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  1. Can reach $2000 within 1-2 years! Buy all the organic, baking, make-up, pets stuff, herbal shampoos etc... Very fast one 😆
  2. Buy more and accumulate $2000 purchases to be their VIP member. Then you can get 10% or more discount off the total bill. There are occasional sales with further discounts for VIPs (up to 25%)! Enjoy shopping @ iHerb 😝😬
  3. Hi all, is there any built-in oven that uses only a 13amp? I am reconfiguring the existing kitchen cabinet to fit in one... Unfortunately when we renovated earlier, we didn't factor this in. So we only have a 13amp point for the oven but it will be dedicated for its sole use only. Looking at a basic oven to start with... Currently using a table-top $100+ oven so a built-in oven is considered a nice upgrade already! Recommendations are welcomed on the oven to buy! Budget not more than $700, preferably since I need to re-do our tall boy cabinet to house it! TIA!
  4. Hi yan, Long time no speak! Not sure if you are still on Renotalk? Need to ask you for feedback on the Kuche oven 800D. Thinking of buying it... Let me know? Thanks!
  5. Hi, saw that you have installed a farmhouse sink - nice!
  6. Hi hi, just to share something as a black WC-owner 😁 we got ours from Royal Fanco under the Baron brand. It is nice and different but can be quite a pain to maintain it. It doesn't show dirt but it shows water marks clearly. So after washing it, it is best to wipe it with a dry cloth.
  7. Hi your renovation is looking good! Sad to know that the acid wash has affected your beautiful tiles.... But that will give you the vintage, aged look? 😁
  8. Do share pictures of your other rooms! Believe they will be as lovely as your kitchen ☺️
  9. Cute and happy maltipoo! Nice of you to incorporate dog-friendly features in your new place. Would your dog be ok to use the dog door? I think our eldest dog will not like it 🐶
  10. You really keep to the theme - lovely! I have a good laugh after reading that the curtain guy dropped the cheque in the hole in front of the lift door - champion!
  11. Hi, your area is nice. Haha we stay at Blk 3XX, near to Swiss Cottage and the famous Teochew porridge. Always like the EMs there as it evokes a kampong feel. Enjoy
  12. Hi there, sorry we will not recommend our contractor as he did a very bad job with our renovation. However for the window grills, this is quite a common design. Many contractors call it the 'chocolate bar' design (imagine Van Houten chocolate...) so you can ask your chosen contractor for it. I think our door grill is also something basic and common. Ask your contractor for a few catalogues to choose from. Good luck 😊
  13. Welcome to Bukit Gombak! Guess you are around Blk 3XX?
  14. Hmmm I don't remember requesting for it. Asked my hubby and he thinks you can buy it from this 古玛卫浴 全铜仿古 明转暗转接头 花洒配件 花洒接头 卫浴配件 http://tb.cn/YAzijVy 古玛卫浴仿古暗装转明装 偏心大拐脚淋浴套装固定件/大孔距调节件 http://tb.cn/HZqijVy