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  1. I had a good experience with Charis - you can google for them (not related to them)
  2. You can find a storage place commercially, or use the opportunity to clean up the clutter..
  3. You gotta wonder when alan is considered a female isn’t it ? a friend of everjoint perhaps?
  4. This site gives you a basic idea: https://www.bca.gov.sg/Professionals/IQUAS/others/home.pdf
  5. Hi Tim your pm is full.. i need: one system two consisting 2 9k blowers one system two with 2 12k blowers one system one 12k blower let me know?
  6. Distilled my experience into this https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/05/adding-pool-to-your-home.html and I’ve been maintaining the pool myself, it’s ok and gives some exercise too..
  7. That seems to be from Ikea, try their customer service..
  8. I use my attic space for storage... very useful especially if you have many family members. Remember to add power points and some lights. Remove all debris first.