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  1. Adding skylight = new roof or touching it means potentially exposing it to leaks adding a three phase system - I highly recommend it enough even if you have seven air cons and two pools running plus a lot of electronics
  2. Walking distance to Kovan MRT, lots of food choices around, nice! Pretty big plots there too it seems.. it looks like many of the houses there can park two cars in the driveway.. 25 year old roofs should be fine if you decide to keep it but check.. You will need to tear up the pipes and electrical cables, don't scrimp on these. Change the rain gutters too. You can wait for sales next year since you don't need the toilet bowls and such so soon. Put lots of LAN points and power sockets!
  3. Even if you don't re-do it. Make sure you give it a new layer of waterproofing paint. It's worth the trouble if you intend to live there for many years. It's cheaper to put up the scaffold and then check the roof. Good time for it, December rains will test your roof! Remember to put 20% of time and money aside. Which area is your home in? You missed a recent Bravat / Econflo sale.. look out for more.. There's a Philips sale this month..
  4. Is there a site to calculate the total height or the GFA? Or if one lives in a three storey area, is there a max GFA / height? Thanks bro
  5. I've sent you a pm, you can talk to them. I'm not related to them. No financial interest.
  6. Sounds similar to my job.. 200-300k Why the wide range? It depends on the fittings, and what kind of tiles etc. I also include cabinets in my build.. I didn't touch the roof, which can easily add 40k or more. But I did repaint the roof with waterproofing. PM me if you need a builder..
  7. So if it does not say 3 storey, does it mean by default, it's 2 stories?
  8. You have to check if it's in a two or three storey zone.. There are some nice designs where you go lower for L1 as a car park and the main living / dining is actually on L2. Just take a walk around the Frankel / Siglap area for some inspiration. If you need a builder, you can pm me. But if you are going to stay there for a long time, do consider the basement or the pool. I did the pool, no regrets, it's my daily physio now
  9. Wash the clothes when you wake up, hang them up and they will be dry before you come home for dinner.
  10. You'll need a good engineer to check your home.. BTW, 250k for A&A is very decent, especially with the extension work.. I've previously sent you my builder too. A new home for 920k is also very good and if intend to live there for >20 yrs, that's not a bad investment.
  11. I just finished the reno on my inter-terrace, used Charis - you can look for them... did a good job.
  12. The forum is a lot quieter .. so it's best to talk to a contractor .. I used polycarbonate for my front and rear porch. Its slight tinted, so the floor doesn't get so warm. The darker it gets, the less light gets in. You will need something like V Cool if you really want a darker shade.
  13. Yep, like I said... you need some land ahead of your gate... less so for sliding gates.