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  1. No worries, you can pm me again, was off this forum for quite long .. so far so good for the house! No complaints.
  2. They are currently building my new house , so far so good. no complaints! If you need the quote can share with you. All the best!
  3. @fitz00 if your pe mentions that need piling foundation, probably you cant escape this cost. construction might get abit higher due to the covid 19 situation in singapore.
  4. nice piece of sharing from snoozee! really love your advice on this fourm! ^.^
  5. Think if its a 2 storey house can support ba. if existing 1 storey house dont think the existing structure can withstand without add new structures . some of my friend who purchased 1 level terrace house also chose to rebuild instead.
  6. I get quoted this price for the ectension of the front and back. redoing attic i am not sure how much that will cost haha.
  7. I think this type of extension project should cost around 300 to 400k as i got a quote from my builder for 3 options before. but i would say future wise, best to rebuild as you will be using the old existing structure of the house which probably wouldnt make economical sense unless you have a budget to work with.
  8. I think your builder/consultant will be able to do soil test to determine the soil condition of the house for you to solve this issue. Big drains probably have more cockroach inside, probably as covered you would not face the problem.
  9. Seems like market condition manpower is very limited and materials are also not readily available, previously browsed thorugh this forum builders are roughly about $300 for build in area , $400 seems abit on the high side.
  10. yes you can purchase your sewerage plans from pub website and the structural plans from bca website. I think builder do not charge for consultation.
  11. I think you need you sewerage plan as well as your structural drawings. approaching architect or builder will be good to gauge your cost to newly erect.
  12. Does not look like the worst is over yet for covid19 cases, would suggest that you should take a look see approach. unless there is a good deal from this economic situation.
  13. Building Cost $920K Archi and consultant fee $40k, total $960k.. Managed to work under $1mil.