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  1. I am a single too and I bought a 4-room flat (you can see my blog thread in the Resale HDB section). My suggestion is to go with 4-room if finances is not an issue. More space is better because it gives you greater flexibility for the future. No need to feel compelled to fill the unoccupied space with stuff if you don't yet have plans for it. An empty space doesn't take long to clean - just 3 minutes of stick vacuuming every now and then. If you have a robot vacuum cleaner, you don't even need to think about sweeping/vacuuming as the robot will take care of this for you
  2. Oops just realised a typo in my previous post. I meant that the item is sold by username desireeeeee ?
  3. Hi @Horchew my blog thread is in the second post of this thread. What I bought over Taobao is still working well with my Joven, but nowadays there are smarter versions that let you do the timer setup using mobile app. There seems to be one sold on Carousell called desireeeeee - look at the 20A Smart WiFi switch.
  4. @JOYWALKER Very nice matching bed frame and bedside table! Is the wood white oak? And where did you buy these from?
  5. Hi deltor I would suggest having a dedicated study in place of the walk-in-wardrobe so that your computer screen doesn't get glare from the bedroom window. This may not matter if you don't expect to use the study table for much computer work though. The integrated console and peninsula is a good way to have a small space-saving dining space that can also function as countertop space. Since this is an open concept kitchen I would suggest thinking about placing an air purifier in the living room (unless you don't cook at all or don't cook much).
  6. Yes it is possible to add drainage for the shower area but will require hacking and retiling of the entire flooring. I did this for both bathrooms when I renovated my resale flat.
  7. Hi you may want to use an air purifier. I have an open kitchen and cooking smells often waft into the living room; in such times, turning on my air purifier helps.
  8. You could consider using some of the space from your kitchen/dining area for your MBR's wardrobe. Or move the store room into the kitchen/dining area and then the MBR use some of the space from Bedroom 3 for its wardrobe or bed placement (in this case will require shifting of both rooms' doors). Another idea is to shrink the size of the kitchen/dining area to either move one bedroom or the living area there (and then the living room area becomes another bedroom). But this will result in a newly created space that doesn't get much air circulation because no windows there, even though MBR becomes much bigger through absorption of Bedroom 3. Last idea from me is redesignate MBR through either 1. Redesignate Bedroom 3 as MBR. Move the Store room into the kitchen/dining area. Absorb some of the space from existing Main Bedroom into Bedroom 3 to connect it to Bathroom 1 so that the new MBR continues to have an ensuite. 2. Redesignate Bedroom 2 as MBR. Expand its capacity by using more of that space between Bedroom 2 and Kitching/Dining Area (and even some of the latter), for a much larger wardrobe. Connect Bedroom 3 to Bathroom 1. Bathroom 1 hence becomes redesignated as Common Bathroom for use by your children who will be in the previous Main Bedroom and Bedroom 3. The new MBR will have no more ensuite bathroom with this new layout however.
  9. Hi I have a few suggestions for your kitchen too. You may find the lighting at your sink area to be dim at night making it more challenging to wash your dishes; if this is the case, you could purchase online a stick-on led strip that is powered by batteries (or built in rechargeable battery) and turn it on when there is a need. Also, if you find fumes and oil splashes coating the nearby switches/sockets when you cook, you may want to purchase a stick-on cover for the switch/socket.
  10. Thanks for sharing the beautiful renovation! It's such a brilliant idea to remove the wall between the living room and bedroom area to create a greater sense of space - while retaining the option to separate them again using the versatile vertical blinds when you want a cosy space! Now you can style it to your heart's content!
  11. Just spotted this new layout among the new Aug 2020 BTOs at Woodlands. Very outstanding because of 1) Open concept kitchen - similar to that of one-bedroom condo units! (That does mean cooking smells will need to be filtered out using cooker hood and an air purifier for the living room) 2) A separate laundry area away from the kitchen means no cooking smells sticking to laundry. Alas it is near the entrance, but can probably be concealed with curtains or a sliding screen 3) The "second room" appeared in a recent previous launch. But just occurred to me that it could also be turned into a walk-in closet!
  12. Congratulations on the completion of your new home! The whole space feels very serene. Just add a few (green) plants to complete the look! By the way, what is the wall-mounted dryer you are using? Noticed that the controls are at the bottom - which really makes sense for a dryer not placed on the floor.
  13. Very beautiful renovation and thank you for sharing! I especially like how you have a separate dry kitchen with its own sink and induction hob on a peninsula. Can I ask what is the cooker hood and doorbell that you use? Thanks!
  14. The only construction related services that will continue are those listed on this government website (please delete all the extra space in the link below. my original post was placed in "Hidden" limbo ? ) https: // covid . gobusiness . gov . sg / essentialservices / construction /
  15. The only construction related services that will continue are those listed on this government website https://covid.gobusiness.gov.sg/essentialservices/construction/