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  1. Welcome to yew tee I didnt know this block have different floor layout...
  2. Hi all, due to overwhelming request for contractor’s contact, please ask only if you are renovating soon. If you are just here to look-look see-see or still have many more months to receive your keys, you may pm me later when the date is nearer. Thank you
  3. @KFC1189 yes will need to repaint but only at affected areas of service balcony, to be done by hdb. Kitchen ceiling - i got to paint myself. Hdb is taking forever to send a contractor over, its making my ceiling worst. I felt like an Ah Long chasing after them
  4. My leaking issue is taking forever to solve (since May). Was supposed to receive a letter by them last monday or tuesday but nothing came. So I asked them to email me instead:
  5. Close up kitchen So in the end did I get to archieve that clean white look that I’ve always dream of? NO! All thanks to my husband who’s more of a dark colour person - Black study sliding door, black quartz, black fridge, black stove, black chimney hood, no white sofa... With that, wishing all Muslim selamat hari raya and the rest happy long holiday Note: I’ve edited/ added in more photos on older posting
  6. Okay, this was what happened yesterday... I thought the sanitary pipe leaks again. Called Town Council, the same plumber came. He touched the ceiling and showed me his palm. It was wet! He then told me to on all the lights. He started pointing on the ceiling. That’s when I realised there’s water mark stains.... and some on the kitchen! So this morning, the HDB officer called to update that he had checked the above unit. He mentioned something about their washing machine pipe. So since its connected to my pipe, I will need to pay $150 max. HDB 50%, another 50% split between both party. The above unit also has agreed to hack off their two toilet. This I do not need to fork out any cent. But they want the work to start only after hari raya. And hari raya is ONE MONTH! So I requested if they can have their pipe fix first on a weekday. Hoping they’re okay with that, don’t tell me there will be guest coming everyday