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  1. Add an additional storey or attic will be considered as reconstruction and no longer A&A. 300k if just construction cost maybe. But if you want everything including submission fees and professional fess then unlikely to happen.
  2. snoozee

    Put tool box and can of paint

    I don't see any issues with that. if your countertop is already installed, then that will be an issue. but if it's still just having the plywood frame which is eventually going to be covered, then not a big deal actually. however since this is your house and if you don't like what you see, just tell the carpenters nicely not to do that in future
  3. snoozee

    Construction Loan

    We were told that the construction loan is normally at prime lending rates which is about 5%. But DBS offer to me is at 3.4% +FHR8 which essentially is at 3.9%. the construction loan is based on 75% of the construction cost (from the contractor's quote you submit to the bank). so you don't get full 100% loan for your construction. disbursements will only happen after you have paid 25% of the construction cost to your contractor. eg: construction cost is 1M. bank will loan you 750K. you need to pay 250K to your contractor first before bank will start disbursing the construction loan directly to your contractor based on the contractor's progress claims and certified by the QP. the construction loan will be converted to home loan after TOP is obtained. rates will then be adjusted to be in sync with the home loan rates. different banks will have different loan quantum and interest rates so ask around. but if you have an existing home loan from a bank, chances are you will end up getting the construction loan from the same bank if the bank offers construction loans.
  4. technically you are not allowed to do concealed wiring yourself by hacking the walls. unless you are doing a false ceiling or L-box where the wiring is concealed inside than is ok. the green dot location is good for the router. but do note that you will need to provide a power point for the router at that location as well unless you are getting a wireless access point which can run on POE which will mean you will need to buy a POE switch. if you want the ONT to be at the same location, then another power point there as well. if your switch for the wired points is going to be there, means another power socket as well. running Cat6 cable should be cheaper than fiber optics. it is not recommended to run network cable together with power cables due to possible electrical interference from the power cables to the network cables. but if your cat6 cables have shielding in them, then it should be ok. HDB floor plan indicates structural beams and columns. beams will only be at the ceiling area and anything below the beam will just be just normal walls. from your floor plan, can't really confirm if they are just beams or columns. either way, you can't hack the beams and columns. my suggestion is for you to just keep the ONT with the fiber termination point and have all the Cat6 cables run to that location. if you want, run another set of power point and Cat6 cable to the green dot location for your wireless router/AP.
  5. I don’t think have anything off the shelf that can do what you want. But it is technically possible with some custom IOT hardware to interface with the gate hardware. For me, I just purchased a set of video doorbell with 4 video monitors and it also comes with electrical lock for gate with a remote controller to unlock the gate or can use the video monitor or video door bell (with access key/card) to unlock. All are hardwired from inside the house to gate. Entire setup cost me less than $500 from AliExpress.
  6. is your backsplash from Hafary RM Calacatta or RM Statuario porcelain tiles? mind PM me the granite supplier you used so I can avoid them?
  7. officially, pre-con CCTV is no longer needed by PUB and normally if works does not involve sewer, I think no one would want to add on this expense as well. the thing is when the site survey is done, did the topo contractors measure the invert level of the existing IC? if yes, then did someone pick up from the plans that the existing IC's invert level may be insufficient? for my house, the existing IC's invert level to FFL is only about 730mm which is below the required 750mm and I had raised this to my architect. but in the end as we are abandoning this IC, it didn't turn out to be a problem at all. since you mentioned that the new floor level needs to be raised, would the new floor level be at least 750mm from the bottom of the IC to clear PUB's requirements?
  8. is it the glue which they used to stick the glass to the wall?
  9. Too low or too high relative to your new finished floor level? Unless you are changing your existing finished floor level by quite a bit, usually shouldn’t be an issue. Of cos if the level difference is already marginal then no choice. The bottom of the IC must be at a certain level from the finished floor level to prevent backflow. But this level must be high enough to provide a minimum gradient for the connection to the public sewer. Unfortunately this out of scope expense is something you have no choice but to fork out else you can’t move forward in your construction
  10. Not sure if this would work. Depending on where the broken connection is located, you could possibly build a new IC at that broken part so that this IC serves your house and also is connected to the existing IC. So the new IC will become the last IC instead.
  11. Imzz, ask your architect or builder to get the plumber in for discussion. The plumber will be the best person to give advise as they will know the regulations for sanitary requirements better. My opinion is this. If the IC is shared by your neighbour, you cannot abandon it. If the sewer connection is broken, you will need to fix it else waste water will flow into the soil and cause issues. unless you are willing to spend $$ to build another connection to the main sewer and then possibly let your neighbour use this new sewer connection as well then you can abandon the existing IC. However this also depends on whether the neighbour behind you allows you to dig up his back yard to do the new sewer connection or not (I assume the main sewer is running through your back neighbour’s house which is common in old estates) There are quite a bit of rules and regulations on how sewers can be connected so best to get the plumber involved and this will also need submission to PUB for approval
  12. I think you will still need to go through the entire planning process for approval from URA, BCA, SCDF, etc. I had toyed about this idea before but decided it's not worth doing it in Singapore. firstly you are restricted by the dimensions of the containers which is either 20ft, 40ft or 45ft. the height of the containers are either 8ft or 9.6ft with the width all standard at 8ft (2.43m). so if you have a inter terrace land which is about 20ft wide, you can only put in 2 containers side by side. then you need to think about how to join the containers together and where to cut holes to build the stairs to connect to the upper containers. so essentially your house design must be done around the constraints of the container size. secondly you will need to use structural steel to do any additional joints, stairs, etc for the containers and steel is expensive in Singapore. unless you have a plot of land which is for detached house, I would say it's not really worth doing it in Singapore. of cos if you decide to do it, do share your journey with us.
  13. if your house is very old, the BCA plans may not contain the necessary information. so in order to find out the various levels of your house, you would need to engage a surveyor to perform the topo survey. from this topo survey, you can know the actual level of the 1st storey floor of your house. since you are doing a major A&A, you can see if your contractor can do the topo survey for you to get the levels of the house. of cos if any of your neighbors have rebuilt or done a reconstruction in recent years, can always ask to see their architectural plans and guage which level your house is at from the information in their plans.
  14. government agencies have to respond within 3 working days to emails. if you write to ST forum and your letter is published, confirm will get a reply from HDB. Or can contact TNP or the Chinese news papers and see if they are interested to do an article on the issue. HDB will surely respond once the thing gets blown up.