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  1. I also use my storeroom under the stairs natural ventilation
  2. Links are not allowed here just google for Pete’s write for my posts on setting up a network with Google mesh you can use many alternatives but make sure there’s Ethernet backhaul. Best to do some homework on this first ..
  3. I bought during the 11/11 offers and from the Philips sales. So most of my lights are from them. These things are worth spending a bit more for quality, as LED lights can be hard to access. I used Aliexpress for solar garden lights and more easy to change items. OR Get the older screw in type fixtures and use bulbs. The LED lights themselves don't break down much. But you have to make sure your drivers are accessible. I am particular about sound, so my HT den has it's own DB. More importantly, get a pure power line to your HT den if you are particular about sound. Pay attention to the LAN layout and make sure there are enough powerpoints and LAN cables. You can't have enough of either. Also if solar is a consideration at all, get a 32A isolater ready. Add another for the electric car..
  4. My three storey renovation electrical quote was 30k all in. New plugs, 3 DB, 6 isolaters, LAN points, many powerpoints... the nice thing was they didn't try to quote per item, so they were quite friendly towards adding stuff. Even took my old fans from my old place and installed in my new home. But after Covid costs will go up. By the way, what's with the trend of starting a new thread for every question... hmmm...
  5. Don't forget to plan how you'll want to clean it.. I considered a skylight, but the cost, the potential leaks, versus just leaving a lamp on .. I chose the latter..
  6. You can do that, or make use of your internet network and watch on MeWatch apps in your TV.
  7. I’ve been using tecno in my kitchen for the past couple of years too with no issues one hub one oven one cooker and two hoods all from their warehouse sale
  8. It's a silly forum when spam bots can post anything, and we can't post legit links. I don't think there are any mods who are listening .... hello....
  9. It's not the cost. Many owners won't let you have it unless you have signed the OTP.
  10. Yeah the constant hum of the motors will be a real issue a pool on level one is easier but I’m guessing you have an inter terrace there’s such a house in ST today for you to consider they use the entire ground floor for a 21m pool. Logistically much simpler to construct you save on GFA and costs as mentioned
  11. Roof top pools tend to involve more technical expertise it’s beautiful and an infinity pool design can be lovely but some issues waterproofing is vital engineer assessment of weight bearing service and maintenance of the pump system moisture control make sure you have a three phase 63a power supply as a minimum How to make it watertight is the key
  12. Nice of the owner to let you have a copy those will be the definitive plans unless some renovations were done
  13. You may want to approach the local vendors like Astral Pools or Pentair for some of theirs. But it will be hard to retrofit without visible cables and the fear of electrocution... It's important to plan ahead. If you want path lights around the pool, lay the cables first or you'll have to resort to solar solutions..
  14. What is included in your quote really depends on many factors that are within your control. If you opt for high cost marble, granite driveways, 100A power supplies, and top level fittings, even 400 psf won't be enough.. So I strongly suggest that it's pointless to solicit what's included, and talk directly with your builder to negotiate a price that suits your needs and control the cost by adjusting the materials and what frills you want. Avoid VO, and too many changes. Electrical work can cost a lot too, and what you do with the pool will also change your costs significantly.
  15. I'm assuming that since you mentioned it's a sunken pool, you're digging the full 1.2m depth and a bit more for the concrete rebar.. If it's sunken, you'll need the concrete rebar type of pool... That's pretty deep and as snoozee has mentioned, there is a real risk of the boundary wall collapsing. Do it properly, get your builder to do a proper job, ask him to show you the details and ensure there won't be a collapse. There's a minimum thickness that you'll require.. you don't want to save and shave, and end up with a bigger problem..