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  1. I used to visit the T blogs almost hourly. Even posted details of my own reno and I learnt a lot from others who shared their valuable info. But that was years ago.... you have to dig past at least 4-5 years to get past the spam bot posts, the ads posted by 'new members' who share about some contractor who supposedly did a good job. Can the mods and admin step in, before it all turns into a cesspool of ads on a forum that no one ever visits anymore? Then mods won't need to step in and post repeatedly to 'up' some old thread too? Sorry for being harsh, and I know some mod might not take kindly, but I would like to see renotalk restored to it's heyday as the go to place for all things about renovations, sharing tips and real info, rather than some ads... just see the bot that pops up when we sign in...
  2. My pool project is almost there.. Tiles in place, and they are installing the pumps right now.. Building a pool is just like any other reno job: - get everything in B&W: - type of equipment to be used - warranty of pool + gear - completion date - if you want anything included, get it in B&W!
  3. You should check with your builder, but if you are merely 're-roofing' and the look will be the same, it should be ok.
  4. The rains slowed things down a bit, but they will lay the concrete this week, then the tiles after that. Very excited that I can finally see the pool taking shape.. I will report back and share if this pool guy is solid once the deed is done. They are laying pipes for electricals too and very soon I can see the form shaping up.
  5. My neighbour sustained some water damage in the course of some cleaning work. My builder was very prompt in his response, went down the same day. That limits the anger, and also allows a survey of any damage before it can be tampered with. Eg, if the neighbour complains his washing machine was spoilt, he dug a little further and it turns out that it was already on the blink before the washing.. but a prompt response helps downplay any anger.
  6. petetherock

    Our Modern Abode

    Is that a Crestar fan? 40”? Thanks
  7. I use Gawa. Check out their Econ series.
  8. petetherock

    Low water pressure problem

    You may need a storage heater or a pressure booster.
  9. Eh you just revived a 2016 thread in which the company mentioned has most likely closed.. their factory suffered a big loss after a fire in the same year... https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/fire-breaks-out-sungei-kadut-warehouse
  10. Currently, the boss suggested using Astral 0.5Hp pump and lights, concrete pool with rebar etc.. He says I can DIY most of the maintenance myself.. let's see
  11. Thanks bro He came once, took a look, made an offer then disappeared So I approached his old partner who owns Phyto and they are doing an assessment.. do you know this company?
  12. BTW did you solve your algae issue? I use a Ehiem 3400 pump (two actually) and the water has been clear in my 1.5 X 2m pond..
  13. Amazing blog and journey, I hope to learn more and use it on my own journey. Thumbs up and I hope you keep updating it.. Will you have done anything differently? You said it's mainly reno, so no permits needed or did you touch the roof (might have missed that)? Nice info on the ladders, internet in the home and how to deal with contractors and workers
  14. Dear friends My new place has a 12m long driveway and I am considering building a 10 by 2 m lap pool, about 1.2m deep. May I know how much it costs to build one, and the monthly maintenance costs? Thanks
  15. Hi Can you pm me your build and where did you shop for your kitchen stuff? Thanks