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  1. Hmm that might be the reason why? It could be because this is just below the service yard's window though - something that wasn't clear from my previous photo.
  2. Week 6 progress update Came by this week and what did I see? Cracked toilet tiles! But they're there for good reason because 1) Electrical wiring is done! and 2) Aircon trunking is done! Notice the excessively bulky trunking on the right wall? It's unavoidable because that's where the aircon cables lead out into the aircon ledge. I'm glad my aircon ledge is not in my master bedroom like in some resale flats. Since I want to minimise the need for any aircon troubles in the future, I opted for Class 0 Armaflex 1/2 inch insulation, G22 Copper Pipe and 16mm Drainage Pipe. Not really sure what that all means but hope it makes a difference somehow considering it costs a little more The water drainage from the aircon system is routed to my common bathroom at the show area. Glad my bathroom's wall tiles are mostly white - the trunking would stick out a lot more otherwise! I would have preferred the cables in my master bedroom to be run much closer to the ceiling, but seems like doing so would affect the efficiency of the aircon? Oh well.. Otherwise the aircon installers did a neat job with drilled holes properly patched up. This gap is an invitation for creepy crawlies to nest though. Have been informed that this will get boxed up. Now back to electrical wiring. Just because wiring is done doesn't mean that switches are installed yet though. Here the electrician has somehow routed the wires through the wall so that switches for the study room can be placed outside, by the entrance. More wires "bursting" out of the wall. These will be for the service yard's lights and two items in the service yard: the automatic laundry system and electrical storage water heater. While for the most part the wires have been concealed very nicely by trunking, a few are left "loose" like vines in a concrete jungle. In this case, carpentry in the kitchen area needs to be finalised first. The electrician has done a really nice job of laying the wires in an unobtrusive a manner as possible by keeping to the corners etc. In this case though it was placed so close to the window that there won't be room for installation of window grilles I don't blame him since he probably assumed I'm skipping window grilles. Anyway, it will be shifted a few centimetres to the right.
  3. Finally wandered into this thread! Your DIY projects are truly inspiring! How is your washer pedestal with accompanying broom closet setup holding up after a year of use?
  4. Wow it's been so many months now. Your key collection - and start of renovation - is imminent!
  5. Hi Jason Wong I will be doing wooden carpentry for my kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, storage cabinets and settes. Still work in progress so no updates for this t-blog yet!
  6. Your walk-in-wardrobe looks very tidy!! But how do you cope with being unable to use the store room for storage?
  7. hdb4ever

    Humble 3 Room BTO

    Hi BlackSwan is your renovation done? Do let us know how you find the igloohome. I am presently using the August smart lock at my place and I really love the convenience of the door auto-unlocking when I reach home. In the rare occasion that I forgot to bring my phone and my keys, I can unlock using my Apple Watch too!
  8. Hi I have bought Fanz ceiling fans from Malaysia and they have warranty and installation services in Singapore too! https://www.facebook.com/FanzCeilingFan/
  9. Week 5 progress update So what do you do after plastering a flat to be all shiny and smooth? Punch holes through the walls again of course! But this is inevitable to install wiring and pipes at all the desired places. Pipes in the bathroom of the Master Bedroom which will hopefully blend in with the tiles once painted white. Why 2 sets of pipes? Because one for cold water and one for hot water coming in from the water heater... ...which will be placed here in the service yard, at that corner next to the window of the common bathroom. Good thing these huge pipes can obscure the maze-like pipes - at least it's good for something aesthetically!! Remember I was griping about the existence of 2 pairs of huge pipes in 2 corners of the service yard? Suddenly I'm glad that this one's not flush against the wall either, because it obscures and enables nicer electrical cabling into the kitchen. The kitchen sink will be at this spot, because I don't like the idea of either the sink, hob or fridge being by the kitchen windows. Hot water will also be available at the kitchen sink because erm hot water might help in washing some stuff I think?? Recessed walls are put to good use, obscuring trunking. While all this was going on, several deliveries were also made: First up was self-delivery of items I have been buying since June My family members are rejoicing that the balcony of my current place is now (largely) clear again. Basically: fans (with lights) for all bedrooms and the living room, bought in Tampoi, JB before the Sales and Service Tax came into effect! ceiling and hanging lights, and bathroom accessories, from various shops via EZBuy bathroom lights from Sense N Bedeck, and Ikea Fittings for the kitchen cabinets from Excel Hardware. Kudos for being able to arrange for delivery within such short notice! The carpenters will be incorporating these into their kitchen cabinet designs. Mirror cabinets and basin cabinets for the bathrooms from Biene And a whole bunch of stuff from *** including my Baron WCs, kitchen and service yard sinks and mixer/tap and showerheads. Will go through all items one at a time as they're fixed up. Whew! All ready for another exciting week ahead!
  10. Thanks snoozee and KFC1189! I took a closer look at the board and noticed some light seeping through the gap Definitely getting re-sealed! As for the niches, am now planning to place an air purifier at the bottom one and install some floating shelves at the top one!
  11. hdb4ever

    Home Sweet Home Of Coljol..4A @ Tampines

    Not sure whether you are still frequenting this forum, but how did you inventually cover the bottom panel?
  12. Week 4 progress update "Not much" happened this week other than...plastering of the entire flat! So what exactly is plastering? Basically, a thin layer of cement-like substance is spread out along the wall and ceiling to smoothen out all surfaces. This is the wall plaster that was used. My flat underwent very extensive hacking due to the need to remove fixtures and cornice just about everywhere, so it developed a severe case of pockmarks So how dramatically can plastering change the face of one's resale flat? For that, compare the "in progress" and "after" photos here... No more jagged edges! No more holes! Another advantage of plastering is that everything becomes whitish again - almost like the feel of a fresh BTO flat I suppose. Notice the green paint on the walls can no longer be seen? Thanks to plastering, the painters won't have to paint too many coats as base before getting to my choice of colours! View of the service yard. Removal of the cabinets that used to be here left holes all over the place, that had to be filled with patches of cement! Thanks to plastering, the yard walls no longer look like a disaster. Painting should conceal whatever traces of cement that can still be seen. I was really worried about this ledge in the master bedroom because it looked really bad after the hacking. Post plastering, everything looks shiny and new! But I do wonder what I ought to do about: 1. That (presently orange) piece of board that conceals access to what used to be the aircon bracket?? I will be locating my aircon compressor at the service yard instead. 2. That window size ledge next to the window?? Place some plants or a clock??
  13. Hi KFC1189 - No other big pipes in the entire house! Weird huh? i am not completely sure but it might be because this flat is one of those short lived Design & Build flats, which would explain its very unconventional layout
  14. Week 3 progress update Reality bites Some friends are also doing renovation for their new BTOs at the same time, so I get to compare notes quite a bit. And I've come to one realisation: you simply need to do a lot more renovation (and spend a lot more $$$) with a resale flat - for similar results! In my case, I needed to hack all tiles in every square inch of this flat, replace all existing electrical wiring, replace all piping and remove all fixtures. Talking about hacking, I did not anticipate the sheer amount of fixtures (wardrobe, cabinets, cornice!) that needed to be removed - and the numerous holes that are left all over my walls at just about every location! For example, take a look at my service yard.. ...see the number of holes that need to be patched up just here alone? Another offender is cornice: after removing cornice from just about every area and room in this flat, I am left with many many more holes and uneven walls. I knew that all these pimple-like imperfections, even after some cementing and deft paintwork, can never be overlooked by my eyes. So in the end I had to top up more $$$ to plaster the entire house (whatever is not tiled). So if you are doing viewing for resale flats, you might want to consider the additional cost of renovation if the flat has a really large number of fixtures! Terrific tiling Really loving the marble style tiles that I chose for the bathrooms. I am glad that I'd gone with larger 60cm x 60cm tiles for the bathroom walls because the marble effect is almost seamless! Tiling in all the rooms have also been completed, and here you can see the skirting too. Notice the rough looking part of the wall above the skirting??? No matter, everything will be plastered away! As this flat is on the top floor, both bathrooms were spared from having any large pipes. Alas this is untrue of the service yard - it has 2 pairs of large pipes in either corner! I wondered what the hardworking tilers could possibly do to make these corners look pleasant? Turns out that I need not have worried.. Yes, they did some sort of overlaying for the areas around these pipes - so they are now much less troubling looking! Cement base for the kitchen cabinets (including sink) also done. Apparently not everybody thinks cement bases are necessary these days, but I prefer to be on the safe side. View of the opened kitchen (and service yard) from the living room. Did you know that if you want to make a "half glass wall", you need to first demolish the entire wall? A new nugget of knowledge for noobie me. The newly constructed "half wall" is ready for plastering, painting and, eventually, a translucent top glassy half! And so after two whole weeks the tiling works in this 104 sqm flat are complete!!! Up next should be plastering of the entire flat!
  15. Whisperer I hope you're not still feeling too down about the issues. Are your renovations completed now?