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  1. Thank you Snoozee and IceEyez for your valuable advice. 1) In this scenario regarding the shifting of the gate, if the width of the land is 11.4m long, and I have to set 6m away from my neighbour’s gate on my right and also 2m from the boundary line on my left , does this mean I can essentially shift my gate and do up a gate that’s max 3.4m in width? I have also purchased the BCA plan, SIP, DIP and RLP. Except from having a surveyor or PE to come down, can I safely assume that it’s highly probable that I will be able to shift my gate? 2) Regarding the rebuilding aspects, can I safely assume $350psf including miscellaneous costs such as fees for the PE, Surveyor, soil test etc? Any idea what typically forms the main bulk of costs for rebuilding? For example, the main structure or carpentry? Or Electrical and Plumbing? I have read that $350psf for rebuild is for a mid range build. Can I understand that it means by mid range? For example, parquet instead of marble? Or bricks instead of concrete? 3) For a land size of 3800 sqft, based on your experience, is it recommended to look at having 2 buildings separated by maybe a quiet garden or patio that is about 10m in length? Width of land is about 11.4m and Length of land is about 33m. I understand that an architect can give a better representation of the rebuild and I just wanted to gather from fellow contributors in the forum. Thank you!
  2. Dear All, I am new to the forum. Have some queries regarding a semi d I’m looking at. 1) What do PEs and Surveyors look at regarding shifting of the gate for the semi d? Gate refers to the gate for cars to enter and exit. At the moment, This semi d is attached to another semi d on it’s right. On it’s left, there’s another pair of semi d that’s detached from my house. There is also a covered drain combined with a pedestrian path in front of my semi d. In this scenario, am I able to shift the gate? I understand I need to keep Min 6m of pedestrain walkway on both sides of my car gate entrance? Is that right? Or are there other factors I should be aware of? 2) Prior to buying the house, we also intend to get a PE and surveyor to assess whether we can shift the car access gate as this will determine whether we will buy the house. Any idea what the fees for PE and surveyor are, including Fees for bca and LTA submission? As I do not have any design idea yet for my rebuild, are the fees for the PE and surveyor a one time fee? Or do I have to pay for a PE and surveyor again after I buy the house and have decided on the rebuild design? thank you in advance for your advice!