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  1. Very nice! I like the light and openess! Can share with me contractor details!
  2. Hi Jumbopanther, thanks so much for sharing your blog which i found so useful! Would you be able to share the contact of your contractor? Mine is a landed house! many thanks!
  3. Thanks Snoozee, May I know what are the risks if we don’t do up the roof now, is it only a matter of time when it’s required to be done? also, would we have to check water tanks etc? Totally noob about this. finally on both options a and b; would I need an architect?
  4. Hi, I am looking to buy a 25 year old corner terrace and would like to seek some advice on a few areas listed below areas to look out for for major red flags; Do I need to consider replacing the roofs and repainting the exterior? How often would we have to repaint the exterior of a house? How do I assess whether there are issues with pests? Terribly frightened of rats! Also, in terms of reno, I am thinking of the 2 options below. May I know if a contractor is enough or I would require a builder, or an architect or any other experts I might have missed? Any high level indication of approx costs on the below options based on 3000sqft built up? Option A - simple reno necessities (wet works, electrical wiring, painting, carpentry, flooring) and also widening the existing windows to the floor-to-ceiling type. Option B - Option A + modifying the layout of one floor; expanding a staircase opening, breaking down some walls; partitioning part of the kitchen space to build a helpers room Is option B considered a major reno or an A&A? Thanks
  5. Thanks again for the advice! Makes sense and even if I fix it now; since it’s the overall soil condition ... the issues might crop up again years later
  6. Thanks snoozee! The cracks and sloping floor is outside the house. wonders now if it’s worth risking it or we should look for another place instead ?
  7. Thank you so much all for your advice! I don’t intend to rebuild actually... just intend to renovate and change piping; wet works etc In this case, is a PE still the right expert? If so, any recommended PEs to help assess? Thanks again all!
  8. Hi all, I saw a house which we were very keen to get as we liked it except for 2 issues: 1) cracked and slopping floor - which we understand could be due to the soft soil; hence soil movements. Quite concerned if this meant further structural issues and whether it would be a liability a couple of years later. Any experts who can help? 2) there is a big drain around the perimeter of the house - would this mean more rats and pests? thank you so much for your valuable insights! Deeply appreciated!