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  1. for my previous flat, immediately outside the main door is a flight of stairs. so when our block had to go through lift upgrading, the units (except top floor) had to have a lift landing built where the balcony area is. so end up the units all have another main door built at the balcony area. so if your block has the exact same staircase layout at my previous flat and has not gone through lift upgrading, you may encounter the same situation where a new door is built at your balcony.
  2. truth and lie you can't make the cabinet exactly the same width as the opening. normally will be a bit smaller so can fit in. but from your picture. the measurements seemed to be quite off which resulted in them using a bigger piece of laminate to cover up the hole there. maybe you can look below the cabinet and see if there is indeed a gap on the right side. this is provided the contractor had not used any laminate to cover up the hole as well.
  3. haha ok. your flat should be built around 1982 then. last time HDB design is internal "cookie cutter design" unlike now where they engage private architects to design the flats. since you like to cook and bake, you would love the kitchen which is huge compared to flats built in the last 20 years. the rooms are also very spacious as well to fit queen size beds and even a king size bed in the master. if you don't need the store room, can even hack down the wall to add in a walk in wardrobe.
  4. actually your aircon installer could have run the trunking vertically up at the corner where the 2 walls meet and punching through the wall to go out of the flat instead of running across partially then up and out. this would have made the whole installation much neater. unless there is a huge column outside the flat which doesn't allow this then no choice.
  5. your flat is somewhere near eunos/kaki bukit? the floor plan is exactly the same as my previous flat!
  6. snoozee

    Ceiling help needed

    It’s the skim coat which has fallen off. Should cost a few hundred to redo the skim coat and paint over
  7. This special crane is when the quarries are trying to maximize the container by loading the slabs directly without any or minimal crating. If you are ordering just a few slabs, the suppliers will crate the slabs in specially built wooden crates to hold the slabs in place. These crates can be loaded/unloaded using a normal forklift with straps and need not use these elaborate cranes.
  8. If the cargo transfer from container to truck is already factored in then should be ok. Cos you don’t want to have all this surprise costs after the container comes over. Not sure what your agent is telling you about the special crane. There is no way a crane can get inside a shipping container unless the container is those special type which have a canvas sheet for the roof instead of the usual metal. Normally the container and trailer will be parked at a warehouse with loading/unloading docks which the floor level is the same as the container when it is on the trailer. So the forklift will just drive into the container and offload the goods. Unless your agent is describing the process where the container with cargo is offloaded from the trailer to the ground then this is where the special crane is needed for offloading the entire container, not the pallets inside the container.
  9. snoozee

    Washing Machine drainage pipe

    Last time mine was also vertical. Never had issues with that
  10. AWS, good info. You mentioned direct from port to site. Are you going to have forklift on site to unload the pallets? Do note that the forklift have to get into the container to unload those pallets which are all the way inside the container. So I think you will need to factor in additional costs for the transfer of cargo from container to lorry crane for delivery.
  11. hmmm. the curved edge of porcelain tiles doesn't seem to be an issue now especially for floor tiles. I remembered my flat had homogeneous tiles and the edges don't have the curve from tiles like 20 or 30 years ago. in fact, as we had bought a resale flat, I even managed to find back the same tile pattern but had to pay to cut them down to the 500 x 500 size from the 600 x 600 as they didn't sell the tiles in 500 size anymore. the replacement tiles fitted perfectly in as well.
  12. snoozee

    Washing Machine drainage pipe

    even if you cut the pipe, you will still get water left inside your hose if you are still connecting your hose to this pipe vertically. the washing machine drainage normally is at the bottom with the hose also connected at the bottom. so unless you can lay your hose horizontally with the outlet lower than the washing machine, you will always end up having water left over in the hose if the hose is connected vertically.
  13. wow! you big time developer or building a huge GCB which needs 3 container loads of tiles? getting those left over project tiles can be cheaper but again like you mentioned, depends a lot on the timing since these are not always available and also in the colour and quantity required. there's some sellers on alibaba which sells by min 50sqm or 100sqm. of cos the psf pricing would be higher than buying by the container load. one issue with using homogeneous tiles is the risk of popping due to poor installation which we always hear about in the news. the tillers install the tiles with gaps which are lesser than the recommended 3mm to 5mm. also expansion strips are not installed at intervals to cater for the expansion/contraction of the tiles. whether using those bigger 800x800 or 1000x1000 tiles will prevent the popping issue or not no one knows. also not sure if using homogeneous tiles can achieve the seamless look due to the grout lines in between tiles. if $$$ is not an issue and still want to achieve the grand look, can always cut the floor tiles from marble slabs which should be able to get the 800x800 or 1000x1000 ones if the slab is big enough.
  14. snoozee

    share electrical plug

    fridge with microwave oven should be ok. fridge with washing machine may or may not. it all depends on how much power each of the appliances draw when in use. the home power socket supplies up to a max of 13A for all appliances which are connected. exceed that and you will get power trips. however, do note that this 13A is not just for that particular socket. normally in home, the sockets are interconnected before being connected to the incoming DB. so if your sockets for your fridge and your washing machine, though they are plugged to different sockets, have the sockets wired to the same breaker in the DB, you will still get power trips
  15. if need to involve local supplier to dry lay, then becomes another challenge on which company will do it since you're not buying the marble from them in the first place. the other option is not to dry lay at all but don't know what pattern the marble floor will look like then. best possible option is to be able to go to the china factories directly and have them do the dry lay there before shipping over the tiles. another "problem" is how to pay them if fly over to buy. bring load of cash over to pay? haha