  6. The one nearer MRT sounds better but you should have a checklist that only you can fulfill properly Eg immediate surroundings also play a part Some ball park numbers - you really need to talk to builders instead of just asking in a forum 300k for a makeover add 150k to build one more floor Unless you change the interior and sewer layout then you need to pay more. All the best! 20 year old is perfectly fine but your builder needs to assess the actual condition
  7. Replied you.. BTW, it's not cheap and once you touch the roof, you will need permits and $$. At least the rain has stopped. All the best bro.
  8. Sent you a pm.. you can work out the rates with him. He does houses.. When you compare quotes, make sure you do an apples to apples comparison, in terms of materials, T&C, what is covered etc and cost of making alterations, penalties and completion timeline.
  9. There's no reply from mods.. I've had my posts hidden randomly.. Too many ad bots and ad posters that ruin this site I suppose. Try again in a day or two, or move onto other sites .. Fabulous home!
  10. It's possible to do a pool for <50 for a small pool, but 2 by 5 is more like a koi pond unless you add a counter current system.. This includes the rebar concrete pool, tiles, deck and pump system.. I can share my contact, if you need it.
  11. It's a good idea. Talk to one of the larger companies, and they can tie up with the right timing. If you do a tear down, you will only want to do it at certain stages, eg they can inspect when the tear down is complete, check the neighbor's roof / attic and treat closer to completion.
  12. Most places that sell doors will be able to do this. These are made from PU for toilets. You can also use bifold doors too if you want something classier for a bedroom.
  13. I'm afraid there's something wrong with that ID, Case and legal are my suggestions..
  14. It's not practical or easy to go check every brick, cable or power point. Pay your builder a decent amount and give him / her some margin and you will be fine. Go too cheap and you will end up with cheap parts. That's what happens in real life. As for fittings, you can save some by buying on your own during sales, and giving them to your builder - I did that for lights / toilet stuff etc. But I didn't check what type of cables and bricks he used. Go turn key and get someone to build to a budget unless you want to buy all the bricks and wires for your builder
  15. You can go to most paint stores (I use Painter's Corner) and ask for rust remover, then paint over with paint for metal parts. The owner is very friendly and knowledgable..