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  1. 25 years isn't that old. The roof can last much longer, just check it. Your builder will be able to check for you. A&A without adding floors / changing the stairs should cost under 300k but costs may have gone up due to the Covid manpower issues. Yes as a minimum do paint inside and out. You can also paint or add a waterproofing paint to the roof. It's worth it especially if you don't need to change it. Work with your builder, they will have a proper checklist for you.
  2. I got this off a propertyguru ad.. I think this is about as narrow as you can get. But it will fit nicely. Look up "Bungalow with Elevator in Changi District 17" Can't post links here...
  3. This forum doesn't allow links. Just google for it and you'll see. With even a 5m long pool, you can get a proper workout.
  4. Yeah, that's good. You may want two: Front and back. That's what my friend suggested. And if you want, one more for the electric car. I have only two, one for the car and kiv solar...
  5. Your builder is likely to get help if he doesn’t do it, do ask or you can find someone yourself and get your architect to coordinate BTW I checked my own arm span before I built my pool - it’s 1.8m so I only get 10 cm on each side to paddle and avoid hitting the side walls. You should check too and see how much Parton do you need. Do consider installing a counter current system - you won’t need a very long pool then.
  6. If you feel it's a waste of land, then it may not for you bro.. like I said, you have to check if you can swim properly in a 1.5m width pool so it doesn't become a fancy fish tank immediately.. It has to be what you'll use and enjoy.. I use mine daily, and even when I don't swim in it, I just sit down in it and soak.. It's very relaxing. At night I take swims too and it's a nice feeling swimming in a lit watery world.. I put my thoughts here:
  7. Some pool costs: - chlorine either in tablet form or powder - I prefer powder - cleaning and flushing the pool - you can hire someone for around 70-80 a week - topping up the water Most of these, you can manage yourself actually... it can be done.
  8. Hi bro It's a nice idea to have a pool, but some logistics: - I think you need to check your arm span. You can't plan exactly to that, you need some leeway - you don't always swim straight haha. Unless you only do the freestyle, it can't be that narrow. - as for the path, as mentioned in the pm. You should check your workflow - eg since you have a semi d, you can go into the pool from the side, and so you don't need a path. Otherwise it will eat into the width of the pool. 1.5 + 0.6 = 2.1m. Thats a nice width. Don't forget about the boundary wall and you do want a solid side wall to withstand the stress of the wall. I would suggest a concrete job, rather than those vinyl lined stuff. It will last for > 10 years. Remember to budget in for maintenance, and cleaning etc. Good luck~
  9. Yeah its likely to be rather old and you don’t want to save and end up with structural issues later on
  10. Try asking in a HT or hifi forum, you'll find more responders. Eg Stereonet Asia or HWZ..
  11. IMO a cracked floor is a significant warning sign.. Getting a PE is vital. Don’t end up with a massive rebuild bill unless you’re ready for it
  12. It depends on whether you want a pool... leaves and pool make bad partners.. trees also need trimming, and they can fall sick.. I have a 5m tall bonsai, and it's lovely but it's not easy to trim..