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  1. Its been more than 5 years since my first t-blog (you can find it here) and it was time to move to a bigger place. Settled on Bukit Panjang as fiance's family was staying nearby and got this unit after just viewing it once! It was going at a great price considering the size and proximity to the MRT (about 10 minutes walk). It's almost double the size of my previous flat (65sqm) with double the number of rooms and a balcony! Love the floor plan. Previous owners hacked away the storeroom though which was okay as the position was rather odd - just beside the kitchen. Currently waiting for the appointment date (scheduled in late July or early Aug) . I would have to move out from my current place by end Sept so its quite rushed! Hoping to document the journey here and hopefully help others in their renovation journey as well! We are looking at a minimalist scandi theme as we want to keep the house open, bright and airy and with less clutter as possible. We both like white with woods to accent the house and some black here and there. The plan is to integrate the balcony with the living room. Getting keys in 2 days! Pretty excited and we are looking forward to getting more accurate quotes from our contractors and IDs.
  2. Hi Everyone, I bought a 4-Room Resale flat near Serangoon Nex. The entire renovation journey has been very tiring as there are a lot of planning to be done, running around like a mad dog looking for ideas, stuffs to buy , etc. In addition, I am quite of a perfectionist which most IDs and Contractors will probably run away upon hearing my requests and complaints. =P Hence, that is the reason why I will like to recommend my contractor as not only had he been very patient but the chemistry to work together is there. To top it off, they provide quality workmanship and very good quotes. (I ran around and did some comparisons with other ID Firms which I decided to end up with a contractor instead.) Details as follows: Contractor In-Charge of My Project: Nicholas Company: HFH Design & Build (There are already alot of good review about this renovation company if you search around.) Lighting: If you want to look for unique lighting and designer fans, you can probably pay a visit down to L-Win Gallery located at Balestier. The boss name is Richard and he will provide you some good ideas on how to brighten up your house. As you can see from the pictures below, my LED light comes with 3 different kinds of shade which can be changed via flicking of normal switch. His shop has some good pieces and range to choose from. Details as follows: Picture of my flat after renovation. Hope you all like my post~!
  3. Greetings! I have been lurking and quietly reading many threads and posts here for many moons now. I've recently received the keys for my resale HDB flat and my renovations are about to start. So I'm sharing my experiences here in the hope that they can benefit others the way I have from the other T-blogs here on Renotalk! First some words about HDB's new Resale flat process... Since the start of 2018, HDB has implemented a HDB Resale Portal which makes it easier for buyers (and I assume sellers) to make transactions for their resale flats. So has it been easy? I must say that HDB has delivered on their promise. Comparing my experience to those of my friends (who bought their resale flats in previous years), mine took much less time and was so convenient! A valuation request (after submitting Option to Purchase online) was processed and responded to in just 3 working days. My resale application submission (again online) was processed and approved in just 10 working days. And 8 weeks later, I was signing papers and received my keys at HDB Hub! Yes you read that right - only one trip to HDB Hub is needed now. HDB staff (or at least the ones who worked on my application) are hardworking people. I was getting SMS notifications on Saturdays and even evenings to alert me to updates I needed to view or follow up on at the HDB Resale Portal. And my completion session at HDB Hub took barely any time at all. Kudos to HDB! What I'm looking for... As a soloist, I need a nice place which does not involve too much maintenance. Logically, I would have gone for a flexi (2-room) flat then, and for a while I was tempted - especially after viewing the beautiful renovation pictures of 2-room flats on Renotalk. Smaller flat means less maintenance, so it's perfect right? But as I looked around my current home, I realised that I would need some place more spacious. So 5-room and EAs are too big, but 2-room is too small. 3-room sounds just nice but 4-room offers more options and possibilities. So a 4-room it is! The floorplan... This is a 104sqm 4-room flat with a rather peculiar layout. The shapes and sizes of the bedrooms, bathrooms and yard are fine. I also love the sheer size of the dining and living areas. There are about 4 meters worth of windows in the living/dining area, so it gets a lot of natural light (especially since I have unblocked views all around this flat). Only a few characteristics of this place did cause me some hesitation at first though 1. The odd angle in the living area. Sure the sofa and TV could run parallel against one of the 2 walls, but then aligning the dining table the same way would result in a weird angle against the living room windows. 2. The location of the store room makes the path in from the main door somewhat narrow 3. Kitchen has an odd angle and not a perfect rectangle, which limits the placement of cabinets etc. I can also imagine it being very difficult to move around if I were to line the kitchen walls with cabinets! 4. The common bathroom has windows opening up into the yard. This means the kitchen can't be "expanded" into the yard (by breaking the walls) because...we can't have people peeking in right? Nonetheless, these are issues that can probably be addressed with some planning and $$$ (i.e. renovation). And so here's the floorplan!
  4. Hi all I have been quietly collecting data, (like a squirrel!) and learning everything there is to know about renovation from this forum for the past 6 months. Never knew what is kompac-huh? until now, plus there are so many different types of flooring, each week a new type appeared and it's back to good old Google for more research. And dun get me started on those wall tiles selection, there are like a hundred choices out there! Anyway, since I have a tighter than a bark on tree budget, I will have to scale down a lot of stuff and even make-do with whatever existing there is. So finally, I collected my house keys and now I can start on this exciting (really?) journey to renovate my bachelor pad. It is a 3 room HDB 30 plus years old resale and here is the floorplan. Do-able for 20k? I hope so.
  5. Hello everyone! So I've been following lots and lots of t-blogs here. Thank you SO much for being so helpful with all your information. If you click on my profile you'll see I've enquired in so many blogs about contractors and IDs. If everything goes well, my husband and I will be collecting our keys around Nov-Dec after the completion. This is a 5i resale flat in Yew Tee, an area very dear to us. We love this area because it's still not as crowded as neighbouring towns, and its connectivity to Jurong East (and JB ) is good. Anyway, the title of my blog is 'A hodgepodge of ideas'. Simply because we aren't really 100% sure which direction we wanna take. The flat was renovated by the current owners and very well maintained. So we aren't planning to do an overhaul. Just the toilets mainly, and we are thinking about doing up parts of the kitchen. We are also toying with the idea of changing the common toilet's door orientation because unfortunately it's facing inside the kitchen right now. And the rest of the work will be general touching up work - checking electrical wirings, plumbing, painting, polishing of parquet floors for bedroom, washing the rest of the house, fixing skirting... as I type, it feels like the list just keeps going on and on. After reading through numerous t-blogs (and I am still reading!), we decided to do 2 things: 1) request for a quote through RenoTalk, 2) enquire about some contractors/IDs whose work we liked based on t-blogs. The problem with number 1 was that so many people started calling me. I felt like a celebrity! Anyway, a couple of them seemed promising so we continued the conversation. Number 2 was more helpful because we got to see the actual work posted by the clients so we get a good idea. Once we've met with the ids/contractors, I'll update as to who we've decided to go for. This will probably take a few weeks!! Ok, now going to try to figure out how to upload photos so I can upload our floor plan and some ideas for bathrooms (this is as far as I've got ). I hope to keep this blog going as our renovation work progresses. Stay with me!
  6. After 12years, we decided to sell our current home and bought a 5A resale flat. After viewing for at least 5houses, we’ve settled for this house which is nearer to MRT but condition was seriously horrible. (By the way, we are diy buyer doing contra) Long story short, after receiving about 10quotations, we knew we had to go for a contractor, it can save us 10-20k! Theme: “my style” — I see, I like, I buy My second home should be something simple. I have always wanted the white look (for current house) but with 2babies of couse it’s impossible. So now that they’re in primary schooler, I will try to archieve that look. Ok, I’ll try.... but er, definitely no white kitchen as I cook everyday.
  7. Hi All, I was thinking of doing overlay of Vinyl Tiles on my existing on Terrazo flooring for my 3 NG resale flat. However, as the existing skirting is the curved kind (common for Terrazo flooring), it is necessary to hack off the existing skirting right . Was quoted $700 just to hack off the skirting for living room and 2 bed rooms. Need advise to know if the charges are reasonable. Also, I also prefer if its possible to overlay without any hacking. Appreciate all good advise. Thanks all !
  8. I have gathered much tips and information from this forum prior to my renovation, it is perhaps now time for me to contribute. Unit: 5I Resale @ 1184 sqft Theme: Vaguely minimalist Duration: 12 weeks (until 1st handover) Budget: 100,000 (spending thus far: 93,378) We chose this unit after only 6 viewings; we love the layout and window placements, the windows are either north or south facing, and the house is windy and brightly lit all day / all year round. Furthermore, with our kitchen window facing north, we can make a little herbs garden! Floor Plan:
  9. Hello everyone! I decided to start this t-blog not so much to document our renovation process (will try to as much as I can), but mainly to share things, especially tips and other little nuggets of info, which I have learnt during this period and during another renovation I was involved in 4 years back. Renovation is a time-consuming and multi-faceted process, and when I started out, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of things I didn’t know. Doing research helped (thank you, Renotalkers!), but even now there are still so many things I am still learning for my second renovation. Hopefully this thread will benefit others Contents for easier reference: Introduction & The Unit ID-Contractor Conundrum Theme - Moodboard & 3D Renders Hacking & Wet Works Tiling Special Request Going Green - Vertical Garden & Growing Herbs Air-conditioning - Toshiba System 5 Vinyl Flooring - Eco Pluz Painting - Dulux Colour of the Year & Colour Play Testers Painting Boo-Boo & DIY Paint Effect & DIY Spray Paint Switch Boxes DIY More Painting Plumbing & Citygas Piping Box-up & Concealed Shower - Insani24.de Carpentry - Laminate Selection Carpentry - Design & Planning with Results: Shoe Rack, Study Room Bookcase, TV Console & Feature Wall Dry & Wet Kitchen Master Bedroom Wardrobe & Bathroom Fibre Termination Point Installation at TV Console Hood Installation Hassle Fan Installation Doors, Main Gate, Digital Locks, and Blinds Vertical Garden Part 2 - Installation & Planting Final Photos Renovation Costs Choosing Our ID and Feedback of Our ID (deleted) Fantastic Furniture and Where to Find Them - M&M, Crate & Barrel, Etch & Bolts, HipVan, Naiise, Comfort Furniture Introduction: Husband and I got married in 2015 and we spent quite some time waiting to buy a resale flat because “the boss” has very high expectations and yet not-so-high budget, so took a while before “the one” came along…… … and even after marrying her, he asked for patience because he really really wanted to get a unit near his parents’ place. So bo pian, yours truly patiently waited but no good units came up and finally had to put my foot down and force the boss to look for alternative areas. Long story short, we did manage to find a good unit not-so-near his parents (I did a little hurray, I admit), price was a little high but boss willing to pay, and we also had to patiently wait for the previous owners to move out before we could get our renovation started. The unit: Our new house has a very interesting layout which appealed to us, mainly the long combined living and dining room. The master room is also situated away from the common rooms, which means more privacy, but also posed some challenges because the space is limited and we can’t knock down some walls to combine the bedrooms. No walk-in wardrobe, for sure... Here are photos we took right after getting our keys... If you noticed, the previous owners had combined the two common bedrooms into one, so this is actually the current layout:
  10. 5 years on, with 2 kids in came into our family, we decided with heavy heart to move on from our first humble home. As our family grew bigger with my mum staying with us, we finally made our commitment to shift from a 4rm SOBF at Strathmore Ave to our future new 5rm resale just nearby, Jalan Rumah Tinggi. One might question why do we want to move away from one of the most convenient location to location that has only 1 bus serving the estate. Though is up a "hill", it is just behind Alexandra Ikea, ABC hawker centre, Alexandra Village, Queensway Shopping Centre. What's more, it is a quiet location. Layout of the 5-rm unit. The owner had bought the recess area which we loved it. Good for shoes and umbrellas storage. The owner had also removed the store, but we will be removing the wall between the kitchen and living room anyway and will be creating a store at another location. We are still waiting for the bank to approve our loan then we can proceed with all the necessary appointments with HDB to get the paper work done.
  11. Hi everyone, We will be going for our first appointment this Friday!!!and if everything goes smoothly, we will be getting our keys in mid-Nov :notti: Like many renotalk peeps, we have been following t-chat blogs diligently. We are inspired by the t-chat bloggers and we hope to share our reno journey with all of you. First, we started following the different threads in Renotalk and we asked around for contacts for their reno. Although we have a brief idea of how we want the house to look like, we are open to both ids and contractors. So far, we have met about 6 id and contractors. We will be meeting more id and contractors and update our progress soon. The general advice is to source for a decent number of ids and contractors. So far, the quotations we received ranges from 53k to 71k , more quotation to come in. Wsh us luck and hope this home building journey will be a smooth and enjoyable one!!
  12. QUICK LINKS 1. Floor plan 2. Floors, doors, and windows 3. Plans, drawings, and inspiration 4. Amazon shopping 5. Post hacking photos 6. Two weeks into reno photos 7. Appliances 8. Three weeks update 9. Nearly finished update
  13. Greetings to all fellow Renotalkers! I have been a curious reader for the past 3 months, absorbing any and every advice given in this community. Me and my missus have purchased a 4A Resale flat after 5 failed attempts at BTO/SBF. After deciding to look into the resale market, we listed down our criteria for our home: 1) High Floor 2) Corner Unit 3) Must have storeroom (to stash away all our chapalan stuff) 4) North-South facing 5) Fits our budget After looking through many units around my parent's area, we finally saw one which fit our criteria (4/5). Although this is not a corner unit, we loved the view. That feeling in your gut that says "THIS IS THE ONE" once you step foot into the unit. ">http://www.renotalk.com/forum/gallery/image/12621-floor-plan/] We exercised our option late in October and fast forward, we collected our keys today! Excited to finally have our own place to call HOME! Next up: ID/Contractor Selection
  14. Hi guys, I want to share with you guys my own experience with this ID. I was introduced by a very good friend of my who has their house renovated by Ms Daphne. She is very patient and meticulous, willing to listen to what my mother and i want for our new home. I emailed her our floorplan and roughly discussed over the phone. She was so accommodating and agree to my idea. During the very 1st appointment at her office at Taiseng. We have a comfortable time discussing. I have many ideas for the new house renovation however thanks to Ms Daphne explaining to me some of my ideas are not practical. Unlike some ID as they aim to earn consumer money and not want to chase the customer away so they will compliance with the ideas given to them. This impressed me, as she took time and effort to plan my house furniture layout properly by understanding me and my mother living lifestyle. Further, she had his own ideas and suggested come which really more practical. We also gave our budget for the renovation. She was very straightforward told us while she is doing quotation she will try to fit into our budget however there will be some example that based on the quality of a product where there might extra cash need to be forked out. She assure us that the quality will be there as she is renovating the house that hope we will stay for long not only 5 years lifespan. In addition, our key concern was not about the renovation cost only but most important is a clean, reliable and quality workmanship. Finally, after going through procedures finally we got our keys. 2nd appt we meet at our new house. She has a habit of taking pictures of the whole house to take note where is the columns or beam and an extra mile to take site measurement to make sure measurement is tally with floor plan. Indeed there is difference, luckily she take site measurement. Therefore, she able to quote more accurately. Unlike other ID, will only requires floor plan to do quotation. Which I was impressed how meticulous is she. Initial plan we wanted to overlay the toilet to save some costs but when we go up the house, she checked out the toilet it has been over lay 2 times alrdy by checking the floor trap. Therefore no choice we have to hack and re do waterproofing and lay new tiles. I would say she is a ID that is very responsible and honest. Sharing us which is a must to do and which are the ones we can do in future if there is a budget constrain and explain in detail. For eg. why cannot overlay 3rd layer. I must say she is very responsible and passionate about her job through 2 meetings with her. Whole renovation process lasted near 2 months which consist of full house hacking, plumbing, electrical, painting and carpentry work. During whole renovation process, we were updated through whatsapp with frequent jobsite photos. It is a really very good experience with frequent update of my house renovation while I am working. I have a ease of mind experience with her. After all, we are satisfied with her carpentry workmanship and we happily handover our last 10% payment and planned house warming! I will be happy to share my ID contact details with you all.
  15. It is my first time to tasked to find ID to help to design and renovate my parent's resale flat with certain budget. There is total 3 interior designer firm I went for consultation. I was totally clueless about renovation and the market price. After going 3 interior designer firm to get a clearer picture and also some experience I gained and how I made final decision on which ID firm to confirm that might be useful for readers planning to get their house renovation soon. 1. Attractive Packages There is lot of ID firm will lure you to sign their quotation with attractive package depend on your flat type. However, when the renovation starts there is where the Variation order come in, the ID will start to say this is not in the contract this will be additional that will be added into VO and bill to owners. Sometimes the VO can be amount more than the contract sum and burst your budget. While I in a consultation with this particular interior designer (let’s call it ID A) offering me packages for my parent's 4-room resale flat at a lump sum 20k. After studying the packages in detail, I found that the package provide insufficient measurements eg. kitchen cabinet 12 ft and is insufficient for a kitchen cabinet. I guess there will be a need to top up and absolutely they will increase price per foot run. This applies to kitchen top too. So, owners be careful before you sign the packages. 2. Avoid Company that are not professional I have encountered 1 of the ID firm (let’s call it “ID B”), during the 1st appointment at the showroom I encountered 2 Ah Beng. During the 1st appointment what turn off me most is they say they need smoking break in between which make me and my wife stunt. I lost all confidence as they don’t show professionalism in their work. Most importantly is my parent’s house I do not wish to screw it by Ah Beng. 3. Beware company that tell you that their price is the best “ID A” did offer me the lowest price among the 3 ID firm I went. However, thanks to “ID C” I went they studied the quotation that is propose by “ID A” there is a lot of loopholes such as the material used. (For e.g. carpentry work, it is using white PVC instead of internal colour PVC with ABS trimming) Thanks to “ID C” wonderful product presentation and patiently explained to me the different materials, product comparison and samples to let me have a feel and compare. They let me understand they are using quality products that will last home owner a longer period. 4. Good service ID “ID C” which is nearby my work place at Tai Seng, The Commerze did impressed me during the 1st appointment with product presentation and discussion. During the 1st appointment their ID, Daphne and Julia is very professional. They are unlike the other designer that care about design than functionality. They will take extra effort to know how the living lifestyle of the occupants in the house. Indeed, the extra details provided they came up with a very practical furniture, lighting and electrical layout that is all prepared sufficiently. We can see they put in their care and concern when they plan the layouts for us. They also counter my doubts very quickly from time to time via phone. We gave them our floor plan, but they still request to go on site to do measurement which impressed us with their professionalism and right aptitude although we haven’t confirmed with them. Therefore, we selected “ID C” and the quotation they proposed is very transparent. Every single item was explained in detail and they revised they quotation multiple times for us and response to us patiently. Therefore, we selected them. Why I choose "ID C" From what I know from them, they mainly focus doing referrals to ensure top notched craftsmanship and best customer service provided to their customer. They even gave us full project schedule, which we were impressed! few of my friends doing renovation for their flats not every ID does a extra project schedule to keep us on track and we were confident with Julia and Daphne. We were very satisfy with the 3D now currently after few renderings and can't wait to transform into reality. Some ID can only allow owner to do amendments 1 or 2 times but "ID C" did not limit us how many times as they have their in-house designer doing the perspective views. We have a great time choosing laminates with Julia and Daphne as they recommend us which laminate they used before and receive good feedback. Hacking will be starting soon next monday, will update readers when the renovation starts!
  16. APOLOGIES ON THE LENGTHY INPUT We really have no luck on applying for BTO. We tried 4 x but all our queue number are over the units available. We are a young couples but luck is really not on our side. Its a blessing in disguise i guess! Therefore, we've decided to get a resale in the east, for one big reason - SPACE!!!!! We will be collecting our key somewhere in April 17. We have decided not to hack the whole flooring, kitchen cabinet and toilet (Will need to change the toilet bowl for hygiene purposes) I will update my renovation progress once its started! Here is my floor plan and the works we have ask for quotation. The quotation that we got is quite reasonable. We have decided to go with this ID as we felt confidence and the chemistry we had since day 1 was fantastic and we have seen his work in his FB. Demolition Works Dismantle casement wardrobe at bedroom 2, 3 & master bedroom Plumbing Works Dismantle & install & connect inlet & outlet piping for kitchen sink Provide labour to dismantle & install 2 WC at both toilet Carpentry works (inc soft closing hinges) Design & fabricate L8ft suspended TV console using plywood w/ laminate finish @ living room Design & fabricate (L1600mm x Full height) TV feature wall using solid plywood w/ laminate @ living room Design & fabricate (L400mm x D400mm) 02 nos. of side cabinet using solid plywood w/ laminate @ tv feature wall (include 2 Grey mirror doors) Design & fabricate (L4200mm x D50mm x H450mm) storage bench using solid plywood w/ laminate finish @ dining Design & fabricate (L4200mm x D50mm x H1000mm) bench backing using solid plywod w/ laminate finsih @ dining Design & fabricate (L2200mm x B1000mm x H750mm) dining table using solid plywood w/ laminate finish @ dining Design & fabricate (L2500mm x Full height) Lshaped sliding wardrobe using solid plywood w/ laminate finish @ bedroom 3 (inc rectangle groove design) Design & fabricate (L400mm x D400mm) 02 nos of suspended ledge using solid plywood w/ laminate finish @ bedroom 3 Design & fabricate (L3000mm x Full height) open wardrobe using solid plywood w/ laminate finish @ main bedroom (inc internal pvc color) Design & fabricate 02 nos of (L550mm x Full height) sliding door using solid plywood w/ clear mirror finish @ master bedroom Design & fabricate (L1600mm x D300mm x H1000mm) side console c/w ledge & clear mirror using solid plywood w/ laminate finish @ living Design & fabricate (L400mm x D400mm) 02 nos of suspended ledge using solid plywood w/ laminate finish @ master bedroom Resilient flooring works Supply and lay high end resilient flooring @ current balcony Miscellaneous works Supply & install 5 curtain pelmets Supply & construct (L2900mm x H1000mm) partition wall @ new guest room Supply & construct false wall (L1800mm x full height) using gypsum board w/ paint finish @ bedroom 3 Supply & construct false wall (L1800mm x full height) using gypsum board w/ paint finish @ master bedroom Supply & paint Nippon for whole unit (max 6 colours) ( inc odourless all in one, easy wash with Teflon & 3 in 1 med fresh) (inc doorframe) Supply & paint 4 wooden bedroom doors Disposal of all renovation debris Cardboard protection for all affected area Chemical & general cleaning upon completion Door / Aluminium Works Supply & install (L2400mm x H2000mm) White aluminium frame bifold glass door @ new guest room Supply & install (L2900mm x H1000mm) white aluminium frame glass panel @ new guest room
  17. scarlett

    Overlay Vs Hacking

    hi, recently one of the contractors quoted me for overlaying the floor tiles in our 5i resale bathroom (both toilets). however, we prefer to hack the floor tiles altogether as my best friend experienced a problem when she initially chose to overlay. the neighbour's bathroom ceiling started leaking. so they had to stop work and then redo the entire thing by hacking, thus incurring double cost. so which would you suggest? overlay floor tiles or hacking? this is for a resale flat. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  18. Hi All, I would like to share one of my upcoming project which is an 5 room resale flat located @Cassia Crescent. Concept Layout Living Area perspective Dry/Wet Kitchen perspective Thanks for viewing.
  19. frenzzsg

    My Modern Hut

    Finally decided to start a thread after hanging around for couple of months though my reno has started closed to 1 mth already hehe...Think it will be like a reno diary! Let's begin with the original house floor plan. It's a very simple 2 bedroom unit, with a service yard & a store room @ Bedok area. After several weeks of research, i was pretty clear in the design direction I like a modern them, not a very "woody" person..and i dont want industrial or scandi. Also, i managed to find a studio design that i really like. 1. Layout with requirements 2. My reference studio design!!
  20. Selection of the unit was kinda fast. It only took me 1 day of viewing to decide on the flat. (I think the property agent must be thinking this client is easy earned commission). Actually the property agent was recommended by one of my colleague. I contact the agent and he arrange for flat viewing. On that particular day, he arrange for 7 unit around the area I told him I would preferred. The first 6 was really not to my liking. The last unit, it was the only one that is situated at high floor and its a corner unit. Although the unit was not in a tip top condition, it did not really bother me much cause I have already intended to do a entire overhaul of the flat before moving in. The moment I step into the house, there is just this feeling that this is the one. To cut the story short, I put up an offer to the seller on the same night and he agreed. 5 Months later I am the owner of this house. During the 5 months (1st appointment and completion date), I have been to 7 Interior Design company and to be frank, I did not know that renovation can be so costly. To hack walls, rebuild walls, change the entire unit flooring (Living, bedrooms, kitchen, toilet), rerun entire water piping, rewiring the entire house electrical wiring.
  21. Fishpokpok

    Our Modern Minimalist Home

    Hello all! Been stalking this place for a couple of years and it is finally our turn to start a t-Blog for our first home! We are currently in the sixth week of our renovation already, will try to recap and share as much as possible. Opps, we digressed for a few weeks because the to-do list is never-ending..... and we, or maybe myself, are/is very very very fickle. Renovation is full of life-changing decisions which will be cemented onto or nailed into the house, quite scary since these decisions might stay with us for the rest of our lives (if we don;t move)! Also, the need to balance between quality, aesthetics, practicality and price is very very very challenging. We can be pondering over the same issue for weeks, visit many many different (or the same) shops and look at many many different brands/designs for each item before we can finally make a decision. Our contractor is constantly chasing us to tell him our choice of colors, chasing us to buy the items and etc, but I guess we are pretty lucky that it is not the other way round hahaha! Contents (will update when there are new posts) Our story + About the flat + "Before" photos Our Theme + Moodboard <future posts> <future posts> ...
  22. I have been following this reno blog for 1-2 years to lookout for renovation ideas as well as ID recommendations and it’s finally my turn to start my own blog . In November last year, hubby and I placed deposit for a 4-room resale unit in Jurong West. 1. Floor plan for our unit: 2. ID Selection: While awaiting for key collection which was scheduled in March 2017, we meetup with close to 15 IDs/contractors recommended by this reno blog/from other bloggers/ from friends/ from Reno road show. After 1st meeting, we shortlisted 2 IDs and it was a tough decision on which one to select as both has their pros and cons. ID 1: Could not remember where I got the contact of this ID, probably from some blog/forum. During our 1st meeting, he provided us with some good space planning ideas and most importantly he also pointed out some technical issues which all other IDs did not spot. As my living room is in between bedroom 2 and main bedroom, there will be some air-con piping issues and if we insist to install air-con in bedroom 2, some modification (installation of false beam, piping going thru my main bedroom wardrobe thereby I might need to dismantle the wardrobe, dismantling bedroom 2’s door) will be needed which mean additional renovation cost. He provided us a very comprehensive quotation within a week, included some optional items we mentioned we might be interested in, as well as some modification required if we were to install air-con in bedroom 2. Some of the items were priced higher as he prefers to use quality materials such as caesarstone tabletop and big frame toilet doors. He explained that he prefer to use more durable material since he provides longer warranty on workmanship so we would not need to keep looking for him haha ID 2: Recommended in Facebook Group “Budget Reno”. Contacted this ID as we really like the design of his BTO project as posted in the Facebook Group. During our 1st meeting, we were impressed by his strong design idea and good space planning. He promised to provide us with quotation in a week or so but we did not received it. Upon chasing for the quotation, he rushed it out the next few days and meet with us to explain the quotation personally. During the meeting then only we realized that he was down with fever yet still took the effort to meet with us. However, the quotation was not comprehensive and did not include costing for electrical works and aforementioned optional/modification works. In addition, as we would like to keep cost low by hacking bathroom floor tiles only, he is unable to do it. If want to hack must hack the whole bathroom. Final decision: Even though our heart side ID 2 as we really like their design idea but our mind told us to play safe so we decided to engage ID 1, reason being 1) To keep cost low. ID 1 is able to hack bathroom floor tiles only while keeping the wall tiles. Doing so would save us quite a lot. 2) We do not like bill shock. ID 1 quotation is quite detailed so that we know how much we are paying for every items. 3) We feel that ID 1 is more experience in resale projects. A lot of patching work needs to be done for resale house such as patching part of the false ceiling, hack away fridge & washing machine base to replace with similar tiles etc. Most ID specialize in BTO projects are not willing to take up patching work, some advised us to dismantle the whole false ceiling and rebuild new one which will cost double. We engaged ID 1 in early December which he provided us with 3D drawings about 3 weeks later. The 1st draft was unsatisfactory but after 3 changes, he got what we want. 3. Existing conditions/ Work to be done a) Kitchen (Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) We would like to keep the wall and floor tiles of kitchen as it is still in good condition. To have a neater looking kitchen, our ID suggested to get a front load washer and slot it in beneath the bottom kitchen cabinet as shown in the 3D drawing. Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing cabinet + fitting 2) Hack off fridge and washing machine base and replace with similar tiles. The existing kitchen has fridge base and washing machine base which we think is redundant. Imagine if we kick on the edge it’s gonna be really painful 3) Install kitchen cabinet with caesarstone work top and crystal white tempered glass backing between top and bottom cabinet 4) Our kitchen is quite small which we feel lack of storage space so we decided to install a low height cabinet next to fridge area b) Common Bathroom Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing floor tiles ,lay new homogenous floor tiles and construct shower kerb 2) Dismantle existing sanitary, toilet accessories and install with new one 3) Dismantle existing door and install new Big Frame Aluminium PD door c) Master Bathroom Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing floor tiles and lay new homogenous floor tiles 2) Overlay wall with homogenous wall tiles 3) Dismantle existing sanitary, toilet accessories and install with new one 4) Dismantle existing door and install new Big Frame Aluminium PD door 5) Construct shower kerb ,install shower screen with swing door d) Master Bedroom (Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) Major works to be done include: 1) Dismantle existing L-shape cabinet 2) Install 3ft dressing table. As I do not like exposed mirror, I quite like the top part of this dressing table design with storage swing door and embedded mirror so requested ID to design a similar one 3) Hack off existing wardrobe and install new 6ft wardrobe with full height mirror. 3D drawing for wardrobe: e) Bedroom 3-Study room (Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing wardrobe and modify existing L-box. As the existing L-box is built in a way that is in line with the wardrobe, dismantling the wardrobe will make the L-box look odd. Therefore, modification on L-box is required to make it in line. 2) Install 9ft study table with drawer and power point area finishing (hidden power point so looks neater) f) Living Room(Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) We did not take much picture of the existing living room as it was quite empty, only has a feature wall & TV console. Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing feature wall & console 2) Install low, medium and full height shoe cabinet with full length mirror starting from kitchen door entrance 3) Install low height TV console with storage (continue from the aforementioned shoe cabinet) g) Air con As our air con piping is a more complicated, we decided to engage air con contractor recommended by our ID so that he can coordinate closely with the contractor on installation. Price quoted for Mitsubishi Starmex (MXY4A28VA) system 4 was comparable to gain city pricing. In addition to dismantling masterbed room wardrobe, some additional modifications needed to make way for air con piping as follows: 1) Hack off existing door frame and door for bedroom 2 and install with a new door and door frame 2) Construct false beam to box-up air-con piping in living room
  23. Hi Everyone, We finally collected our keys at the end of March and we hurriedly carried out all the necessary rituals (door opening & 动土) so that technically we have done what we should before Qing Ming festival. Hacking started on last Monday and we are so looking forward to completion and moving into our own place. My fiancé works in the architecture industry so he’s the brainchild of our place’s design. We will only be engaging contractors and doing all the coordination on our own. In order to get me involved and make me have a “we created this place together” feel, he asked for my inputs and we'll be doing some DIYs for our home as well. Our journey starts from here…. Floorplan: Draft design by the fiance: Original condition of the house. Good thing that it’s chui since we will hack everything away: Original condition of Living Room: Original Condition of Hallway to rooms, dining area and kitchen entrance: Original Condition of Kitchen: . Original Condition of Master Toilet: Since we are the one doing all the coordination work, the poor fiance had to do all the measurements and works himself Self measurement indications for the reno contractors: The works has started and all the floor tiles are gone by now. We are currently waiting for the rest of the permit to go thru before further demolition can be carried out. Can't wait!!!!
  24. Hi, we'd recently gotten our keys to 5room resale flat. Didn't want to do any renovation until a year later to save up on reno budget. However, the kitchen cabinets was quite in a bad shape as the flat was left empty for more than 4 months. So was thinking of engaging contractors for the reno works. Type of work required - hacking of whole house - tiling - plumbing - rewiring - carpentry at kitchen
  25. Hello everyone! May I ask if anyone could let me know whether this quote is reasonable? (: It is from a contractor and not an ID for a 38 year old 3 room resale HDB flat. Total is around $35k. I have read the forum to see some could go as low as $18k, however this is quite an old apartment which has not undergone renovations since 30 years ago! Not too sure how much difference would that make. Thank you so much! Flooring Cost Tiles (living room + 2 bedrooms) and skirting 5000 Kitchen Cement screed and plaster 2200 Tiles (flooring) 1800 Sink parapet wall and plaster 800 Sink cabinet 300 Doors Bedroom: timber door frame and veener doors 1150 Seal up top door frame with hollow block and plaster 300 Plumbing Stainless steel piping (kitchen and living hall) 380 Sink and basin tap connection 80 Run new sink, basins, washing machine inlet, outlet piping 250 Carpentry Kitchen cabinet, sink door, stainless steel dish rack and box up piping 3700 Solid worktop 1350 Installation to wall and side skirt 400 Wardrobe 3120 Tv console 800 Window 1920 Hacking 3800 Ceiling L box ceiling? 750 L box gas pipe 300 Others Painting 1600 HDB 300 House protection and cleaning 350 Wall plaster 1600 Rubbish chute 280 Metal gate 680 Cloth hanger 65 Electrical rewiring 2500