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  1. Yes do place a copy of the floorplan here and indicate which wall you are thinking of hacking off?
  2. I believe so but I recommend you get your electrician to take a look at the specs to confirm before you go ahead to purchase. That is what I did. If it helps, my storage water heater is a Joven 35l model.
  3. Hey I was in the exact same situation just a year ago. I managed to find one on Taobao and buy it over EZBuy. You can read about it in my t-blog post here. Hope it's useful!
  4. Maybe have a powerful cooker hood installed and turn it on if clothes are being air dried when you are cooking
  5. Hi everyone I was reading a website article about studio apartment design when it suddenly occurred to me that it is a HDB 2-room BTO (even though this is not stated anywhere). Very interesting how each of the different zones have been sectioned off, and how top hung cabinets are installed in lieu of a false ceiling to achieve both downlights and additional storage.
  6. The kitchen looks so much brighter now with all white tiles! Can I ask what does the texture of the painted tiles feel like, in particular the painted floor tiles? How do they feel when you walk on them, and are they easy to clean/mop? In the bathroom, does water flow smoothly and does it feel like tiles with non-slip treatment?
  7. Makster do you mean that with just epoxy painting for all your floor and wall tiles, they can look so gleamingly new? That's really amazing for just $370 per bathroom! What about the grout lines between the tiles - are they painted too? Is Alvin also the one who did the epoxy painting?
  8. Thanks for the recommendation. I've just binge-watched and really love this Rules of Design series by BBC! Explains interior design considerations so clearly and with scientific basis too!
  9. Yikes hard to unsee the WC Looking forward to updates for this low-cost reno!
  10. Do you have ventilation vents built into? How do you avoid it getting all stinky?
  11. I bought my grout sealer over Amazon. There are a few brands, but the one I bought and have used is the Miracle Sealants Grout Sealer. I like how water in the washroom no longer have the ability to "wet" the grout of the tiles. The floor squeegee you can find locally. I usually buy from the likes of Qoo10 or Lazada
  12. Yikes! Not sure whether it helps in your case but you can try using a large squeegee for the floor, and maybe also use a grout sealer on the tile grout after it has been cleaned (reapply yearly)
  13. Mini review of electronic door systems I have always hated the need to dig deep into my bag to look for my keys when I come home from work. So when I got this place, I knew I wanted to switch to an electronic door system. But at the same time, I am paranoid about getting locked out of my own home because of some too-free hacker taking advantage of poorly implemented security features in electronic locks. Solution? 1. Install door lock systems that cannot be operated remotely over the internet! 2. Install systems from different vendors for my door and gate. So it's 2 layers of security! Door lock This is what my door lock now looks like from outside the apartment. Looks like an ordinary non-tech door lock? Because it is! The actual smart lock can only be seen from the inside of the apartment. Yes, this is the August Smart Lock (3rd generation) which I bought from Amazon during one of their sales for just below USD$100. Why I love it: Very easy self-installation: you need only a screw driver! The door automatically unlocks when I reach home and am standing in front of the door (detected via Bluetooth) The door automatically locks when I close the door I can share electronic "keys" (via the August app) to my family members, and revoke for different users should the need arise I get alerted on my phone when my door has been unlocked, and by whom! From outside, nobody can tell that the door has a smart lock! What can be better: On very rare occasions, the August lock doesn't detect that the door is closed and does not auto lock the door: resolved by locking the door manually or using the August app Ok so that's for the door - how about the gate then? Gate lock In this picture, you see two things: the Ring 2 doorbell and the Gateman Z10g lock. First about Gateman Z10g, which I engaged a seller on Carousell to install for my gate. Why I love it: Nice fit into the square metal panel on my HDB door gate, blending so very nicely (I must thank my ID for ensuring that my gate has this metal panel - otherwise, I would see a black metal box for the Gateman sticking out like a sore thumb) Autolocks when the gate is closed Accepts both a configurable PIN and fingerprint scans Opened from inside the apartment using a remote control as pictured below What can be better: The fingerprint scanner is nowhere near TouchID in scanning capability: I often find myself resorting to keying in the PIN because my fingers are either too dry or wet. In fact, my parents can't even get their fingerprints registered successfully (they don't face this using TouchID on their iPhones) On occasion, the remote does not successfully trigger the gate lock to open: solved by pressing the remote's button again. Doorbell Ok and now to what's next to the Gateman, which is the Ring 2 video doorbell that I bought online too. It is a battery operated doorbell which I installed myself outside my house (you will need to do a bit of drilling). When pressed, I get a notification on my mobile phone that someone is at the door. I also bought the Ring Chime from Amazon.co.uk so that I can also hear the bell chime when I am at home. When someone presses the doorbell, I can view and also speak to whoever's there using my mobile phone. The screenshot from my mobile phone app below is of a delivery lady for one of my online purchases. Why I love it: Relatively easy to self-install Even when I am not at home, I can view and speak to whoever is at the door What can be better: On occasion it takes a while before my mobile phone app allows me to respond to whoever is at the door, but I suppose 4G connectivity on my mobile phone is a factor Hopefully these are useful information for whoever's interested to get electronic door systems