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  1. Our endeavour started 2 year back when we decided to tie the knot. As a typical savvy(kiassus) Singaporean ;p i can say most of us when started to survey for contractors the only criteria in our mind was to get a cheap and good one perhaps hoping to buy a Benz at a Toyota price but dream on.. The search continued for months. It was when after the quotation gathered, we realised that it seemed impossible to have our dream house within the budget we catered as all quotation gathered was above 10k-20k of our initial budget . So the argument begins whether to cancel my dream craftstone TV wall or to cancel her accessories display shelf? Fainting spell.. Then.. Praise The Lord.. Yes our prayers answered , we came across this contractor recommendation thread in Renotalk. We asked for PM and met this Guy and boom! Our dream surfaced. He was from a HDB licensed direct fabricator firm which means they have their own carpenters , plumbers and electricians. And so explained , they wont be as calculative over the charges due to sublet or coordinating factor which we truely appreciated as per regards about the standard industry mark up.. Initially ,to be frank i wasn't that confident that they can deliver the standard that we projected initially cos at times thinking back , it was too good to be true but guess what , it's really either fated or Singapore was too small a city . We bang into my ex colleague from AIA when he brought us to view his ongoing project at Sengkang. They were the owners . Working review positive and confidence grew. Their workmanship was overall acceptable and detailed. After all cos its all handicraft so we didnt asked for perfection, but they did every rectifications to every parts that we pointed out to our satisfication. Appreciated his service to make our dream house came true within our expected budget , 2 thumbs ups for their hardwork and keep it up.. Will upload and share the before/after photo of our beautiful love nest in my next post . Look forward to it . Cheers. Signing Off, Weiliang (Proud Home Owner)
  2. Hi All, Finally decided to write down my reno journey. Not a fan of writing/blogging but I'll try to note down as detail as possible. Also, pardon my lousy english >.< Here's some photos of the unit. Doggy guarding our maindoor From Entrance Living Room Kitchen Hallway Room 1
  3. Personally not a fan of the furniture e-retailers in Singapore like 42, hipvan etc cos cannot try and their 100 day return/exchange policy is just a pretext for selling you second hand items others have sat on before...however, I came across this website with prices much cheaper than other e-retailers but with better quality! The sofa cushioning was much better than expected even though I was apprehensive of not being able to sit on it beforehand .. www.chairsactually.com
  4. My wife and I visited a long list of ID before we agreed for the renovation of our new home. This could be attributed to not only the quality and affordability offered to us but also the meticulous manner their staff, Ms. Selina, did her work. From the start, She was very professional and very accommodating to our ideas and suggested quality advice to match our ideas to our budget. She kept to her schedules without fail. Everyday updated me with what was taken place. I can say that renovation cannot just simply look at cost comparison because price somehow does dictate the quality of materials and workmanship. She was able to communicate and translate our ideas well to put into the design she had for us. She was ever-ready to advice us on the pros & cons of our ideas instead of outright dismissing our ideas regardless how extreme it might sound. And Selina was always patient to our ever-changing ideas and fickle mindedness in our decisions even to the simplest choice of paint colors. I must say Selina did a great job for our place to make our new haven be a beautiful yet simple abode that we always feel comfortable to come home. Ultimately, we felt safe and assured throughout the whole process. I will engage her services again if I ever need another reno in the future. Thanks Selina & Co. Pm me for her contact or email me at s0165793125@gmail.com
  5. I decided to write about my "resale flat" reno (I lump under this category as flat is 16YO!) which cost us less than $10k for - 2 new bathrooms - 1 slightly remodelled kitchen, - 3 new cabinets - whole housepainting excl ceiling which was painted 4 years ago - plus miscellaneous like hacking and dismantling Hopefully, this will help homeowners on a budget save money, and I'm also hoping to do a good one for my contractors and to give credit to these good contractors, many of whom are not tech-savvy and do not know how to promote their biz! Good things must share right? ? first, to clarify, the reno is akin to that of a resale flat cos my 5-room is 15 1/2 years old. We stayed for 6 years, rented out for 9 years, then decided to move back. We have always DIY-ed our reno and this time is no exception. No doubt interior designers may give a more polished look but they charge a 33% premium, and I'd rather stretch my dollar to do more stuff! Of course, these disgusting toilets had to go first! The tenants have trashed them up so badly, they are worse than public toilets! Sorry if I spoilt your appetite for a meal! I nearly threw up when I came to inspect the premises!? 
  6. Hi all I have been quietly collecting data, (like a squirrel!) and learning everything there is to know about renovation from this forum for the past 6 months. Never knew what is kompac-huh? until now, plus there are so many different types of flooring, each week a new type appeared and it's back to good old Google for more research. And dun get me started on those wall tiles selection, there are like a hundred choices out there! Anyway, since I have a tighter than a bark on tree budget, I will have to scale down a lot of stuff and even make-do with whatever existing there is. So finally, I collected my house keys and now I can start on this exciting (really?) journey to renovate my bachelor pad. It is a 3 room HDB 30 plus years old resale and here is the floorplan. Do-able for 20k? I hope so.
  7. Hi everyone, We will be going for our first appointment this Friday!!!and if everything goes smoothly, we will be getting our keys in mid-Nov :notti: Like many renotalk peeps, we have been following t-chat blogs diligently. We are inspired by the t-chat bloggers and we hope to share our reno journey with all of you. First, we started following the different threads in Renotalk and we asked around for contacts for their reno. Although we have a brief idea of how we want the house to look like, we are open to both ids and contractors. So far, we have met about 6 id and contractors. We will be meeting more id and contractors and update our progress soon. The general advice is to source for a decent number of ids and contractors. So far, the quotations we received ranges from 53k to 71k , more quotation to come in. Wsh us luck and hope this home building journey will be a smooth and enjoyable one!!
  8. Recently I went to my friend's house for housewarming and was quite amazed with her newly renovated home. I love the design of the kitchen(took a photo of it) as I am a person who loves to cook. According to her the whole renovation including hacking and renovating the whole house was cheaper compared to big IDs Firms along balestier. As I am getting my keys soon and would like to get the same ID firm as recommendeded by her (she can't remember the designer but she asked me to look for sam the boss) I would like to find out from others who got their house renovated by this ID firm before I approach them for the drawing or quote.
  9. HI home owners, This is a long overdue shout out to Mr Ee, who did my home recently in balestier. Like everyone, i went through what was recommended in this forum. Shortlisted 3, but went with Mr Ee instead. He is the second cheapest among all, with 20 years of experience, and very experience in doing high end retail space. Had a good vibe about him la. Super nice uncle. When i was telling him what i want through mood board etc. he gets it. Guys he is not interior designer, so to convey what you want, it will be easier to show him reference or magazine clipping. He knows the trend in home reno now la. i wanted industrial style, mix with a bit of neon, playfulness in it. He is practical, and very easy going. He is not kekao, calculative. I have live i my new home for 1/2 a year, so far everything is good, except the outdoor blind, which was install by his 3rd party installer. He is not internet savvy, and dont do any marketing. thats why abit low profile. Also I am not related to his business in any way, i think this is my first post in renotalk. PM me if you guys are interested. Thanks
  10. I have been following this reno blog for 1-2 years to lookout for renovation ideas as well as ID recommendations and it’s finally my turn to start my own blog . In November last year, hubby and I placed deposit for a 4-room resale unit in Jurong West. 1. Floor plan for our unit: 2. ID Selection: While awaiting for key collection which was scheduled in March 2017, we meetup with close to 15 IDs/contractors recommended by this reno blog/from other bloggers/ from friends/ from Reno road show. After 1st meeting, we shortlisted 2 IDs and it was a tough decision on which one to select as both has their pros and cons. ID 1: Could not remember where I got the contact of this ID, probably from some blog/forum. During our 1st meeting, he provided us with some good space planning ideas and most importantly he also pointed out some technical issues which all other IDs did not spot. As my living room is in between bedroom 2 and main bedroom, there will be some air-con piping issues and if we insist to install air-con in bedroom 2, some modification (installation of false beam, piping going thru my main bedroom wardrobe thereby I might need to dismantle the wardrobe, dismantling bedroom 2’s door) will be needed which mean additional renovation cost. He provided us a very comprehensive quotation within a week, included some optional items we mentioned we might be interested in, as well as some modification required if we were to install air-con in bedroom 2. Some of the items were priced higher as he prefers to use quality materials such as caesarstone tabletop and big frame toilet doors. He explained that he prefer to use more durable material since he provides longer warranty on workmanship so we would not need to keep looking for him haha ID 2: Recommended in Facebook Group “Budget Reno”. Contacted this ID as we really like the design of his BTO project as posted in the Facebook Group. During our 1st meeting, we were impressed by his strong design idea and good space planning. He promised to provide us with quotation in a week or so but we did not received it. Upon chasing for the quotation, he rushed it out the next few days and meet with us to explain the quotation personally. During the meeting then only we realized that he was down with fever yet still took the effort to meet with us. However, the quotation was not comprehensive and did not include costing for electrical works and aforementioned optional/modification works. In addition, as we would like to keep cost low by hacking bathroom floor tiles only, he is unable to do it. If want to hack must hack the whole bathroom. Final decision: Even though our heart side ID 2 as we really like their design idea but our mind told us to play safe so we decided to engage ID 1, reason being 1) To keep cost low. ID 1 is able to hack bathroom floor tiles only while keeping the wall tiles. Doing so would save us quite a lot. 2) We do not like bill shock. ID 1 quotation is quite detailed so that we know how much we are paying for every items. 3) We feel that ID 1 is more experience in resale projects. A lot of patching work needs to be done for resale house such as patching part of the false ceiling, hack away fridge & washing machine base to replace with similar tiles etc. Most ID specialize in BTO projects are not willing to take up patching work, some advised us to dismantle the whole false ceiling and rebuild new one which will cost double. We engaged ID 1 in early December which he provided us with 3D drawings about 3 weeks later. The 1st draft was unsatisfactory but after 3 changes, he got what we want. 3. Existing conditions/ Work to be done a) Kitchen (Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) We would like to keep the wall and floor tiles of kitchen as it is still in good condition. To have a neater looking kitchen, our ID suggested to get a front load washer and slot it in beneath the bottom kitchen cabinet as shown in the 3D drawing. Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing cabinet + fitting 2) Hack off fridge and washing machine base and replace with similar tiles. The existing kitchen has fridge base and washing machine base which we think is redundant. Imagine if we kick on the edge it’s gonna be really painful 3) Install kitchen cabinet with caesarstone work top and crystal white tempered glass backing between top and bottom cabinet 4) Our kitchen is quite small which we feel lack of storage space so we decided to install a low height cabinet next to fridge area b) Common Bathroom Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing floor tiles ,lay new homogenous floor tiles and construct shower kerb 2) Dismantle existing sanitary, toilet accessories and install with new one 3) Dismantle existing door and install new Big Frame Aluminium PD door c) Master Bathroom Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing floor tiles and lay new homogenous floor tiles 2) Overlay wall with homogenous wall tiles 3) Dismantle existing sanitary, toilet accessories and install with new one 4) Dismantle existing door and install new Big Frame Aluminium PD door 5) Construct shower kerb ,install shower screen with swing door d) Master Bedroom (Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) Major works to be done include: 1) Dismantle existing L-shape cabinet 2) Install 3ft dressing table. As I do not like exposed mirror, I quite like the top part of this dressing table design with storage swing door and embedded mirror so requested ID to design a similar one 3) Hack off existing wardrobe and install new 6ft wardrobe with full height mirror. 3D drawing for wardrobe: e) Bedroom 3-Study room (Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing wardrobe and modify existing L-box. As the existing L-box is built in a way that is in line with the wardrobe, dismantling the wardrobe will make the L-box look odd. Therefore, modification on L-box is required to make it in line. 2) Install 9ft study table with drawer and power point area finishing (hidden power point so looks neater) f) Living Room(Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) We did not take much picture of the existing living room as it was quite empty, only has a feature wall & TV console. Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing feature wall & console 2) Install low, medium and full height shoe cabinet with full length mirror starting from kitchen door entrance 3) Install low height TV console with storage (continue from the aforementioned shoe cabinet) g) Air con As our air con piping is a more complicated, we decided to engage air con contractor recommended by our ID so that he can coordinate closely with the contractor on installation. Price quoted for Mitsubishi Starmex (MXY4A28VA) system 4 was comparable to gain city pricing. In addition to dismantling masterbed room wardrobe, some additional modifications needed to make way for air con piping as follows: 1) Hack off existing door frame and door for bedroom 2 and install with a new door and door frame 2) Construct false beam to box-up air-con piping in living room
  11. I always have a princess dream, so even though I only have a low budget of 23k, I decided to make most out of it. Before Renovation:
  12. Got my keys in late Dec 2013 and finally after months and months, weeks and weeks of meeting IDs, contractors of all shapes and kinds. When most of the neighbours in the same estate have already moved in.(Sometimes, do feel abit awkward when the neighbours have already moved in for months and we are at still at the prospecting stage of the renovation, meeting IDs,contractor at our flat for dicussion.) After countless of meeting, we finally managed to commission a ID to do up our BTO flat and the works will be starting on friday. Our ID have also drafted a plan for the delivery of the work. Friday- Haulage work Saturday-Tiling and meeting the electrician (Will consider to get my contact if the price is too steep). Monday-Build partition, Aircon installation, Aluminium work measurement Tuesday - Vesak Day(No work) Wednesday - Electrical work, Glass works measurement Thursday - Painting of flat Friday - Painting of flat Saturday - Painting of flat( Delivery of items required for renovation items, lights, storage heater,kitchen sink,tap,mini spray, spray valve, miscellaneous accessories, cooker hood and hob ) Monday - Lights installations
  13. Shall blog about my renovation journey. Here's my floor plan- Eastbrook Cranberra. Booked a flat on oct 13, after close to 4 years of wait, we received our keys on May 17! Key collection was easy, we got quite an early time slot @ 8.15. Took up the Eqtia fire insurance the night before(online payment), so chop chop go down HDB sign HLE>collect keys>open water and electricity>pay town council bills. My ID is from Absolook, Took up a package from them in Dec 16. just the basic package with a few add ons. Decided to outsource the rest as i believe i can get a better deal. My package from Absolook, will talk about the add-ons later. $13297.96 Construct 50mm Cabinet Base Construct 50mm Washing base Construct 50mm Fridge Base Plumbing Supply labour to connect Sink inlet/outlet supply labour to install 2 set bathroom accessories Supply labour for 2 Bidet spray Supply labour to install 1 set storage water tank Misc. Supply labour and material for whole house using NIPPON Vinilex 5000 Labour for chemical washing Labour and material to lay corrugated paper. Accessories bundle Rinnai Cooker+ Hod Monic Kitchen+ tap Magnum 30L storage heater 2 sets 7pc bathroom accessories + mirror 2 sets bidet sprat Design and install 20ft kitchen cabinet with 1 set of stainless steel dish-drainer, 1 panel aluminium frame galss panel, 3 set soft closing drawer, all soft closing hinges for doors Suppy and install 10ft 20mm thk Quartz kitchen worktop 6 ft sliding wardrobe fabricate and install 48 sqf TV feature wall panel Fabricate and install 6ft TV console -Free blum blu-motion + HK aventos More to be updated.
  14. I've always been envious of all the home owners who have a T-blog, sharing tips and inspirations of their nest. After 4000 years of waiting... we're finally receiving our keys! <3 Short info about us: Punggol BTO - Matilda Edge 4 Room Flat Mid 20s young couple (Hub is working full time, Mama is a SAHWM) 1 toddler + 1 baking baby 2 Furkids With so much responsibilities (on the hubs), we have to build our nest based on a tight budget. Budget for Renovation: $25-28k (Excluding furnishing & Electronics) Since this is gonna be a big part of our happy memories together, I'm thrilled to start documenting every little details about it. To any readers, please bear with me! General Outline of what I'm planning to cover: 1. Timeline, Floorplan & Renovation Plans 2. Home Purchases (Taobao, Lazada, Carousell) 3. ID Selection 4. Key Collection 5. 3D Drawings & Sketches 6. Reno Progress 7. Moving In 8. Overall summary
  15. Hi, I am newbie to the forum. I would like to ask for some opinions and recommendations. I am receiving my keys next week, 4 room BTO at Punggol Waterway, and I chose to keep the HDB flooring and tiles. I am going for the parisian chic apartment, the one with moulded wall panels and a gilt gold mirror. However my budget is low at $20k and lower. Here are some HDB BTO french design inspirations: From the blog at http://dayre.me/serenaong/ISBhoTdq38 the designer quoted this design to be around $60-$80k. I also like to take inspiration from another BTO example, From this forum at http://renotalk.com/forum/topic/70330-classic-european-american-mixed-home/?page=4 , on renotalk. This cost about $40k according to the poster. Few key elements that I want to have, is: 1) the wainscoting aka chair rail paneling 2) a classic/shaker kitchen cabinet (not the flat laminate) Any recommendations for contractors? or suggestions? I read that IDs are more costly and that would not help me with my <$20k budget. Thank you in advance.
  16. Hi all, Would need some good "lobangs" to do only kitchen renovations. Recently i went to check out this id and he is quoting me 12k for a 5000 by 3450 Kitchen size. Its not within my budget. Im thinking of having it around 5-6k. Any good contructors or id to recommend?
  17. Hey dear Renotalkers, Before coming into this forum, I understand that there are a lot of homeowner who have question in mind in regards of their new or on-going renovation journey. While they have nowhere to turn to, we are here to help! No matter what question you have in mind, we are here to solve it. We have a great community here where experienced homeowners helps the forum newbie to grow and get their Renovations done. Welcome on board ! Feel free to share any of your question and we will make sure you understand by the end of the day ! Cheers Xoxo
  18. We were surprised that the same ID we engaged is still with 3D Innovations after 5 years of moving in to our 4 room re-sale flat. That goes to show the morale, stability and productivity of the company. We needed experienced ID / contractors with good management and tried our luck to touch base with Jimmy once again. In case you are looking for a reliable ID that will not blow your budget, pls feel free to contact Mr Jimmy Tan (Sales Manager) of 3D Innovations @ 8571 8531 / jimmy0339@hotmail.com He is based at Bedok Mall Branch but is flexible on schedule and can arrange consultations with you at your convenience. *FYI this is my personal review and i receive no incentive for writing this recommendation* Information as at June 2017 MY REVIEW THAT WAS WAS PREVIOUSLY POSTED. After leaving my request for a free quote in RenoTalk, i received more than 10 phone calls from various IDs. It was quite overwhelming initially when unknown numbers start calling up and introducing their company. I had only a budget of $15k for a re-sale 4RM Flat. Being a newly wed couple, we do not have a big budget after having to pay off the resale flat COV and the wedding expenses can be quite a big plate to finish. We also knew that finding the right ID is so impt as we have heard alot of horror stories from our friends. Out of 10 calls, there was only 1 ID, Jimmy Tan from 3D Innovations that gave us the assurance that with our budget, he can do alot for us, depending on the various elements of reno. We were quite encouraged to hear that and agreed to meet him up. He is a Chinese speaking ID who has impressed us from the very start. As we do not drive, he took the initiative to pick us up from Paya Lebar MRT to the showroom in UBI & vice-versa. He also drove us to the various suppliers to get our home needs. During the past 4 consultations, he was very professional, honest and responsible, gave u a lot of creative & sensible suggestions. He can clearly identify the functions of various spaces and gave us a good visualization through the 3D drawings. Most important thing is-This was done with the best interest on cost-savings for us. Although we exceeded our budget of $15k, we spent a total of $19700. This includes 2 wall features and a false ceiling...and of course the basics like hacking of 2 toilets, changing of kitchen cabinet n built in wardrobe etc...We still find it quite reasonable as he customized to our needs, not just adhering to a standard package. In short, i would say that he is a follow up and follow through ID. He does not recommend unneccesary items to you but instead, assist u to save wherever possible. I would definitely recommend my friends should they required renovation services.
  19. We (the husband and I) are starting our renovation in three days. After months of sourcing for ideas and IDs, we have chosen to work with a contractor to create a little cosy home that we have been waiting on for three and a half years. We are not doing any hacking as we need all three bedrooms. And due to budget, we are keeping all the flooring and toilet fixtures that came with the flat. Honestly, we think the finishings are ok and count ourselves lucky for that. So, our renovation will kick off with electrical works, followed by air con installation this weekend. First things first, the all-too-familiar floorplan:
  20. You're invited to RenoTalk Live on the 15th of April 2017 at Intercontinental Hotel! Meet other like-minded new homeowners over afternoon tea and light bites. Expect talks from guest speakers on topics like choosing the right air-conditioner, to the health benefits of drinking purified water, to learning what's the best kitchen countertop for your home! Receive FREE consultation from interior design firms + stand a chance to WIN air tickets to Taiwan, 2D1N staycation at New Majestic Hotel, and many more! Limited spots available. RSVP here: http://bit.ly/2mzk1Bl
  21. You're invited to RenoTalk Live on the 15th of April 2017 at Intercontinental Hotel! Meet other like-minded new homeowners over afternoon tea and light bites. Expect talks for guests speakers + receive FREE consultation from interior design firms. Stand a chance to WIN air tickets to Taiwan, 2D1N staycation at New Majestic Hotel, and many more! Limited spots available. RSVP here: http://bit.ly/2mzk1Bl
  22. You're invited to RenoTalk Live on the 15th of April 2017 at Intercontinental Hotel! Meet other like-minded new homeowners over afternoon tea and light bites. Expect talks from guest speakers on topics like choosing the right air-conditioner, to the health benefits of drinking purified water, to learning what's the best kitchen countertop for your home! Receive FREE consultation from interior design firms + stand a chance to WIN air tickets to Taiwan, 2D1N staycation at New Majestic Hotel, and many more! Limited spots available. RSVP here: http://bit.ly/2mzk1Bl
  23. my flat is coming and we will be blowing out budget at our wedding. looking for some simple home decor that isn't expensive but yet stylish. hoping to make my house look somewhat like this avoiding expensive built in carpentry. like this airy feel at home no clutter
  24. Hi all! I just moved in to my new home at CCK in June and I wish to share my experience on how my renovation process went about. Before getting our keys, me and my hubby started to source for a reliable IDs and contractors in Dec 2015 Everything comes with a price tag. So we set our priority. For us we are not very particular but must be reasonable and practical. It is our 1st HDB but most importantly it should be comfortable and yet not burn a big big hole in our pocket. 1st - We draft what we looking for and what are our NEEDS and WANTS. and the hunting began. We got friends who are ID, Recommended ID/Contractor in the forum, Pic we love from the Facebook and hunt the ID company down and neighborhood ID . Our budget is around 28K for all the reno. We finally meet with 4 shortlisted ID/Contractor and some only thru email correspondence to get quotation. Most of them are package selling and to top up with the whatever you want. As you meet with more of them you can tell what to ask and go straight to the point. There are some who say this cannot that cannot yet some say everything can. For us we try to keep what HDB have already provide and just enhance to suit our need with as minimum $$ as possible. Very budget ah . We were hunting for the perfect match from Jan till Feb and during the CNY and come across this Contractor in the forum with good workmanship and layman pricing haha. We actually Message him thru Facebook and try our luck to see if he is online. We ask for a quote if any package,and an immediate reply was he only do ala cart and after 1 hr of FB messaging an appointment was fix for the NEXT DAY Not even our floor plan was given, he say he will do on the spot just bring the plan when we see him. By the way it was the 4th day of CNY which most renov company are still holidaying. We are surprise and although the review of him was not the 100% star type branded, with his response time we decided to make our way down to see him. We are his 1st customer after the CNY and YES, he is the way the forum have written, sloppy looking. Ah beng looking, direct to the point "No use do this" "don't waste $$", no smooth talking but very efficient. All his reply is reasonable and practical. We are impress when he draw free hand of what we wanted and show us some ideas and a price list was out in the same meeting *he only see our floor plan on that day. which so far no other Reno company did it. His price and another ID is almost the same but as he is a contractor and the other is an ID. Drum roll ----- we choose the contractor as he is will be more on hands and play real time we call it if any hiccup. He ask us for the time line and if can wait longer he will get an experience elderly man who will "bao ga liao" for the carpentry with great workmanship. Since we are not in a hurry we say we are fine with it as long as it is not 6 mths lar. We got the date of key collection in the morning and have our door opening event in the morning. As we invited a Feng Shui master to come on the same morning for the door opening and also to see what is the feng shui expect for the house we invited the contractor to come as well so that we no need to repeat. Don't be surprise when he sit on the floor in the house and just look around. "HE is feeling the surrounding and feel the house" hahah that's what he say when we say so dirty why sit there and stone. After the door opening which we have finish by earlier noon and ask if we can chop chop go select the colours and material and he can start the work. He say no problem and drove us back to his office that day we finish all the selection by evening. Colour/material selection is really a chore and we are really not very good at it. so we just point and choose and look at his face hahah, he jus nod or shake his head. I should say that this contractor is very passionate about his job as I ask how he earn his profit and he say he just want to be proud of his work and work as near to our budget as possible. The thing we were impressed was the workmanship especially when all the visitor come and say it is really good and with the price. All my Taobao buys was install by his sub-contractors as well some FOC and some with a token fee. We are very much satisfied that the amount was well spent and here we got our dream homeJ. We wanted to share our experiences here because we are really very satisfied with this contractor’s workmanship and reliability. We are sure that some of you will be confuse as to which IDs/contractors to choose from. It’s not a matter of whether the contractors are popular in the market, eventually, it’s the satisfaction and the workmanship that will put you to peaceful sleep. We hope that others will benefit as much as we do and if anyone is interested to engage this contractor, do let me know and I would gladly share his contact details with youJ Photos will be upload shortly of our humble residence!!!!