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  1. What are the maintenance costs ? you can hire someone to come weekly for around 70–100 or you may consider DIY tasks: - check PH - see what kind of filtration system you employ some need topping up of chemicals regularly - top up chlorine, either with a floating tablet or powder. I use powder forms that I get from pool stores Eg Proline - cleaning - clear leaves; suck debris, sweep or brush the bottom - you can also buy a robot which ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand - clear the leaves from your pump system - clean the pump room - backwash and flush so only you can decide if you’re up to it or do you need help and labor isn’t cheap right now
  2. Responding to an old post and talking about not wearing masks 😷 I guess you’re not a local spambot
  3. Is there sewer work involved? I had to move one toilet and do the needed sewer work. Paperwork and plumbing and sewer pipes cost 15k for that toilet alone and they had to dig really deep as the foundations were pretty deep so they had to dig under that for the new pipes .. so it might really be around there..
  4. The wood patterned tiles is a good idea, I use it in the backyard. The catch is how hot they get, but they will last a very long time. For the covered areas, having wood under my feet feels great, but you always need to understand there are replacement costs. It may last longer when it's out of the sun, but it's still subject to wear and tear..
  5. either one is fine but know that if there’s direct sun the lifespan is around a decade or so My builder did it for me, you can google charis and ask for a quote. Just know that building costs have gone up a lot now if you’re getting Chengai make sure it’s not young wood.
  6. Does the price include the toilet bowls and sinks etc ?
  7. Wow, hopefully the house itself wasn't affected? Re attic level: Thanks, I was put off by the price - 150k back then, so I went with a pool instead. The builder said the foundation were good, so when they dug the pool, it was simple. They also braced the walls and despite some heavy rains, the build was done in a month or so. But they did not dig very deep.
  8. Just curious, how often does a rebuild cause serious issues with the neighbors? With an intermediate terrace, there are two sides and not a lot of room, so it sound pretty precarious... Or is it easy to add one more layer? I know you need a PE etc, but typically can you strengthen the existing structure and top a half layer to a 3 storey?
  9. This is interesting, so if a house was built post 1991, it should be ok?
  10. Your contractor will have sources pool companies will have some or go online to shoppee and lazada will have both items even the intercom too. Just check what features do you want, does it require the use of your phone etc then you will need to go online and google for sellers which can answer your questions I just wonder why your builder can’t help... builders have the largest list of contacts
  11. Three years warranty is meaningless - my pool builder did a decent job building but then he’s gone and so will the warranty most important do the build right
  12. There are many system, just look for those which can be installed into an existing pool... https://swimworldpool.com/endless-pool-swim-spas/
  13. BTW bro.. it doesn't mean that if you post in many threads, you'll get more answers.. probably less.. There are only a few peeps in the forum who are helping.. the spambots outnumber the contributors right now..
  14. It was part of the build. There are many options for adding on, just google for them - can't post links here Any stroke is fine, but a snorkel works for me as I swim quite hard. You should be able to adjust the bubbles. Again choose one that fits your functional needs.