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  1. Hi drunkenchivas,

    'I'm not sure if u still visit renotalk.. U mind if u share wif me ur contacts on ur granite supplier? My Reno will b starting soon in Jul 

    Lots of thanks,


  2. nice setup! waiting for few more years then i can enjoy, bb too small now.
  3. makan, just do it la. most to most remove and diy self putty. lol
  4. all replied. enjoy the reno experience. most impt work within your budget. if need stretch abit to have the feel of staying in your new home......
  5. replied.... just back from exam. woooooo shiok!
  6. hooks i used metal. cos more sturdy and if rust just replace. don use plastic type. they will burst. grilles yes.... i did the horizontal simple type. will pm u.
  7. all pms sent. good luck and enjoy the process man!!
  8. very interuptted nights. i need my sleep!! but when she smiles, its so sweet.. hahahaha. i about to fill up my storeroom and 3rd bedroom in progress liao.... hahahha