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  1. Apology, have not return to this blog for some time already, didnt know still got people reading my posts. By the way, my builder only does landed housing.
  2. Haha, great minds think alike, have been using this fridge and jobs for months already, absolutely no regrets!!
  3. Ok, My builder specialises in doing landed housing only and just to let you know, he does not anyhow take on jobs, he will assess the site and scope of works accordingly.
  4. Mine is all arrange by my main con who engage the wood work subcontractor directly. They need to install new door frame with the concrete wall as well as open new holes on the frame to fit the lever type handle. Slight coordination work, not complex if using wooden frame. Metal frame cutting more difficult.
  5. hi please pm me the damage, location and how much you obtain and renovated your home...


  6. Well, door frame need not be supported just at the base, it can also be supported on its vertical side, so need not have to 'root' it in the base cement. If you do door frame first, just ask how do you cut the tile nicely to fit the edges against the frames edges which are not straight? The tiler will simply use grouting which is unsightly to fill the gaps. Just take a look at my frame sitting on tile, perfect edges. My advise, do tile first, then frame.
  7. Yes. Love at first sight. Wanted something big and this fridge fits the bill. Paid $2500 for it. You are right, inside is huge. Like its compartmentation, come with water dispenser, and auto ice maker.
  8. Vindiesel, was trying to pm you my builder contact as requested, but yr msg kept showing error
  9. The simple answer is: because wife likes it. Set her eyes upon it the moment she saw it, and so I bought it. Anyway, the specs is not bad, 4 ticks, 582 litres, quite big: